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Blackberry Playbook First Look by Cnet

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Hey,I'm Donald Bell Today we are taking a first look at the Blackberry Playbook from RIM It's a 7 inch tablet price at 499$ for a 16G version 599$ for a 32G 699$ for a 64G This version here only connect the internet over the wifi or tether connected to your smartphone but the 4G model is coming out later this year The screen quality is nice There is a pair of stero speakers on the sides here a 3 megapixels camara up the top a 5 megapixels camara on the back that can also record video of 1080p On the bottom you get connections from optional charging dock a micro usb port for charging and syncing and a HDMI port which can also print out smooth 1080p video The top of the playbook is a sorrow for me There is a pair of stero mic and headphone jack that is fine but the power button if you can see it it is a kind of tiny thing made for baby fingers it's also the button that unique use for waking the screen and the sleep mode so you have to contend it everyday we thought a case may help but for us that actually make situation worse as for the tiny volume and play pause control next to it they do work but I'm not sure why they are even up here or why delicate play pause button is even necessary If you can get past the pieces of these little buttons The real sense piece of the whole happening is the OS it is a brand new piece of software built by RIM from the ground up it's fast, it's fluid,it can multitasking and jog on apps like maniac and Apple® or Google® aren't scared the act, they probably should be. may favorite part of the whole system is the web browser which fully support Adobe Flash and present web pages just as what they look like on the desktop That means Flash video Flash games And for better or worse, Flash ads but the greatest it is the browser is chopping the size of tablets half the size of the ipad not to mention the 10 inch Honeycomb tablet that is due out this year Some may find the small size as an advantage But when it come through full scale web pages and document editing Those tasks really deserve a large screen So that is Blackberry Playbook from RIM a powerful tablet a good price and a best 7 inch tablet you've seen even though I wish it were bigger

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Posted by: easonwang on May 10, 2011


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