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David Wilcock - Return to Camelot 13/15

0 (0 Likes / 0 Dislikes) Jupiter, you see in this plasma torus show up, all the particles are getting bigger, there is more and more of them, you look at the moon Io, its the same thing, ionosphere is 700 per cent higher. The surface is got 200 per cent hotter, three times hotter Mercury? How did that happen? Surprised? (Mocking NASA official reports) Oh yeah, we can explain it (Snoring) OK. Europa is much brighter than expected. This is what they thought it would look like based on what it used to look like and this is what they actually got. Look at all that light. Ganymede, the same thing, 200 per cent brighter. 1000 per cent increase in the density of its atmosphere. Saturn`s plasma torus 1000 per cent denser, same thing. Short period of time, basically 12 years. Aurorae are being seen in the polar regions of Saturn, here is another new thing, thats heat that wasnt there before. Massive Xrays were seen for the first time near the equator of Saturn in 2004. Uranus was as featureless as a cue ball in 1986, but look at what happens to it by 99, DR. Erich Karkoschka finally has some childlike enthusiasm you really should see: "These are really, really big changes man!" "Check it out, its incredible!" "Its been hit by huge storms dude!" So he is finally gotten it right. (Snores) "Huh, Seasonal brightness changes not well understood, moving on. That`s the official NASA report. Uranus, 2004 its even brighter, and I am gonna superimpose the original over what you`ve got here, look at how much this is changing, all of that stuff is new, has all of that bright stuff that wasnt there before. Well guess what happens when you go to Neptune, exactly the same thing, this is what it looked like in 1989, this is what it looks like in 1996, zero degrees, quarter rotation, half rotation, three quarter rotation, (...) Now we go up to 1998, you see that there is more brightness coming in, but look at what happens in 2002, its going 40 per cent brighter in the infrared which is just above visible light if you could see the spectrum, this is what it would look like, to the naked eye it is not changing that much, but this is only barely above what our eyes can see as visible light. So now I`m going to show you what it looks like as it goes from 89 to 2002. Watch. Watch the bottom. Look at how much its changing. Do you think this is just a ramdom thing that is being caused by the tilt of the Equator of the planet relative to the Sun? No. Its a planet wide, Solar System wide effect. Global warming on Pluto. 300 per cent increase in Atmospheric Pressure from 89 to 2002. Its moving away from the Sun, but the surface of the planet is hotter as it moves away from the Sun which is causing the atmosphere to charge up. So this shows us that Earth changes are not unique to the Earth, they are happening all over the place. Now, Bill and Kerry there, I see you guys over there. How much time do we have? Where are we on air? (Kerry) Well, we are at six o`clock so ten more minutes if you want. OK. Well, there is all sorts of different places we can start and stop this presentation, and I wanted to get you guys sort of like what I do with these longer weekends in my conferences, like I`m having one in London next month. When I do these longer weekends, we can actually drill into this data a lot more and there is a lot more data than I actually have time to go into here but thats why I make these presentations modular. But what you are seeing here is that if you look through... I´m going to summarize some of this stuff and zip a little faster so we can get to the punch line. You are seeing continious rises in earth change activity. Let me do it from this side. Earthquakes, volcanic activities going up, sea levels going up, temperatures going up... Thank you for letting me know that its updated from my database, thats very rude of you. (...). Tornadoes are going up, disasters, natural disasters, economic loss on Earth, all this stuff, the entire pacific ocean seafloor is heating up. Which is obviously what happens when the Sun warms up water on the surface of the sea, and then those warmed water particles are sinking down to the bottom, where they warm up the bottom of the ocean. That´s what the scientists are actually saying is going on! So, of course, the next time you wanna boil water, boil some eggs just get just get a hairdryer and (vroom..), it´ll work just fine I promise. (Coughs). That´s how they have explained this because they can´t tell you that this Earth is heating up from the inside! That´s all it is, the planest are heating up form the inside. Why are they heating up from the inside? Galactic energy fields. What are the galactic energy fields going to do? Change your DNA. So let´s get to that. We have to go through some stuff here. Alright... Hmm we are gonna do.. Ok. Well, get to this, cause this is good. BACTERIA. If you look in the Antartic ice, in the interior of volcano, even inside a nuclear reactor you find little critters, they are everywhere. They even survive in space, they even recover after being frozen for 10 million years, as if some sort of lifeforce takes that existing body that was there and you thought out and it says "Oh, ok, that´s a body, (hush) im gonna make it alive!" So there is something going on here, something more than we usually think of life as being. Some bactetia thrive on infrared light, they photosynthesize in near darkness, and they have been found miles below the surface of the ocean floor. It is ridiculous to think that all of these critters grew from living bacteria, from other living bateria. It becomes much more plausible that those little bacteria that grew inside the nuclear reactor didnt come from other bacteria that grow inside nuclear reactors. That they are just sort of floating around and saying "uhm, let me find a nuclear reactor, oh look, there is one!" No. Those nuclear reactors are hermetically sealed for a reason. But they are not sealed from the source field. They are not sealed fron this energy that goes in there and says "Oh here is a place where I can make life, this is like what happens in a star, let me go in and jump in there and start creating life!" So they call this a problem, but its actually a proof. Its a proof that life is everywhere in the universe. Dr Chandra Wickramasinghe -say that three times fast and try to spell it while pronouncing- I had to practice that I might add. has proven that the organic material in comets is biological, it has critters in it. There is billions of comets in the solar system alone, and he believes that all life on earth may have come here from a comet. This is Dr. Francis Crick, the founder of DNA, and what he shows us is that it´s way too complex to have evolved by random chance, its as if the entire Enciclopedia Brittanica fell out of the sky one word at a time and it all just happened to arrange, like those monkeys on typewriters. That´s the kind of logic idiocy that it is involved to try to say that DNA is a darwining mutation from random accidents and this is the guy that co-founded DNA with Dr Francis Crick. Ok, and he is doctor -What am I saying?- There is Watson and Crick. Here is his biggest discovery, now this is the guy that discovered DNA! Why isnt this as popular as his other discovery? He looks at all the dust in a line of sight between where we are on Earth and the center of the galaxy and all of it looks just like bacteria in its heat signature and its light signature. Exactly the same! It is Bacteria. So this is Howard Hughes´ worst nightmare, "Space is fulled with germs!." Dont go to space!... if you are a germophobe. Even the mainstream media is saying "Space (dust) that creates human life found in other Solar System. Well, we know that space has these source field differences, there is a source field energy in space that you don´t see here on Earth. It´s called the overview effect or "space euphoria" astronauts go out there and they get this massive energetic high from being in space, its has been reported by many of them. The chinese have taken seeds and flown them into space, and its important that you do this in a space cab so that it doesnt have PVC plastic windows and doesnt have alluminum in the chassis. If you do that -which is what the NASA probes are like- it doesnt work. It wont work. If you have any PVC plastic at any point over the windows they are not going to do this and if you have alluminum of the body thing its not gonna work. The Chinese built one, they didn't do it that way, and what happens is they send these seeds out in the space... Remember what I said about the great pyramid or the pyramids built by the Russians? They toss the seeds in and what happened to the seeds? 400 per cent more productive seeds, 400 per cent bigger plants. Would you like to see the kind of crops that the Chinese were growing when they just flew the seeds into space? Lest´s go for it. BANG! There is your pumpkin. The only thing they have done is growing hydroponically and regular hydroponic pumpkins dont do this, this is a space pumpkin. That´s the only thing they did is fly it into space. It`s the mystery of the great pumpkin from space! Every Halloween he comes in an UFO.

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David Wilcock en la conferencia "Awake and Aware"

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