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teruma, tzdaka, maaser - Prosperity Seminar 2019

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OK, so now we are starting to discuss. The idea of practical tools, that all these tools are tools that were given to us by the Kabbalists. They got these tools basically all the way from the Torah the Torah that was written by Moses from the hand of god but came already before this wisdom, it's a divine wisdom. So what I'm going to share is not some, you know, someone woke up in the morning and thought. Oh maybe it can be a good idea. No this is part of the wisdom of the universe, it's like, let's say your body knows how to breathe right a baby, a newborn baby. The first second he is born he knows how to breathe, right. he didn't breath the whole 9 months. He was nourished, even air and everything, he was nourished from the umbilical cord. Now they cut the umbilical cord and he start to breate. How does he know? Who told him this? This is a divine wisdom it's a wisdom that is built in, inside the baby. He knows that. And so we can give a million examples, right, how the sun and the moon and all the planets know how to rotate without crashing into each other also not so clear, you know if you think about it. Why should they? Why they don't kind of crash into each other. There is a divine force that's holding all of it together, all this system. So when we are sharing Kabbalistic tools like the Zohar like other tools, but I'm going to talk about specific tools today so it's devine tools. It means it's not something a human being invented. It's devine, it's like the baby learining how to breathe himself. Like from the light. He knows it already. OK. Let's start with this. So, we are talking about basically four levels, four levels of sharing. It's all around sharing. Because if we remember in the first lesson we spoke about the gold and the silver, right? The gold is the desire to receive that you feel like... I want it, I need it which means you need to restrict. You need to push it back. And the silver which is the desire to share which means. I really want to give from myself I want to support I want to help. And this you need to do unlimited. With no limitations, go ahead and share no limitations. So those tools we are talking now are to deal with those both aspects. The gold and with the silver meaning to take your silver aspect which is the the sharing the force of sharing and to let it run let it go let it kind of grow unlimitidly. And take the force of receiving which is the gold and restrict. From both sides it will create, basically a stronger and stronger connection with (hebrew) So first tool called nedavah. Nedavah means volunteering or contribution which is basically expressing our social commitment. What does it mean? We are part of society. Let's take society as one person, as a body Let's say this body, this body, like our body is built from many many organs and different parts. Different cells and so on. Systems and all these systems are working together nourishing eachother. The Rav explains it and we spoke about it also regarding the (Hebrew) right, this force that we were created with, this force of (Hebrew) The form of god and the form of god is guiding us to constantly share with eachother. Now if god forbid, the finger is being cut. You know, you are making some salad and you cut your finger by mistake with the knife. God forbid. Now, what will happen? All the body the brain, the heart, the nerve system. Everything will join forces to heal this wound as soon as possible. It's amazing, no? It's amazing. Why is it working like this? Because it has to work like this there is a commitment you know? Imagine the brain cells. Eh, it's only the finger, who cares? Really, who cares? If the finger keeps bleeding and the brain doesn't send a message to order to stop the bleeding sometime. So some bleeding is good because it cleanses the would from bacterias. But after this more bleeding is not good because the body needs the blood. So if the brain will not send the order to the finger to stop bleeding through all the mechanism that is doing it. So god forbid the whole body will die and also the brain will die. So it's like they are backing each other all these different systems are backing each other. Now in society lets say a certain social group, a neighbourhood, a building. A building with neighbours, a neighbourhood or a city It's a group of people living together or let's say a social group like the Kabbalah Center. Like we have grouple right, groups in Italy, in Spain, in The Netherlands and South Africa. We have groups of people that are coming together and they have a certain social. Kind of social idea that combines them together. Or a family. Father, mother, children you know, uncles, grandfathers and so on. You have a certain structure of a family. Either way in the frame of this structure of a social kind of group. You need to back up each other. You need to back up each