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[♪ Humming ♪] [ ♪ Birds Chirping ♪] Naciye! Naciye! Naciye. What are you doing over there? Come inside. Come! Quickly. Come on. Mom- Stay still for two minutes. We still have a lot of work to do. [♪ Music ♪] Thanks boss. The locks have been changed here. It looks like they abandoned the place. I'll check the back. Be quiet. Hold on. Okay. OK. I'm at the house now. They're not here brother. They got the fuck out. Okay. The house is exactly how we left it. You tell the guy to come. I'll leave the keys under the mat. Ms. Naciye? Hello Mr. Cumhur, how are you? Thank you. How are you? I'm well, thanks. When did you return? I've always been here. [♪ Music ♪] But we rented this place out. I don't know, nobody came. Ms. Naciye, how is that possible? I rented it out myself. What are you doing here? This is my house. [♪ Music ♪] Would you like some tea? No thank you, I don't want any. Look, I made cookies. Ms. Naciye. Forget about the cookies now. Let's clarify this business. The deceased left you out of the will. And the house was transferred to our company. We rented it out. You're not supposed to be here. Ms. Naciye. Ms. Naciye, do you understand me? Will you have a cookie Mr. Cumhur? What the hell are you talking about? Don't shout in my house. [Sound of a glass breaking] Who's there? Who's upstairs? Ms. Naciye, you're trying my patience. I'm going to call the cops. Take this money- Collect whatever you have and get out of here. Look everything is clearly explained here. You can see for yourself- Ouch! Ouch! [Screaming] [♪ Music ♪] [Dogs barking] Bertan stop. Bertan stop, Ber- Bertan stop. That's enough. What happened? Don't you like it? It feels a little strange. It didn't feel strange last time. My belly wasn't as big then. My love- You are always beautiful. Wait, you are going to like it you'll see. Bertan! Bertan! Bertan, get the fuck off me. What the hell? I'm going to the bathroom. If you'll let me. [Phone vibrating] -Bengi. Bengi. [Banging on the door] I don't understand how you're still here. If I were you, I would have quit work as soon as my period stopped. By the way, forget about a rich husband- I'm going to marry the first guy who wants kids with me- I don't even want a wedding. I'll run away to the village and get an imam to do it. You wouldn't be able to rest without complaining about work for one day. You wouldn't be able to stop complaining period. You'll complain about the husband, about the mother-in-law. Husband, mother-in-law - I don't need any of that. I'm fine like this. What happened? Are you alright? I think the baby kicked. Can I feel please? Elif. Sorry, okay- Look as soon as I lose these three kilos, I'm done I swear. There is always three kilos extra, but I don't see any improvement. I don't care if you're pregnant, I'll rip your hair out. Here's your boy. How is it going Bengi? We're fine Cem. We're having girl talk. Don't you have work to do? I'm fine Cem. Elif, I fucked up. Help me. -Come -All the files, the excels, the presentation, they're all gone Let's go to that table, we need to talk. Not here Cem, please. Then when are we gonna talk? Tell me a time and place. Listen Bengi- You won't pick up my calls since I found out. I said not now Cem. Please try to understand a little. No I won't. Of course it's easy to dump me like this. Fine, give me an explanation. Cem please, not here. Bengi, until you sit across me and talk- I won't leave you alone. Let go of me. Come over here now. Please let go of me. Bengi, are you ok? Bengi! [Sound of a ferry] [Ferry horn] Here you go. Thanks. [♪ Music ♪] [Seagulls] If you're not feeling well, you should have stayed home. It's just one weekend. I would have checked on the house and come back. Isn't this nice? I get to see the house you rented without telling me. What else am I supposed to do but come? It's not like I go anywhere. Okay, I'll shut up. Whatever you say you're right, I accept. Sweetheart. This pregnancy will be over before you know it. Then you won't have time to get bored. After a while you can go back to work. But until then, don't worry so much. I'm with you. Maybe you'll like this house a lot. In fact, I'm sure you'll love it. Think about it- The renovation's finished. Our boy is learning to walk in the garden. I'm barbecuing. You're lounging on a sun chair- a book in one hand, a glass of wine in the other. It's the weekend, no work no