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I decide to be happy!

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I always tell the story of a blind 40-year-old man, his name is Jaime he went to my office a couple of years back, with a horrible depression. I asked him to please write down all the good things that would happen to him during the day. He had an assistant that would translate into words his braille then he leaves I then start reviewing the session, and in doing so, I discover that in my the privilege of someone who is not physically handicapped but who is handicapped in her soul, which is far worse because the only difference between his handicap and mine is that his you can see and mine, I do what's possible so no one would notice I thought to myself, there is no way he will be able to complete this assignment he is all messed up, he is 40-years-old, he is blind Next week comes around and he comes in with a briefcase to my office. I start the session by apologizing. Saying: Jaime, I shouldn't have given you this task I was out of place, I'm just so impatient that I want to see results fast... I'm sure you couldn't do it He replies: No, I did my homework and I feel much better In fact, that was the last time he came in for a session. He never returned after that. the two of us still laugh about it until today so I asked him where his homework was? He says it's here in my briefcase. open it so I open it and I take out 4 notebooks, like this and I ask, what is this?... my homework, he replies But Jaime, how is it that you bring me 4 notebooks filled with good things back in one week? I told him: you are crazier than I thought no, he says... but I feel much better so I grab the first notebook and start reading... I was two pages in when I start all out crying!! so Jaime gets scared and asks: Pili, what's wrong with you? to which I answered: the thing is that I'm blinder than you and I hadn't even realized. he says but why? Because I don't see any of the things you see and you are blind and I just don't understand anything. you won't believe everything this man registered... I'm just going to tell you just a few The temperature of the water when I shower in the morning the wonderfulness of drying your body with a dry towel being able to get in a bed with clean sheets being able to go to bed wearing a pajama and clean the smell of toasted bread for breakfast the texture of ketchup for lunch the sun, hitting my face as I walk down the street the smell of jasmine the bubbles from a coke touching my nose the kindness of a cashier at the supermarket things that we all experience by the thousands every day... but since we are blinder than Jaime, we don't see anything that's why we have a generation of children tremendously ungrateful that are capable of yell and reprimand their mothers because she was 10 minutes late to pick them up from school and they reprimand her since they are picked up at the school door, all the way home with an incredible sense of entitlement because they haven't been taught to value ANYTHING they have! and that is a product of them never seeing us set the example and appreciate how delicious our shower was that the towel was soft, and thanks to God we have a toasted bread to eat because the ones that are fortunate enough to have our necessities taken care of become more dissatisfied every day and each time we expect different things to be able to be happy without understanding that happiness is a desicion I DECIDE, freely and with determination, if I want to fuck up my life or not. and that would depend on the capacity I have to register the things I have and not the ones I'm missing Being happy is a matter of attitude, I can't be always smiling, but I can be always happy As we are able to find sense in everything I do and for that, we don't have to always do everything we want people who always do everything they want are not happy, they don't grow, it is not good for us always doing what we want always doing what we want makes us ungrateful, selfish, vain, egocentric, amphipathic and not understand what others go through because all we are focused on is what we want to accomplish and that is a huge disruption in the family if we would only see half of what Jaime could see being blind, only half, just with two notebooks at week our lifes would have to change starting today because many of the problems that we have when we don't tell our kids we love them when we don't grab them and tell them that we are proud of them when the husband doesn't tell his wife that he loves her, she then won't tell him either and clearly, the links that keep the system together are breaking if we don't learn to add what makes us different, if we would really make a decision to give the best of us clearly, the systems would start to change

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Posted by: fvargas86 on Jun 23, 2018

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