other. You are not doing a favour to anyone, if your wife is telling you, go and throw the garbage. So you go and throw the garbage. Maybe because you want to make your wife happy but if you don't throw the garbage, so the house will be stinking. You know there will be, it will not be after some time, it will not be possible to live in this kind of house when the garbage is piled in the kitchen. Right, so it's not, it's a social commitment. Volunteering right? We were sometimes, we were like. We have here a volunteer coordinator of KCE. And we have in every group volunteers and so on. And it seems like wow I am amazing I am volunteering I am in the Zohar project and so on. Let me tell you, my friends. Volunteering is just a social commitment. Again, to the social group you are part of. So if you are volunteering in the Zohar project because you are part of the Kabbalah center. You are nourished by the Kabbalah center and you are nourished by the friends from your group and you are nourished by the Zohar you are nourished by the wisdom. So you go out and you share Zohars. Again, it's beautiful and need to appreciate every action of sharing that is done. But on the other level, on another lever it's called nedevah it's just social commitment that you are doing. You are giving back to the place you are receiving from. And you are creating circuitry like this. Like the brain and the heart are helping the finger because they are committed to the finger because the finger is one of them. It's the same thing. Meaning if you don't share Zohars or if you're not, I don't know, bring more people to the Kabbalah 1 course. So there will not be Kabbalah 1 course your teacher will not come so, so you will not have a group eventually. So you will be lacking the support of the group. So you bring it, you know, your doing a favour only to yourself basically. By serving a greater good by sharing, by volunteering. Contribution is the same thing contribution is when you give money. When you give money but to very specific kind of things. Let's say, for example, here in the Tel Aviv Kabbalah Center we had some need in the synagogue. To reniew the cover of the Bema, whatever, so it costs some money. So they said, who wants to contribute? Some people came and each one gave some money and then they took it and they renew it. Ok, it's contribution, like. Ok, of course we need to appreciate the fact those people gave money to renew the cover of the Bema, right of the podium where you put the Toarah on Shabbat, it's called the Bema. So people gave some money to renew this cover. Very nice, very nice, but really? What are you doing, who is using this Bema? Who is using this, this cover? On Shabbat or so on. You are, you the people who gave the money. You are using it, it's yours. It's like, it's your social commitment. If you don't do it if nobody will contribute to renew this cover so eventually, it will look not nice eventually they will throw it to the garbage and you cannot put the Torah on a Bima if there is no cover. So do you want to come to a place that doesn't look good? That everything fall apart? No. So you give money to fix it. Or to pay the rent or to pay the electricity or whatever it is. You just, you contribute because, you know it's just expressing your social commitment. With saying all this you know. This is like the minimum, I started from the minimum. I'll get to the maximum step by step. But this is the minimum. If a person an individual does not feel the need to express his or her social commitment there is not a chance at all you will ever be connected with (Hebrew). Because you are a lack, you are apart you are disconnected. You are disconnected (Hebrew) is a place of unity like the (Hebrew) contain all the flavours inside of it. Ok, so it's the minimum. Let's say the minimum kind of, you know, you have the dicoteque or some bars they check your age. The minimum age to enter is 21. Are you 21? Yes, I was 21 yesterday, it was my birthday yesterday. Ok, cool. Come in. You passed the minimum. So this is the minimum to be part or to start your connection with (Hebrew) to feel that you are not alone. That you are part of something much bigger. And again there is all kind of levels to it. There is your closest family there is a bigger family, your friends, social groups. Your city, your neighbourhood, your city your country, the world. Eventually, we are all part of the world of this thing we call humanity. And as individuals as part of humanity we have also social commitments to humanity. That we at the Kabbalah Center express this social commitment by sharing Kabbalah. You can express it in a million ways but again if you are part of humainty you need to fill social commitment. For a Kabbalist there is nothing more important than to be committed to society. It must be there, ok, it's like step number one. To start interacting with the (Hebrew). Let's move to step number two. Step number two is called terumah, terumah means donation I will explain about it in a