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Nanja H. Hansen tells about Thupten Jinpa

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Hi. I'd like to share with you a little bit about how you can actually utilize Compassion Training within your organization and within leadership. One of the ways we can use compassion training within the organization or within your position as a leader is to think about the relational aspect that is constantly in play in an organization and with you as a leader and also in terms of all the people working for you And so these are the day to day interactions - you might have an employee who is sick because their child is really sick so they have to call in all the time or you have two people in your organization who simply can't stand each other or you may even have workplace bullying going on. So how do you navigate all of these relationships that will somehow interfere with getting work done? This is where this training can help you to not only get a sense of 'what do I need to do as a leader?' 'How am I reacting to all of this that's going on?ยด But also to ask the questions: 'What's the most important , what is the most helpfull, what is the most skillful thing, I can do to help for example two coworkers to get along? Or even figure out a way for them to work together without actually physically sitting together - if it's that bad? If you have an employee who is really stressed out and overwhelmed with all the tasks that are going on. How do you create an environment where it's safe for them to come in and have that conversation with you? So these are all ways in which we can use compassion training to start navigating and creating healthier work environments and also healthier relationships amongst ourselves as the leader but also amongst our coworkers and colleagues.

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