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Hi guys, I am freezing here in São Paulo direct from the Faculty of Public Health of USP. We will do the second part of our video as a conversation... I'm here with João Nunes, teacher from University of York, United Kingdom... he's like an invited teacher here in USP, talking with us about a lot of subjects and themes, It's a pleasure to welcome you here, and we would like to thank you in behalf of Brazilians. - It's always a pleasure to be here. And it's not that cold. - Yeah, it is! - Ok! Fine, it's a nice weather. - It's cold for me! I am totally wrapped. João, I'd like you to talk a little bit about what you said in the class about the question of… that we often listen to, right? We are here at the Faculty of Public Health of USP, there is the Faculty of Medicine nearby, there is a huge campus of USP, and also there is this territory, right? There we have traffic, right? There is the life that happens in São Paulo. We say that food security, about road safety, security… as the safety of bodies, actually, and we are in the Faculty of Public Health, you spoke a little about it, of security in the health area, or in that perspective of discussion that we have seen, I'd like you to talk a little more to us what is this security, what we are talking about? - So, it's a fundamental question, right? What security, what security is this one we're talking about? Because, you're right, ok? Nowadays it's very common to produce security in many thematic areas, and a lot of areas, right? Traditionally, when we talk about security, people used to think: military security, security from violence, police security, and so on… the day to day security, related to crimes and all that stuff, right? And now, we talk about security in many other questions, right? As you referred: health security, environmental security… food security... energy security, right? Infrastructure security… There are so many types of security. - Of borders, right? - Of borders… Today it seems the vocabulary of security entered into many areas of our life, right? In social life, financial, political life. That's a very interesting phenomenon, that's a phenomenon we have been seeing for years, especially after September 11, 2001, right, we are noticing it, that there is a lot of interest in seeing the questions as a security issue. And many times this is not exactly good, on the contrary, right? All the effects that we can call most bad effects, or more dangerous, of relating to security questions. Because usually when, many times, when we talk about security, we are talking about trying to create, to change policies, to justify some regulations more cohesive, sometimes to justify the violence, right? People say: we have a problem of security, so, we need measures of seasonal rules, right? To go beyond those regular democratic rules for decision-making. That's a dangerous phenomenon, a harmful one, with a perverse effect, that uses the vocabulary and rationality of security to try to finish certain subjects, but that, well, it's a risk of using the security. Personally, I think, besides all these risks, it's… it's still important to us establish that, we should look at security, and look to various questions, many questions in social life, in political life, as security questions, right? And that makes me remember a little your first question: "what security we are talking about?" and, actually, the fundamental question we should ask, is: "security to whom?" Right? Security to whom we're talking about? Who is the target of our thoughts, of our speech, right? What we are, what we are trying to secure, to keep safe or protect, right? And I have... in my opinion, the security ideas must be ideas well based on individual security ideas, on the security of individuals, security of communities, and we enter a little into the question of the free territory and communitarian approach, which I know that you have here very strong in your channel, the idea, in the last instance, that what really matters is the concrete life of the people in the community, in their political, social, financial and their familiar relations, friendship, professional relations, which means, it's the concrete life of the people, the real life, it's not concrete, mundane, usual of people. And that's when we understand that the security and in concrete real life is possible to identify many situations in which people feel insecure, right? Beginning with the question of violence, right? They feel insecure in their lives because of the threat of violence. But that's not the only insecurity people feel, I think, it goes beyond this threat of violence, right? It can be a menace of death, the person can be murdered, people can die because of this violence, there's a whole set of other violence, other insecurities, other vulnerabilities, we can say... Other vulnerabilities, related to health, related to poverty, to inequality, to the lack of information, or the lack better information... to political rights questions, to the question of access to public services... a whole set of insecurities, so it's possible to say that if a person feels insecure, even if this person has not been a victim of crime, or being threatened with crime or threatened of violent physical aggression. There's a whole set of insecurities, for example, the person which doesn't have a permanent job or lives in a precarious situation in his job, or doesn't have salubrious work conditions in his job and because of that feels insecure, the person which is not capable of making decisions, or of controlling what will happen in his life, because of a insecure work situation or precarious. The person which doesn't have access, for example, people in a homeless situation, people who are being, being, hmm… which suffer a disease and don't have health insurance, which allows them to take care of their health properly in a useful time, people who are starving, people undernourished, which need, right? To have a healthy life, people that don't have access to an infrastructure of basic sanitation and, therefore, have the risk of contracting an illness because of contaminated water or that don't have the same access to enough water to drink, to cook, to do the hygiene, all that. So we have the whole set of insecurities which I think that's important to us to consider. Concrete insecurities of the people Concrete insecurities of the people in their territories, in their financial relations, these insecurities don't happen by chance. These insecurities are related to financial, social political relations, which promotes this inequality, which promotes vulnerability for some people and for some groups that, at same time, allows that exists an elite… in which one I include myself, right? That actually benefits, that don't feel this insecurity so strong. Therefore, is that, right? I think it's important we talk about insecurity to look at this aspect, different aspects, of life conditions, of capability of people to making decisions and to act in their lives