second. Ok, expanding our sharing vessel I will explain about it in a second. Then we will talk about ma'aser which is tithing which is elevating above the illusion of lack. Ok, I ran a little bit fast with the nedevah anyway and then last but not least of course the tzdakah which is charity which is becoming like god. We will discuss this only in the next lesson. So, let's start from the beginning. This is by the Rav, a very short movie but very, very powerful message. Let's pull it. Now, I'll start by saying it's part of a lesson. So someone asked the Rav a question about, you know, if I'm in a spiritual path should I want to also make a lot of money? Because it seems not so spiritual to want to make a lot of money. So this is the question he is asking is not so clear because the sound is not so high but this is the questions and lets see what is the answer of the Rav. So, so far he was asking a question. I repeat, he was saying All my life I was wanting to make more and more money now I started a spiritual path with Kabbalah and now it's like, maybe it's a contradiction. Maybe I should not want to make more money. Because now I should become spiritual. So let's see what the Rav answers. Well, you've can want more money because the only way that I can become spiritually, I mean you brought it up not me, since the only way I can become more spiritual is by restricting that money. By sharing that money, is that correct? That's the way I'm gonna grow so I want billions! Let's hear it again. Well, you can want more money because the only way that I can become spiritual is because, I mean you brought it up not me, since the only way I can become more spiritual is by restricting that money. By sharing that money. Is that correct? That's the way I'm gonna grow so I want billions! Do you hear what the Rav was saying? The only way that I can become spiritual is by having everything, by having billions and then I can share those billions. If you don't have so you cannot share. It's very easy by the way, to be spiritual when you don't have anything. But it's not 'real' spiritual right it's like.. You are like, oh anyway I am poor I don't have anything so I'm spiritual I'm one with the light and you convince yourself you are in a good place. But to have more and yet to be able to push it, meaning to share it. So you can become spiritual and again spiritual for our purpose. Let's call it connected with (Hebrew) to be connected with the devine That's through having everything and being able to share everything. So, let's share again the powerpoint. So this is about the (Hebrew) I just... I'll just read it from the Zohar to make the... So this is from the Bible it's called (Hebrew) It says ' The children of Israel brought a freewill-offering unto the LORD; every man and woman, whose heart made them willing to bring for all the work, which the LORD had commanded by the hand of Moses to be made' so people who are bringing their offerings, their time, their effort or any type of materials that were needed to build the tabernacle. But again it was just to express their social commitment to have a place that the light can be revealed for everyone through this place. So you can share in this level in any given society or social level. To make sure that basically, you are part of a cycle. But also this by the way you share with the consciousness that first of all I do it with a willing heart. Meaning I do it with happiness, with joy. When I take down the garbage I don't do it like, why now, why me? No, come on. I'm happy I can do it. So I can contribute my share to my family by taking the garbage. Ok, or when you are contributing to fix something in your synagogue or church or whatever it is you are to go and nourished by. So, great you should do it with a willing heart. And, also you do it because this is my social commitment but also you have another thought. You can have another thought in mind that since you are interacting with a group of people. Whatever this group may be. Again, your family, your neighbourhood whatever it is you're interacting so actually by this you are part of a certain kind of frame of energy. And a frame of energy is something that can help you to become much more connected with the (Hebrew). Ok, this is not only about you it's about a frame of energy that you are creating. Ok, if you'll have questions later on I'd be happy to answer them. The second tool we call it Terumah (Donation): Expanding our sharing vessel (Our desire for the light) And the word terumah in Hebrew is devided into two parts (Hebrew) elevating the letter Hei. The letter Hei always in Kabbalah represents desire. Always, in the Tetragrammaton the letter Hei always represents either Binah or which is desire to share or Malchut which is desire to receive but in any event is it desire. It's desire. So the idea of Terumah elevating the Hei (Hebrew) elevating the Hei is to take our consciousness of sharing which we all have a certain amount of sharing but you know what. You can