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Dušan Lazić - Vojka, Serbia - Serbian (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~08:10:47 - 08:42:46

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(134 Lenin Street) (coughing) No, Aska, no. (coughing) (coughing) Come, Aska. Let's go, Aska. -Is Milica back? No? -What are you doing? -I want to have some breakfast now and go. -Grandma, let's eat. (coughing) -They haven’t brought the bread yet. Will Milos get some? -OK, then I’m off to Gina’s for a sec, to take and bring something. -With Renault? -Yes, with Renault. And then I’ll come back and have breakfast. -You can pick Milica up then. -She took the bicycle. -She took the bicycle, yes. -Where are the keys, Ljubinko? -Ljubinko, the keys. -The keys? Here they are. -Here are the keys to the Ford. -No, no, the house keys. -Of grandma Gina's. -Yes, of grandma Gina's. Where's my cell phone? -Radisa was here, he took the trailer. -OK, OK. I can't take it out. -Yes, yes, yes. -Where's that vest of mine? Wait. I don't know. -Did you come home late last night? -How was it last night, Ljubinko? -Over there? It was… -No, I mean, our place. (laughing) -Yes, he couldn’t find a substitute. -What did he do? -He couldn’t find a substitute. -Substitute for what? -He was working, night shift. -Aha, he got drunk, or who knows what. -But Cheme and the other guy fitted in well. -How wouldn’t they? Old gig players. -That's nothing for them. -Ha? -They could do it with their left hand. -Your mother's not here yet. -Old gig players. -They're dangerous, aren't they. -Oh, good morning. Do you want to eat too? -And Nikola was there too. -Where’s dad? -In his room. -I’m off to Gina’s for a sec to get something, too see how big a mess we’ve left. -What’s the Renault like? Does it break down? -Well, I didn’t push it too hard. -No, you know how it was, the brakes were hanging. -I’ll check it out now. (family speaking in the background) So, we were smashin'? -Till when? -Well, till twelve, till midnight. I’m exhausted, really. -What? -I'm exhausted. I guess this flu is still bugging me. (coughing) I barely made it. If I went to the gig, no way.

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Duration: 31 minutes and 58 seconds
Country: Serbia
Language: Serbian
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Posted by: globallives.serbia on Oct 13, 2009

tape 14, second 30 min

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