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Cartas a Julieta

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Were leaving in 12 hours and you're still with pasta. Close your eyes. - It's good , right? -Yes ! Verona , Italy. Where Romeo first met Juliet. Sophia ,where are you my sweet Sophia? There is a place where the heartbroken leave notes Asking Juliet for her help . It was there that I discovered a letter ... That changed my life forever. " I didn't go to Lorenzo , Juliet. I promised to me and him to run away together But instead , I left him waiting for me. Please Juliet. Tell me what I should do. Love, Claire " Was written in 1957. I have to write back. Which one of you wrote this letter to my grandmother? I wrote that. - What were you thinking? - She deserves an answer . Excuse me, Claire? Hi my name is Sophie . Juliet ? Say me, you came to find your Lorenzo? - Yes -Of course, the message in the letter was to simple. - Can I go with you ? - Yes, of course We are looking for Lorenzo Bartolini . - I am Lorenzo Bartolini. - I am Lorenzo . - I'm Lorenzo . - My name is Lorenzo . - I am Lorenzo Bartolini . Take it! Take him! This is madness. Charlie doesn't approve , that makes it even more fun . What you're doing for Claire, is sweet. I just, I just worried about her . - I need more time here. - Not a good time , because I 'm in a middle of something. It had to be. It was for you to end up all the time . I think your boyfriend must be feeling lonely . He didn't know i'm run. You think he's still out there? - Lorenzo . - Yes Oh my God . There were incredible these fews days How many Sophies do you think there are in this planet? Don't wait 50 years before you find out.

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Posted by: 10046.claver on Apr 10, 2014


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