say, yes I like to share and I think sharing is a great idea. But, let's say this is my level of sharing this is how much I appreciate sharing. I appreciate sharing to this level. Any level of sharing if it's money or time or sharing love, sharing energy. I appreciate it to this level. And this is who you are. By the way if you want to change your life, let's say, I'll give you a practical example. You are at work you are working in a certain place, certain company and you are on a certain level on this work. What will help you or what can take you to a higher level of, let's say if you are like a simple worker and you want to become a manager or you want to be the head of the department. If this part of you wish this so what can take you from just being a simple worker to become the head of the department. What do you think? I'll tell you, with the chat it's a bit hard to answer but only one thing. The level of your sharing, the level of your sharing that's the only thing that can take you it's not how much you are interacting politically with the right people. You know and how much you are bribing your boss and you're making coffee all day and so on. No. If you will have enough sharing consciousness meaning I'm here to give of myself. I'm here to take care of things so if you will be, yes start from the lowest level. I'm a simple worker the most lower level of employee in this company. But now I'm coming I'm not just focusing on. Listen I just have to stand next to this machine and do this action and make this machine run, that's all I need to do. You know what, no it's just not that I also want the department to be clean so I'm not waiting for others to clean it I'll go and clean it myself. And I care more, there is not only my department there is other departments and there is other people. The more you care the more you're sharing consciousness expands and it's not only a very limited frame of sharing but it's expanding so eventually the whole reality of your life will expand, will change. And sooner or later they will notice you and they will say, do you know what this guy is really caring beyond his needs. Let's make him the head of the department. And that's where you will elevate but you don't do it to elevate you do it because you really want to share because you really think it's important. Because you really think it's not enough to be focused on what I have to do I need to think in a bigger way and to be in charge and take care of bigger kind of scale of things. So basically terumah is donation. Mainly it's done with money, mainly it's done with money but you can do other actions of sharing. That are designed, it's like beyond your social commitment that it's not only your social commitment. Your social commitment is just to make sure that this machine is working. That's the maximum of your commitment its a commitment. But if you want to expand go and take care, stay extra hours and clean the department. Stay extra hours and make sure the machine is ready for tomorrow. Of things like that, things that are beyond what you have to do right now. My friends that will elevate your Hei it will elevate your desire and expand it. And then it will change your life reality. Ok, now that third tool that we are going to talk about today is the Tithing, the Ma'aser which is basically It's basically the most powerful tool that can get us above the illusion of lack and take us directly into (Hebrew). Now I can say already without Tithing which I'll explain in a second the whole concept and so on and I know many of you have already heard of it and maybe many of you are already doing Tithing But you need to understand in a very simple way. You cannot enter (Hebrew) without Tithing. Without any of those things we said so far but Tithing is like, as you're going to see shortly. Tithing is the minimum requirement that is needed on a level of money. On the level of your money or your income your financial income. To go above the illusion of lack and enter (Hebrew). Without Tithing it's like there is no, it's the key to enter (Hebrew). Without this you cannot even start building your bank account. Let's see why. So first of all the origin of Tithing is taken from so many different sources. I'll show some of them. This is from the (Hebrew) (Hebrew) is a body of knowledge is was written over two thousand years ago. By the same sages that wrote the Zohar. But it's written in a different way more like rules of what to do what not to do. Or discussions about those rules, it's like, more like a legal document but with a lot of, you know, interaction. Between the different sages and they say in the, in the (Hebrew) they say Tithe to become wealthy. Very simple, very straightforward and in Hebrew by the way the word Maaser which is to Tithe is coming from the word (Hebrew) you can see it in the yellow. It's (Hebrew) meaning ten, the number ten which is connected of course with the ten sefirot, I'll explain in a second. But the word wealth which is (Hebrew) is the same