in a way to determine and influence freely their lives. I think it's fundamental, and in the question of health, it's very important, right? The person can feel or can be insecure in terms of health, if they have a disease, that will affect their capability to make money, to feed themselves, or to feed their children, I mean, a question of health security if actually a disease or harm, or a problem of health, if have a decisive impact in the people's capability of getting control of their lives. For that, I think it's important to keep this health security question because it also leads us exactly to that. Why does security exists, right? The security exists because, or the insecurity exists… Why the insecurity exists? Because of these financial relations, these political relations that make some people vulnerable, particularly vulnerable, and who do not have the ability to respond adequately to the grievances and institutions of damage when they happen, the diseases. I've talked too much, for almost 9 minutes! Sorry! - We like to hear you talking! - I'm talking too much! - No, that's great! --------------- Tainá, para aqui :) in this discussion, and we are also which is very individual for everyone, right? Security how are you? individualized individual of the person feeling insecure or not But when we need it, for example. decision the manager decided on a policy people right so which would be so maybe can is help defined that would be vulnerability that we have at so are conditions like you said and the condition of the individual situation disease, even a disease in relation to very big impact on me person who feels like he has a cold work for two or three days and their employment enters a situation of your family in difficulty transmission paterson concrete but this does not want and do not talk, I'm talking like I am contrast a video without a territory economic and political for political reasons What we have to carry a little, right? by chance vulnerability is the result in which the group triage finances You did not want me, I might not have there is one that is purely individual and that individuals are within this of this network of relations it's not social groups public policy it is not on the one hand the question of trying vulnerabilities are preventable are unified are inherent in being with in in highly complex conditions damage to human beings is part of what is right now there is a set of and there is also the fact that certain vulnerability an uneven distribution of drugs certain groups that are became a mission at a time when tranquility if the group are unavoidable Yes, I remembered an example from class. street, for example, we have a is in a situation of vulnerability Insecurities our issues but this vulnerability in this regard more insecure also yes yes but action systematically can actually come the can not it is possible there and I said all if they are not invulnerable at all Swedish if you are totally realistic are preventable free financial statements sent or could groups can be removed from this tranquility that are avoidable foundations and I think they are this disadvantage and the uncertainties videos in progress it is impossible to an important point capacity of the largest number of gone 11th and the damage issues when they grievance getting sick from the game suffered part of the human being for what it is to be respond properly ie we have best health care possible or access to social support networks friends to a fingernail that a network of feel that xx is serious when is 100 do not get into a situation of he told me with this extreme tries to alleviate vulnerabilities that unfair social and economic situations promote and strengthen the conditions they used that word that not yes eh eh eh respond appropriately to the will happen sooner or later to direct this ability to respond then succeeded in your life that makes you do not stay off the site if you can course of life is a matter of having been the public policy health promotion, we also see The social you bring an album these gillette empowerment resilience although the translation sometimes has depend on the theoretical framework they yesterday is also your year, you need not how evident is the many musicians of accountability of state and power Let's teach people how to take care of themselves and is often that public policy need to turn one side alone is we sometimes have to question can be instrumented in an idea That's not what I'm advocating here. is an idea of ​​the common state in orbit of the and public authorities as collateral let's make you responsible public authorities and create such to provide for yourself is ben scott will be system support structure exist and it is necessary to state and support to stop is to try is to relieve and says yes and it is interesting that he did question of the people who are in vulnerability and many can not public to be heard or to see how the courtyard of the public health college of Are you also a guest teacher? community agent here in Brazil also fruit interviews and the important role of huh Do you want me to talk a little about it? and we will stay here It's that sunshine so it's I think teachers and researchers have health issues and we have the privilege knowledge printed I think it's a society that after all this citizen is are going to pay these universities are the idea that shackles are linked to is inside college and integrate the community is that it is here It's hanging out with you and I'm working question of we know the truth we spread the knowledge or teach the paper begins to look for institutions of the communities not doing are making their demands heard because the best that nobody knows know the functions often know the sustainable solutions to the problems of our allies in this fight is not listening makes it clear that what exists is not something chin sounds of alternative views not alms spit use this in fact serve to ally with knowledge that will help to develop your allies in this fight because I click contact with a social movement as well here I speak problems and we have a lot to learn first, and the point is not that the idea I do not like it because the Empowerment as soon as I have power person or the person has blogger I like talking in co production shared production and we all have something to teach others, right? academics there, the plaster that professions which have no occupation and which all people have any part whatsoever their problems about the most to change and transform the territory into live so I think it's co production much about what I think the role of process if the political process is too is talking here about living territory right? a little these people all there and if the works with primary care population is not listening to the population We also learn and be a spokesperson. arrive or can not make themselves heard and I wanted to thank you one more time was the opportunity is, I'll say goodbye of public health in the US here

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