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Case Study Renee (Mod 23)

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>> Hello, welcome to this module's case study. In this module, we're focusing on intersections between weight, emotional eating, and other factors that are important to consider when coaching clients through their relationship with food and their bodies. We'll explore how you can confront clients lovingly, validate their motivations for weight-related goals, and help them get to the deeper why behind their goals in order to focus on the big picture, developing a more nourishing relationship with food and with themselves. We're back to Renée this week. Let's start with a recap that relates to this week's module. You'll notice that many of the same points we brought up with regard to dieting come up again in the arena of weight, as the two are often linked. Renée came to you for coaching around weight loss. As a child, she believed that she wasn't good enough in the eyes of her parents. Growing up, she received negative comments from her peers about her body. She feels pressure from should messages that she receives from the media. Her weight negatively affects her self-esteem. She has tried many diets and cleanses throughout her life, but they don't last long, and she usually ends up overeating, which creates more shame, stress, and low self-esteem. She isn't much of an exerciser. She craves crunchy or salty foods. She avoids going out with friends, who she thinks look as good as they did in college. She often goes to bed late, which disrupts her appetite. Her job drains her physically and emotionally. She feels stuck and powerless in multiple areas of life. She wants to find sustainable ways to feel better physically on a daily basis. In your Learning Center, you'll see an exercise called The Weight Intersection. Renée's exercise is included in the pages following the blank version that you can try for yourself. Using the material from the recap and mock exercise, complete the Case Study Challenge in your Learning Center. If you're feeling brave, take a photo of your completed handout and send it out to the Facebook group so that we can support each other. Until next time.

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Case Study Renee (Mod 23)

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