letters, you see, the same three letters (Hebrew) which means Tithe and wealth. It's the same thing so again, it's not just being wealthy in a physical way. Also, also because like the Rav says I want billions so I can share billions. So yes we want a lot of money so we can share more so we can become even more connected. But the first condition to start this process on a financial level is (Hebrew) and Tithing and wealth meaning the metaphysical wealth. Are basically coming from the same origin the same root. Let's see what else we have here. This is coming from Genesis regarding Abraham the patriarch, it says. And he gave him Tithing of all of everything. This is referring to a certain war that Abraham went against some kings. And he won the war and he took a lot of, kind of stuff from them. And then he gave to the priest of those days His name was (Hebrew) he was the son of Noach. Shem, and he gave him Tithing he gave him Tithing. Abraham, Abraham the patriarch gave Tithing from everything that he earned. Through this war, he gave ten percent to this priest of those days. And then, also it's written that the creator blessed Abraham with all everything. Which means (Hebrew) not the idea is that the word (Hebrew) it's the same word basically this is a code name, it's a code name to what? We will see now, it's the level of Yesod. So if you remember what is (Hebrew) is Yesod of Zeir Anpin. This is (Hebrew) this is the place this is the realm that is sending all the blessing. We are here in the Malchut this is where we are basically nourished from the Malchut. But the Malchut is giving to us nothing. Basically the Malchut is giving to us the illusion it is giving to us fragmentation it is giving to us challenges lack. I don't have, this is the Malchut. Like, no miracles no nothing. The miracles, the blessings that are coming in a perfected way like the shoe of Cindarella what we spoke so far are all coming from Yessod. And Yessod is the work (Hebrew) which means all or everything It's a code name to Yessod and everytime we are connected with (Hebrew) which is Tithing we are connected with the (Hebrew) with Yessod which is, actually the level of (Hebrew). Ok, I hope it is clear, it's not comilicated. Now basically this is the thing, now why to give it. I'll read it in a second. What happens when we give Tithing, we actually are elevating from Malchut to Yessod. That's what happens, this is why Tithing is ten percent, one out of ten which is Malcut. Malchut is one sefirah one emanation out of ten and when you basically give it away. I won't give you all of the specifications but when you give those ten percent away you are letting go of your Malchut realm which is the fragmented and stuck and lacking kind of realm. And you are elevating straight to the Yessod to the (Hebrew) level which is where all the blessings exist there forever. Now, here it says in the prophet (Hebrew) again I'm giving you all kind of sources from the Bible. It says here. Bring all your tithing to the treasure house of the holy temple. And again I know this question always comes up. Where should I give my tithing? To whom? Basically you can give your tithing to whoever you want, but. With two conditions it should not be someone who or something that you get a direct thing in return. For example if you give yout Tithing to your mother that she needs some money or your brother or to a good friend it's not good enough. Because it's too much, too much connected. For sure this is some agenda there. You need to give your money first of all, you need to give your Tithing first of all to a place that you have no nothing that you can receive directly from this place. It's a place you have no agenda on this place except the agenda to connect with the light. But beside the agenda to connect to the light when you give to your brother or when you give to your mother. Or wherever, there is agenda there. So it's not going to give you back, it's not going to connect you as good as it should be. And in the old days it was given only to the holy temple. Meaning the place that represents for you your connection with the light. And there is a place to each one you know. It can be a your Synagogue it can be your church your temple, wherever it is. For me personally for the last twenty years since I started on my journey with Kabbalah. Since it came to me very clear that my spiritual home, my spiritual dimension is the Kabbalah center. Since then I'm giving my Tithing to the Kabbalah center. It's my choice I'm not saying it should be your choice. But, you need to be giving to a place that represents the bigger picture. Your bigger picture. What is this place that represents for you the bigger picture. I know from many of our students it is like, it's my case the Kabbalah center. But again it's your choice. But let's see what the prophet (Hebrew) is writing Bring all your tithing to the treature house of the holy temple and you can test me by this, said the Lord, if I will not open to you my heavenly