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Karatbars Introduction 2019 - Updated

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Posted by: alanbutler on Jan 31, 2019

Register for free at Got questions? Call +447872883288 or email [email protected]

I have been with Karatbars International since 2016 and have seen the transformation from a Gold company to gold, crypto and technology company which Karatbars now is!

Want a short cut? Want to earn fast? Register free at and complete the steps. We will make a video for you and put it on a page like this -

That's the shortcut to earning!

That's the simple system which if everyone follows they will start earning a lot of income with Karatbars.

If everyone orders their packages everyone is set up properly with the business.

If everyone orders their Mastercard they are ready to receive income.

If everyone buys gold or KBC/KCB every week/every month then volume, gold, units and commissions are flowing through the whole business.

If everyone helps five people to watch this video and complete the steps then everyone will max out the Karatbars compensation plan.

This system requires no thinking, no creating, just the ability to pay for the package and ask people to watch the video.

This is the best part!! You can ask anyone over the age of eighteen an any of our 125 open countries. That's a lot of people to ask!

Don't let anyone slow you down! If they don't understand it that's fine, ask someone else.

Ask one million people to watch it and even if 900,000 of that one million say no you still have 100,000 gold savers and affiliates in your business! It's all about perspective!

The system is designed so that anyone in any country can follow it. The video is short, the instructions are clear its just a matter of registering, completing the steps and asking for a personalised page.

Go do it...


Alan Butler
Karatbars International

Email:[email protected]

Mobile/Cell/Whatsapp:+44 (0) 7872 883288

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