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Martin win

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But wait until someone else snipes the pot Are you in on buying h1z1? Yeah but watch this, he's going to snipe Is Martin sniping this pot? Yeaah with his vulcan Shall i do it? Yeah do it do it I did it, fuckk noooooo He did it NOOOO Did he do it? He can't decline now Let's just hope that you don't get in You're gonna lose the next one anyways Fuck, placed in pot, placed in pot Placed in pot? You're not in man Nice You're not in Now you're in on the next one though Please take matty's knife It's not even a knife Look Martin was going to snipe but he didn't get in the pot so he came in now. Yeah rip your vulcan bro That's exactly what happened to me :( Wow Aebm is gonna get sniped now No no no no I got this I mean I'm sniping them You're sniping them? What are you on about But look what i put in, I've got 74% I know but there's going to be a sniper, why do you keep your hopes up? Because I've got this Look, I had 90% chance until the last turn and then the pot became 1000$ He's gonna lose hard No no no no no Gaben shut up Can you add Gaben to the call? Nah he's speaking with other people matty jones, look when matty jones is gonna enter the pot Yeah, matty jones is totally going to enter with a 100 matty jones is gonna come in now, look when he blows up the pot Well that's gotta suck It's still 9%, easy skins easy life Imagine if i won the knife It's so fucking beautiful It's a flip knife.. Flip knives are awesome I hope matty jones is gonna lose YESSS WHAT What's going on? AEBM AEBM AEBM WHAT ARE YOU DOING

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Posted by: lemorrow on Nov 1, 2015

Martin win

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