treasure and shed upon you endless blessings. These are the words of the prophet Mala'chi again you can test the creator this is the only thing by the way the only kind of spiritual action that you can actually test god. We cannot even say it about scanning Zohar like oh scan Zohar and you can test god by scanning Zohar. No, you cannot test god. You need to just, have certainty that when you do some good action it gives you back what you need. But you cannot test, like, cause and effect in a very direct kind of way. Maybe you will scan Zohar and you don't see how the blessings come to you but you should know that the blessing come to you. This is one level. With the Tithing, with the Tithing you can test god. You can say to god, here, I'm giving Tithing I want to see results. And you will see results its a very immediate kind of results. By the way. Again, not necessarily financial results also financial results, not only. It can be in relationship it can be in any level of your life. You can see results coming in any possible level you can think of. Ok, the benefits of Tithing. Removes us from the world of physicality. Again. elevating from Malchut to Yesod and then we are protected from the Klipot. Which is the negative energies, energies that convince us that we can never make it. That we are doomed to lack and to failure and to darkness. So it takes us above these realities and into the Yesod. Receiving continuous abundance. Totally and those of you who have tried maybe can testify about it. But it's like creating, if you do it. Like really you are not kind of doubting it you do it every month. So when you get paid you cut ten percent and you give it. With the proper meditation, by the way I'm going to teach it now. So it creates a cycle of abundance ongoing, ongoing, never ending. Things will grow. Maybe you won't see the cycle working, right wait the next months. Wait another month, two months and you will see the things working for you. Ensures our sustenance and abundance. Receiving immediate results. Test god, you can test god with the Tithing and create opportunity for the light to fill us. Fulfill us. Ok, just but before I continue I'll share a short story. About this. Maybe I shared it some other lessons but in any event. I was teaching in a certain study group. I don't want to go all the details it's recorded in any event I had a student there she was, she was supported by social security. Very small budget, something like 500 dollars a month and she was physically challenged by all kind of things. And I'll make this long story short and basically, she had a beautiful business that was really successful. Until she became ill, she couldn't handle the business anymore. And she was struggling in all levels, also physically and financially as a result of this. So I asked her what's going on? Why is there no treatment for your illness? She said, yes there is treatment but it is very, very expensive. It's hundreds of thousands of dollars and it's not covered by the medical insurance that I have. So, ok, so what's the. Are you doomed to stay ill? To stay physically limited and as a result financially limited? So I told her about Tithing. It's took her some time but eventually started to share fifty dollars a month ten percent out of her income which was only the social security that was five hundred dollar a month. I felt, I felt at the beginning. Oh how can I take from this poor lady fifty dollars every month. It seems to me crazy but then I have to kind of fight on my certainty as a teacher to say yes. I know, this technology works and I must trust this technology and not to be afraid. And yes she will have to go through a challenge. But that's how we are guided by our teachers and the Torah so ok, she gave three times Tithing. Three months fifty dollars each months. And it was very hard for her because, you might imagine, out of five hundred dollars a month you give fifty. That's a lot for her anyway. So what happened is at the end of those three months after she gave the third Tithing. They changed some rules in the medical insurance and her treatment, it's a kind of complicated treatment, that can totally heal her change her life. Became part of the medical insurance. So she got this treatment that worth one hundred and fifty thousand dollars she got it for free. For free. So now thank god now she feels much better she is after the treatment. She is recovering she is much more active than before. I told her after this thing happened. I told her right, you did a great deal, right? You gave one hundred and fifty dollars and you got in return something in return worth one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. So kind of funny but this is Tithing. This is the power of Tithing. I can sit with you now for another two hours and share stories about Tithing and maybe other friends here who did Tithing and have stories that can share it. Not right now but maybe later on or ask your friends that are giving Tithing what it's doing for