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Just wanted to let you know as you watch this video you may feel susceptible. You will feel uncertain. It really doesn't mean to disgusted you. That isn't our intent. It is make you aware of community access Abuse - it should not happen to me. It should not happen to you. That's wrong. It can happen here, out there, up there, down there, anywhere. You should prevent that. Let's start with the word, abuse. Abuse. Is ABUSE is proper way to sign it? I will let you know it's the wrong way to sign it. Abuse should be spelled out to A-B-U-S-E. Because the sign, abuse really means physical. It isn't always about physical. It can be about power control. The person wants to power control over you. There are two different strategies to keep power control over you. What are the two ways? DV (Domestic Violence) and SV (Sexual Violence) We have more information on our website. Go ahead and click on our links. You know abuse can happen anywhere. To whom? It can happen to you, to me. To your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors Doesn't matter, any color skin (race). To a variety of people; different ages, rich or poor deaf or hearing If you feel it did happen to you. or you know someone that had experienced A-B-U-S-E please contact DVAS immediately! Our contact information will scroll up soon. This group of examples - emotional, verbal abuse. Put down. Put down. If you feel lousy or embarrassed of being put down. Don't talk to me. silent treatment You tried to get your words across. You mean nothing to me. Try to push you away. You tried to get your words across. You just can't. Don't touch me. Someone use love as punishment. Don't touch. If accidentally spilled, don't touch. If you are going to the store, I am coming with you. So I can watch what you're doing. Watch everything you do. If you go to events, that person will go with you, s/he can monitor you constantly. If the children don't listen to me, I won't buy any toys. You shouldn't take away children's needs. Destroy their things. Take away their clothes, food, necessities. I am going to take away and throw away and destroy your make-up. You destroy their most important things for daily usages. This category - physical abuse, an example is shoving and telling someone to get up. . He denied that person to be allowed to sleep or eat. You are staying home. He restrain you to stay home. You cannot go out. (throw an item) He used objects to throw at a person. (grabbed a person and held that person against something) He threw a person against something. This category - sexual abuse. Here's an example. Oh my god, you need to get out. you smell like a fish! This comment is embarrassing and insulting - it is considered sexual criticism. (grabbed boobs) This is an example of unwanted touch in an inappropriate area. You accidentally dropped the milk. I refused to have sex with you tonight. Too bad. He refused to have sex as a sign of punishment over a careless accident. Come on, I want to have sex now! He portrayed violence - before and after sex. Come on, get up. It's a funny movie. Let's watch. He forced you to watch porn. Sometimes he can rape someone while watching. This category - financial abuse. Here's an example. You have no money. You want my money. Ha Ha. He gives very little allowance or no money. Give me the check. I need to use the check. You are so pigheaded. You don't know how to use it. I will take care of it for you. Okay? He takes advantage of your second income. He uses it for himself. It's really your money. Oh boy. I am going to use this credit card. My wife doesn't know. He is going to go ahead and use the money. The problem here is his partner doesn't know. You're behind the bills. It's not my problem. iI's in your name. Not my issue. That sign means he isn't going to be responsible to take care of the expenses. Give me your check. Why? My credit is really good. He always gets things in his own name. His partner never does. Go ahead. Use credit cards. You maxed it out? It's okay. No big deal. Let's go ahead. Don't worry about it. I will help you. He went ahead with maxing out credit cards. Not his problem. It's fine. By going ahead with maxing out credit cards, he will ruin your credit. I need to buy a camera. I don't have any money. Can I use your credit card? Please. I need it. I will pay you back. Come on. Thank you. I brought a fancy camera. He used his name. Will he pay him back? Probably not. We just showed on the video - four different types of domestic violence. verbal, emotional, physical, sexual and financial By watching this video, you should understand. If you feel you know someone who had experienced domestic violence Please go ahead and contact DVAS. DVAS means what? Deaf Vermonters Advocacy Services I am happy to help any of you. Contact information will scroll up soon.

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