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TLE Class 5: 4 Phases Harav

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Because when there is a "yisdahahut" when there is a cleansing out, so to speak, to "bechina gimmel" In other words we no longer have "bechina dalet" In other words when you have that "yisdahahut" Now I have a desire to receive for "bechina gimmel" I can handle "bechina gimmel" Right? The less I desire to receive, I can deal with it, I can cope with it. When it was too overwhelming, I couldn't deal with it, right? So the psychiatrist says : Listen, cut down ... Deal with less! But what does he in effect told us? That we are going to be happy with now less. Remember: "bechina dalet" is there. And that "bechina dalet" will always tell you that you're missing something. Because there is no disappearance. But, for a temporary relief, The system that is included in the creative process Permits a lessening from "bechina dalet" down to "bechina gimmel" So now things are wonderful, I'm dealing with less. I am able to deal with all of these things around me. That it might be correct! But remember, you have not found your solution! Because that "phina dalet" that you came into this world with, That demands, that brought you into the desire for more, Whatever the more might be, The fact that you cut down, does not cut down on the "bechina dalet" It does not remove the "bechina dalet" The fact that I reduce my desires, I reduce this overwhelming aspect, We should ask why did that come in the first place. What drew these overwhelming ... You know, there are certain people who are very content to work in an office, Go there at 9 o'clock in the morning, come back at 5 o'clock at night. Not everybody is content with that! What makes one content and one not content with that? The desire to receive! One is not content, meaning it is not enough to create fulfillment! So he goes now, and stretches out, and reaches out, To bring in more things, because his desire to receive requires a greater fulfillment. But fulfillment and desire for fulfillment will never dissappear. That you are born with, and you are required, and it will annoy you to the end! It will annoy you to the end! That is the aspect of the Tzadik that is "happy with what he has" What does it mean "happy with what he has"? Not like we have been taught, By some rabbi's, Be happy with your lot! Be happy you're in a concentration camp! Be happy that you suffer there! Is that happiness? Are you trying to convince me that we should go to seek now a new concentration camp? And find some more people to go through that condition? Is that a happy situation? Are we fools? "happy with what he has" means that the Tsadik recognized his ""bechina dalet", while it became so overwhelming, But he always strived not to be, to fall down to a reduced situation of his portion. He wanted his entire portion. Everything that he, his desire to receive should draw to him. That's what he was looking for. More! But more what? More meaning the desire to receive. He wanted that revealed more. Because the more desire received is revealed, Then there is an opportunity for bringing in fulfillment. But if you put it into a dormant position, It's like taking that aspirin, or something which temporarily relieves the condition, But the condition didn't go away... The condition doesn't go away... So when we discuss a greater awareness or expanding consciousness What are we talking about? You hear so much of expanding the mind, what are we talking about? In a word, we are discussing how we can get "bechina dalet" back If we are in "bechina gimmel" We are discussing how to get "bechina bet" back, If we were reduced down to "bechina aleph" So, burning out, burning out Of an individual Now emerges in the opposite concept of the way we understand burning out. The creative process never gives you more than you can handle. If you can't handle it, your consciousness is reduced. Automatically. No one in this world can ever say: "It's too much for me to handle" "It's too much for me to handle" So because the moment we are reduced down to "bechina gimmel" When I say "I can't resist no more, I need, I need" Is not putting up its restriction apparatus, right? He immediately, his consciousness, his awareness which means desire to receive, is reduced. Is reduced now to "bechina bet" There is an opportunity for going down, but Does that mean that the surrounding Light of "bechina dalet" doesn't want to enter? Any point, whatever a person is, his surrounding Light is going to bother him. What are problems? From the Kabbalistic point of view, problems are only opportunities, because the surrounding Light wants to give you more. We say problems are "go away!" No, problems are because the surrounding Light wants to come in more and more and more. But what about bread of shame? So the word for bread of shame, another word for bread of shame, is problems. The problem is the "Or Makif" (surrounding Light). The problem is the "Or Makif" (surrounding Light). And it doesn't go away. And it does not go away. You can be reduced down to less, less, less But wherever it is, you'll always have the problem of "Or Makif" (surrounding Light) Whoever it is. With some it will be more severe, And with others less severe. But it does not go away. It's like Rabbi Shimon looked for every conceivable problem that existed in the world, To the point where the snake who is the problem Who's core problem, said "there is no place where I can hide from this man" and therefore Rabbi Shimon had to leave

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4 Phases Harav

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