them. Unbelievable how much it's effective and powerful. And this is what makes our connection with (Hebrew). That's the first thing, we'll talk about charity about (Hebrew) next week but basically this tool called Tithing is the most powerful tool to have a direct link with (Hebrew) so (Hebrew) can start sharing it's benefits with you. Ok. When we do the Tithing we meditate on this combination. It's called the silent partner. Because what we also do we are creating partnership bondage with the light of the creator with the light of (Hebrew). Again, what is partnership? You come to the bank and you open a bank account. You are now becoming a partner with this bank, right. You put your money in the bank, they keep it for you and when you need something they will give it to you. Based on the level of your partnership. Ok, so every time you do the Tithing you use this name which ensures you are building a stronger link, connection with (Hebrew) or with the silent partner which is the light force of the creator. And also we have this special Zohar of the portion Miketz. I put here in the powerpoint only the first paragraph. It's one of six, basically this is the last one and this is 113. But it's not a lot, it's very short. It's a section from Zohar miketz from paragraph 106-113. That when you give the Tithing you scan this paragraph and basically is makes your connection with (Hebrew) very powerful. Let's read it all together just this one. And with the English just to make the connection and basically you can find it in the Zohar of portion miketz. (Hebrew) Let's read the English. "Come and behold. It is written. "And Joseph was the governor of the land." It's from the story of Joseph the righteous and he became the governor of Egypt and all the Middle-East of those days. "Joseph is the sun ZEIR ANPIN FOR JOSEPH IS YESOD OF ZEIR ANPIN, which rules over the moon, THE NUKVA, shining upon and sustaining her like the sun is shining on the moon and he it was that sold to all the people of the land. As the river that flows and comes out FROM EDEN, YESOD CALLED JOSEPH, supplies everybody with nourishment. From there the souls of every man emerge." Also the force we need to our soul. Like I said, it's not only money. The power of our soul how much our soul is strong and shining. Is also coming from (Hebrew). "Hence everyone bows before that place." Bows the act of bowing, when someone bows. It means he is like, he's, he wants to receive. So for example let's say I have two cups here. And I want to pour from this cup to this cup. So this cup must be lower so then I can pour from one cup to the other. Right? So is this cup want to be the receiver it must go down. So when you bow it means like, ok, I go down and I'm expecting or open up myself to receive from the higher level. From the giver, whoever is the giver. And in this sense the giver is Joseph the Righteuos. Or Yesod of Zeir Anpin or (Hebrew) so this is why. "Hence, everyone bows, before that place". Meaning everyone knows and acknowledge. I need need this place to nourish me. "For there is nothing in the world that does not depend Mazal, YESOD as has already been explained". Ok, so you are more than welcome to go to Zohar Miketz later and read the whole stuff. Now, before the workshop. Questions, if you have any questions. Please on the chat. I'd be happy to answer. Ok from Sarah. What is the Kabbalistic way of dealing with past pain around money? If we have a trauma around giving money? Ok, thank you very much for this question. Very beautiful. How can we deal with trauma around giving money or generally even, I will expand your question with not just giving money. Generally with money. Let's say someone had a lot of money, like, was successful or had some money and he lost everything. And he became broke, no money now. Now you come and tell me. Oh there is a way to create money but I have so many doubts and fears and pain that is connected to the time I lost everything. Or I even gave money. I was giving maybe even sometimes giving something that looked to me like I was giving Tithing. But still I lost all my money. And it's very painful, how can I deal with it? You need to understand something very basic about this. All of us. What we are doing is starting to build a parallel universe, like for us. This universe exists anyway but we start to build our own section within this perfected universe. And we are in a process of building. One of my teachers once gave a beautiful example so I'll just repeat it. It says, imagine you live in a house, this house is ruined. You know, there is mould on the walls and the water are leaking and the electricity doesnt work. Nothing works and this is how you lived for the last forty/fifty years in this house miserable kind of house. Now it's so miserable that there is no point to even start fixing it. Let's say you try to fix one wall so the other wall become falling down, you know. You try to fix the window, the door falls, you know. Lie, it's nothing to do with this house