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Walk to work

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Welcome to my walk to work... I try to walk to work most days... It's a wonderful thing to do! My walk to work is in three parts... The first part is residential, around about ten minutes. Still walking, walking, walking... towards the Esplanade park, which is a relly nice part of the walk. The sky is white - it's not usually like this! When it's blue, it's beautiful. Now entering the Esplanade park. You can see the flowers on the right there... last week the trees on the right were bright pink with blossoms Spring is here, though you wouldn't guess it from the clouds! This is the highlight of the whole journey... walking through what's pretty much native bush. Around another ten minutes through here. It's a really nice place to think, to just BE, really! So what am I doing in this time? Can you see headphones? Listening to messages, music... But quite often I stop everything and just listen to the birds, appreciate the colours around me, and think about the day - and how my life fits together Sometimes I capture a thought, recording it for later as an audio file to write down and think about further. There we have the mighty Manawatu River... I hope you can hear the sound of the water It's nice to listen to first thing in the day! It's looking pretty brown at the moment, there's been some heavy rain, usually the river is a grey colour and the sky is blue! Yeah, right! Emerging now from the native bush, you can see the trees on either side forming an archway over the path... These trees tell the story of the seasons. It's coming up to spring, soon these will bud really nicely... summer they are lush and green; autumn, there are leaves all over the ground; in winter there's nothing left, they're like sticks in the ground... you see them now. This part of the path reminds me of the yearly cycle. It wouldn't be Palmerston North without rain! Approaching the bridge now... ...I walk under it. So why do I walk to work? Well, some people commute 30 to 40 minutes to get to work... ...sitting on a train, waiting at the station, or in their car... ...[for me], it's connecting with nature, having time to reflect, getting fit! I wouldn't travel to work any other way! This is the shared path that goes under the bridge. You can see the dry patch under it, there has been some light rain. This is the last third now, you can see some field, some nice path... this will take me all the way to the College. This last third takes about ten minutes as well. Now approaching the College, just crossing the road... ...between the trees, into the carpark... ...and now you can see, in all of its glory... ...the College of Education! You can see the Tower Block quite clearly, my office is on the sixth floor. Quite a nice view, but just cloud today. Home, Sweet Home. Time to start my REAL work!

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Country: New Zealand
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Posted by: nichthus on Apr 30, 2008

A walk to work, shot when I worked at Massey's College of Ed.

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