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Let's make everything FREE! An introduction to The Free World Charter.

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I'd like you to try something for me. I want you to try and imagine a world without money. A world that doesn't use money at all. No banks, No cash, No wages, No bills. No money of any kind whatsoever. What do u see? Let me guess, maybe you image everyone going back to a more primitive lifestyle living a meager existence with growing their own crops and livestock , kinda like peasants or maybe you see a complete break down in society. No laws or social order, people desperate or too lazy to grow their own food stealing it from others, or maybe even killing each other to survive. Doesn't sound like a very attractive prospect does it? Well supposing I told you that, that is not what would happen. That in fact a deliberate decision to stop using money, would actually make our lives many time better than they are now. Look at your life right now for example. Just how free are you? do you owe money to anyone or to a bank? Like a credit card debt or a mortgage maybe? you cant just ignore these things, can you? if you don't pay them you might end up losing your home or even put in jail. But what about your job? if your have your job and you love it great. Most people only work because they have to. You have to work to pay your bills. If you don't work, the lights go out, the water gets turned off, phone's disconnect, you can't buy food, etc, etc So your not really that free at all, are you? and like most people, you probably think that this is simply a fact of life. You have to work to make money to live just like our parents did. Well let me tell you this is NOT a fact of life anymore Let me explain why. Firstly, bare in mind that we don't necessarily need money, we just need the things that money buys for us Like food, clothing, a home, electricity, phone, computer and so on Money itself is just a middle man. Which on its own its completely useless. It just causes misery to anyone who doesn't have enough of it Now with today technology, just about everything we've produced for ourselves is done by a machine or computers. In fact this is the very reason why we have huge unemployment everywhere The machines are taking all our jobs but if you stop and think about that this is really a good thing. Technology has completely freed us from hard labor We should be celebrating that fact So if we don't need people to produce the stuff we consume Then it surely follows that producing these things is a very easy thing to do and if producing stuff is easy Then there is absolutely no reason at all why we shouldn't be doing it for everybody, is there? Not just the ones who can pay. At the moment, our economy is all about moving money around and nothing to do with actually giving us what we need doesn't make sense does it? The only constraint to producing the goods we need should be whats physically possible and not whats affordable. Believe it or not our planet has plenty of resources to provide for everyone. The only thing were short of it seems is money. So why not just make everything free? Forget about money all together. Why Not? It's our world, we can make our own rules. The only thing money creates is inequality a scoring system for humanity that decides who gets what For the first time in history our technology allows us to do away with this notion of haves and have nots. And that's only the beginning. Making our world free would unleash our full technical potential allow us to tap into clean energy sources bring meaningful prosperity and knowledge all across the world and even put an end to war and injustice forever Just image food produced to the highest standards in plentiful supply Bigger better hospitals and schools with no budget problems Clean energy and communication available to everyone Space exploration. Underwater cities. Who knows. Take away cost and the only limit is our imagination and the raw materials needed to make whatever we want In today's society if you don't have money basically you die. This is not just wrong, its completely immoral because it's unnecessary There is another way A NEW WAY a free world without money. Where everything is free where YOU are free where we can provide for everyone and finally see and end to starvation within poverty where society is as fare as it possibly can be where technology unhindered by cuffs is so advanced that we would hardly recognize ourselves and its all possible now If we choose it. The Free World Charter is a simple document that defines 10 fundamental principles of on which to build just such a new society these principals are not rules or laws they are just simple statements of common sense to common goods and the survival of us and our planet A society based on these principles will ultimately have no need for laws by signing the free world charter you are simply saying yes please to a fairer, freer, and better world for everyone. Please Sign it today at Thank you very much

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Posted by: luve2loveme on May 2, 2011

The Free World Charter is a document that proposes an advanced alternative society that uses no money, is free, fair, and sustainable.

It is neither political nor religious. It is simply sense, science and survival.

This is our world and we can choose a better society now if we want it.

Please read and sign The Free World Charter today at

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