because this how belong to the fragmented reality. The Malchut the place with all the pain and suffering. What do you need to be doing? Basically, is to start. You know, take an empty place like a lot, you know. And start building a new house. But now build it slowly and good level by level, you, good bases. And you make sure the plans are good and everything. You build it step by step that it will be perfect. And, now when it's still under construction, this perfect building. This perfect house that you built yourself. It's under construction. You cannot yet live there. So you are still living in this miserable house. House number one, let's call it. But you are building house number two. There will come a moment when house number two will be ready enough so you just take yourself and you leave all the stuff, you don't take anything with you. Beside your family! But you go and simple live, move to live in the new house. And then all your life experience changes. Now nothing leaking, nothing broken. Everything works perfectly. This is what we try to do now. You need to understand we are not, it's not a quick fix. Building your connection with (Hebrew) is not a quick fix. It's a long term investment and might be that in this process that, or most likely even. In this process you will still carry some negativity from the back from the past but you need to understand all this negativity that you carry upon your heart your shoulder, whatever. From the past. Is part of this fragmented reality that you were part of it. And we shared already in different lectures that you can be sharing but you share still in the fragmented reality. Ok, you need a certain consciousness when you share so it will take you above it. So now we are learning the basics we are learning all the principles and you can start working and start building your perfected reality. And when it's strong enough you simply... move to live there. And then all this, you will still remember the trauma. Ok, you will now live in this beautiful perfect house. But you will still remember, you know there was this time I was living in this miserable house that was very hard to live there. But now, now it's changed, it's different. Ok, so this is what we are doing here so don't try to heal the trauma. Don't try, don't touch the trauma. Build the new dimension step by step in a good way. Slowly in a good way step by step and eventually you will see. You will move to this place and you will like, you will, you will get to a life experience that has no connection to this trauma anymore. Is this clear? I hope it's clear, right. Don't try to heal the trauma. Trauma will always be there, you just move and live in a place that has no traumas there. A perfected place that you perfect yourself. It might take some time but if you work properly you will make it. Ok, clear. No but Daniella, you didn't ask. I was clear for the person that was asking. Ok. I has the experience of giving all my money. For some time is was very difficult but all chanced when I began Tithing. Now I understand to so many things that happened in my life. Ok, amazing. Amazing Anna. Keep on Tithing and building your connection with (Hebrew) Who else? Even sharing, asking. Please. I made you cry, oh. Maybe it's not the tears. Maybe it's rain coming from (Hebrew) Ok, thank you, thank you. Who else? Who else want to? Who else want to ask? Or to share anything So you leave me no choice but finishing this lesson. Ok, so the workshop again. Go over these ideas, what you have learned how it can change your life. What you're taking out of it. I recommend if you do Tithing anyway maybe now you know better why you do Tithing. And you can keep on doing Tithing and so on if you have never done Tithing so far and you want to think about it maybe to start doing Tithing. Consult with your teacher. Talk with your teacher and decide together, maybe you know, I'm not saying everybody are ready to everything. I'm not saying. Maybe someone, for you you're thinking about Tithing and you call the ambulance, you know. Oh, I'll get a heart attack from doing Tithing. So, maybe Tithing is not your level now so do the (Hebrew) do this social sharing. Do this (Hebrew) do this sharing to elevate your consciousness. When you feel ready for the Tithing do the Tithing. Ok, I'm not saying everthing is for everyone. We are sharing the whole thing but now you need to learn yourself. What is good for you and also with with your teacher. It's why you, each one should have a teacher that you work with your teacher. What is the right thing for you. Ok, a new level. Ok. This is it my friends. Thank you so much. I hope this wisdom keeps improving your lives and in totality improving all the whole world. It's our duty to improve our lives. But also through this, make a, this world to be a better place. So thank you very much and we'll see you next week in the last lesson of this course. All my love. Thank you very much. Goodbye.

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