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Sleep Deprivation Takes Hold of American University Students

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Traditionally a place to study Now the library at American University is looking more like a crash pad, as student struggle to stay awake "I am so tired right now" "like" "I am pretty dead," "uh, I didn't get enough sleep last night" Sleep deprivation - one of the country's most serious health problems is taking a toll on college students AU sophomore Suraj Sethi says he rarely ever gets the recommended 8 hours of sleep "I got like 2 hours just because I gotta work the whole night" "I have class in the morning, so I am just gonna stay real late at night" Homework isn't the only reason students are losing sleep Clubs, internships and of course partying are also to blame "You have to set your priority and you have to stick to them" Mary Peck, a nurse at Sibley Hospital says students shouldn't spread themselves too thin "The purpose of the college campuses learning" "if you are sleep deprived, we know that it affects memory and learnings" "So you are actually defecting your purpose for being here" Many students who tried to make it to bed early often are kept wide awake, because they had to share a dorm room with 1 even 2 other students, who have completely different sleep schedules "If I had to stay in and work on a Saturday night" "Like, I'll go to bed, like, semi early" "and she will come in at like 4 o'clock, like, intoxicated, whatever" "and, yeah, it''s just not good" This sleep deprived life style is causing students to suffer "I am sleeping in class, I don't take notes, because of that," "umm...I guess it just makes me fall behind in class" And it's putting him at risk for something more serious "Sleep deprivation over a long period of time weakens your immune system" "You tend to get sicker than you would have" "If your immune system was healthy, it takes longer to recover" Luckily for students, they can still catch on sleep, as winter break is just a few short weeks away Charly Arnolt. District wired news.

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Sleep Deprivation Takes Hold of American University Students

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