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Robocraft: Proto-Seeker Review

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What is up you guys, this is SpaceKryptonite here to bring you a review on the ProtoSeeker We will be going over its mechanics and explain in detail the primary purpose of this weapon Keep in mind that stats may vary in future patches So let’s think about this. Is the ProtoSeeker OP or not? I also promised Lukas that I would add pizza in this video Let’s go over the ProtoSeeker's function This weapon has a fast fire rate and can lock onto targets near the center of your cross-hairs Unlike the lock-on missile launcher, this weapon does not have a timer for locking on. It will instantly lock-on Similar to the SMG, this weapon uses very little power The balance with this weapon is its damage Which is very low compared to all other weapons in the game Many have speculated its purpose when locking onto a target Does it target functional parts or does it choose random parts to shoot off Though my analysis and multiple testings has given me the result of random The bullets will home onto its target, but it does not consistently deal damage to a functional part Now let’s get technical We will be comparing the highest tier SMG with the ProtoSeeker for a more vivid reference as to how the strong weapon is The Protoseeker deals 1,600 damage per hit. While the Top Laser Disintegrator deals 6,077 damage per hit The max fire rate is peaked at 5 weapons which allows the Protoseeker to shoot 20 shots per second while the Top Laser Disintegrator shoots 10 per second with 6 guns The damage amount for 1 second with 5 proto seeker is 32,000 while the Top Laser Disintegrator deals 60,770 and that's with 6 SMGs The main factor we cannot add is accuracy For a fact, the Protoseeker is more accurate than the SMG due to lock-on capabilities The SMG requires more leading and you have to worry about you crosshair decreasing your accuracy It’s fire rate and accuracy does make it have more of an advantage to every other weapon in the game since you can consistently deal damage with top notch accuracy Also not to mention this weapon special ability deals more damage to electroplates and electroshields The damage is unspecified as into how much more damage does it deal to shields And now for the main question Is the ProtoSeeker OP? To be honest, its not the strongest weapon This weapon's fire rate and accuracy makes it feel overpowered It does deal consistent damage and can be annoying to fight with your screen flashing red In lower tiers however, this weapon is a monster In high tiers, I wouldn't mind having 1 ProtoSeeker on my robot but in certain situations, other weapons perform better Its also a good tool to use to prevent the enemy's from regenerating or suppressing fire for your allies to regenerate And lastly, I would only recommend this weapon to those who love pizza Now for some final thoughts Without a doubt, any new player will be able to pickup this weapon and quickly learn it’s mechanics It is intended to be easy to use for new players to use this weapon This weapon does not require 5 ProtoSeekers to be completely strong You can use 1 and it still deals 16 shots per second which is incredibly fast So that pretty much wraps it up for this review Let me know in the comment section down below your experience with the ProtoSeeker In your opinion, is it OP or not? You heard my thoughts, I want to hear yours Don’t forget to like and subscribe for all your robo needs. And until next time This is spacekryptonite logging out I will catch you guys later

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Posted by: spacekryptonite on Apr 4, 2016

The Proto-Seeker is a grand tool for a variety of situations, but is it really OP? Throughout this review, I will be going over stats, and the type of weapon this really is.

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