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One Take Rules

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"One Take" is the first of three online water related video contests we will host on over the next year. TOPIC: "Is access to clean, safe water a basic human right?" Why? or why not? We want to hear your opinion on video in the form of a monologue performed to camera. The entrant must be the performer and writer of the monologue. Your entire video should be in one shot. That is, without edits or visual or graphic overlays Any video recording device can be used to record your monologue. Cell phones, Flip cameras, video cameras... are all allowed. Just make sure that you record clear and clean sound and pictures. Your monologue can be no more than 2 minutes long. Entries that are more than 2 minutes long will be disqualified from the contest. This site will begin accepting videos on April 15, 2009. You can upload files in pretty much all standard formats. Once you have uploaded your file you will receive e-mail from us. Follow the link in our e-mail and you will be taken to our contest page on dotSUB - - a captioning and subtitling tool. Videos can be submitted in any language. Each contestant is allowed only one entry. There are 3 cash prizes for the contest. The first prize is 500 US dollars. The second prize is 300 US dollars. A special prize of 300 US dollars will be given to the entry that was subtitled correctly in the most number of languages. Encourage your friends and family to subtitle your film in as many languages as possible using dotSUB. Entries will be judged by a panel of faculty and students at the School of Communication, University of Miami. Decisions will be based on: 1. Clarity of sound and picture 2. Quality of writing. 3. On camera delivery. 4. Passion and conviction. 5. Innovation. We look forward to seeing you on "One Take."

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Posted by: onetakecontest on Mar 23, 2009

Sanjeev Chatterjee delivering the Rules for the One Take Competition. Edited by Trevor Green

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