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child abuse

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Christian boys, kidnapped from the villages are confined to an Islamic school where they are may to study the entire Aribic language and memorize the entire coran rising for prayers before dawn, and stuying until the late hours of the night. They are doctrinated into the street teaching of the Islamic faith Those who refused to cooperate, are beaten and chained until they improve their studies. ''They must give up playing, playing is harmful. It doesn't allow them time to study. ...anyone who misbehaves, he's whooped so that he doesn't play anymore... when his collegues see him being whooped they will stop playing and become afraid. ..The coran is difficult, if they donnot work hard, they wont be able to memorize it all" a lot of the footage that we have received from these nations, some in Sudan show young boys being beaten ah show them chained,walking down these dusty paths around the school compound with chains In one school, they have to write on a small board that they carry them coranique verses and then wash these boards, then drink the water and then their teachers tell them that drinking this water will causes them or help them to memorize this faster. Young girls, have also been kidnapped and sold as concubine or given over to the sexual pleasures of the Islamic soldiers Girls as young as 9 have been repeatedly violated. Tens of thousands of children have disappeared, hiden away by radical muslams, seeking a way to create a new generation void of any Christain faith. Christian men who refuse to submit to the Islamic movement, have been in prisoned, beaten and often times mutilated. others have been hanged, milled to trees or drown in the river Nile. Sudanese Christians who remain in occupied areas or in the Nutlan moutains face cruelties behind description. church leaders are specifically targeted, pastors have been thrown into...

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Posted by: arlette0704 on Dec 8, 2010

Christain boys are forced into the Islamic faith and beaten up if they do not memorize it.

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