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Mad Money

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[narr] In the most secure bank in the United States... ...three ordinary women are about to dream up one extraordinary plan. Nobody, not once, has ever beaten the system in like a hundred years. So what are you, like some kind of supergenius? You tell me? [narr] One has the motive, This money is worn out, it's gonna be shredded. So what do we do? We take some, we spend it. It's like recycling! This is crazy. [narr] has the means... This thing goes bad, I'm gonna kill you. You scared of me? Yah. [narr] has the moves.. Somebody is definitely peeing in her cup. [creaking sound of a rusty door] We need a go code. How about something like this? Yep. When do we go? [narr] This January... [narr] Taking it was easy... Victoria never had this particular secret. [narr]...but getting away with it... Those are very hard, rectangular breasts. We need to talk. [scream in panic] [narr]...will be harder than they ever imagined. He likes me. Oh no. Uh-uh. Do you know what it is when somebody trades sex for money? Advertising! A good percentage of marriages. Aaaah! Oh my God Keep the change! From the creator of Thelma and Louise... Don't spend the money. [narr] Diane Keaton... How much? $62,000 I'll take it. Queen Latifah. You spendin' the money. no,'s nothing. Good. No, wait.. Ohhh. [narr]...Katie Holmes... Go slow, and be smart. I hate being smart. [♪ Voulez vous coucher avec moi...] [laughter, sound of toasts] [narr] Mad Money security! How about maximum security? Honey, you got to lighten up, or I am going to have to have you wacked. See, when did you even start talking like that?

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Country: United States
Language: English
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Posted by: ccwebguy on Feb 18, 2010

Mad Money Captioned Trailer

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