stress- It'll be great. Then you'll thank me. Once we get through your tough period and figure out how to be parents. You'll see everything will be so wonderful. [♪ Music continues ♪] [Door squeaking] [Door squeaking] [Animal sounds] Come on. [♪ Music ♪] [Animal sounds] The guy said he was going to leave the keys under the mat- but he didn't. I'll take a look in the back. Fine, you go look. Bengi. Bengi. Bengi! Come. The back door was open. Welcome to your new house. [Dogs barking] I'll put this upstairs. Okay. Come along, you should lie down and rest- you must be tired. I'll take a quick look around, then I'll come. [♪ Music ♪] [Animal sounds] [Bells chiming] Simin, sweetheart- Are you in your room? Shit. It looks like we are going to have to call someone to screw in a lightbulb. Wow Mehmet, just wow. What does it have to do with me? Would it be so bad darling? There is a lot of work to be done downstairs anyways- They'll take care of this too. The fuses keep blowing out. Mehmet, where is Simin? Have you seen her? No, I am definitely fixing this today. Forget about that now. Simin's not around. You'll deal with it after dinner. You sit down, I'll be right there. [♪ Music ♪] - What are those? - Huh? What are those? The past owner left them probably. I thought this was an abandoned property. These all look very clean. Didn't you tell me no one has lived here in a long time? Never mind whatever it is. I'll throw all this out right away. Fine but- I felt weird seeing it all right there. Let me go to the bathroom, I'll take care of it. [♪ Music ♪] Are you OK? Yes, yes, I'm fine. There's no water in the bathroom. -I'm going to go downstairs and check the valves. -Okay. [♪ Music ♪] [Banging sounds] [Sound of water flowing] Simin! Simin! Simin, where are you? It's time for dinner. Dammit! [Breathing heavily] Bertan! Bertan! Don't be afraid. I blew a fuse. -I'm going to fix it now. -Okay. Don't move anywhere. [♪ Music ♪] [Breathing heavily] [Crying] My love- It's alright. It's fine, it's over now. Don't be scared. -I'm here -I saw somebody, Bertan. Where? There's somebody- in the house. Where? Come on, let's leave. It's alright, it's over. Calm down. Calm down. The son of a bitch isn't answering his phone. Didn't this guy tell you anything about this house? There are people living here. Their stuff is everywhere. I bet you didn't even ask. You found a good deal you went for it no? And you keep dreaming of grilling, drinking wine whatever. Why would you make a commitment without asking me? Bengi it's done, that's it. This house is ours now, period. This house is not ours Bertan. There are family photos inside, clothes in the wardrobe. Would you look at these damned teacups? And I'm telling you- I saw somebody in this house. This isn't our house. They really screwed you over. Screwed me over? Maybe if you didn't nag me everyday- I'd have been able to talk to you Bengi. It seemed reasonable, I rented it. I apologise for thinking of us. What are you bitching about anyway? Isn't it my money? Who the fuck are you to tell me what to do with my own money? Sweetheart, eat your food. You're hungry, it will make you feel better. We searched the whole house, Bengi. There's nobody here. Fine. We do what you want. I'll call the police. Never mind, don't. Are you sure? Look, this is an old house. Sometimes old houses make noise. Besides, you're tired. You must've gotten confused in the dark. You saw all the cats in the garden. It must've been a cat. That's it. Yes, I'm sure it was a cat. [♪ Music ♪] [Knocking on the door] What's going on Bertan? Somebody keeps knocking but there is no one around. There's someone at the door. Open the door. Bertan don't. Open the door. Bertan don't. She's just some woman, what's she gonna do? Open the door. This is my house. I told you someone else was living here. She's gone. Why did you bring me here? Why did you bring me to this house? Bengi she's gone already, it's alright. She's there. -I'm calling the cops. -Bengi, hold on. I'm calling the cops and I'm leaving this place. There she goes - the crazy woman is leaving Bengi. Bengi, for God's sake - drop the phone. They're gonna come for nothing. It's just unnecessary stress. Lie down and rest. Look the stress isn't good for the baby. I promise you, I'll call the cops first thing in the morning. Come on, drop the phone now. Fine. I'm done. But let me tell you this- I'm sleeping here tonight, waking up in the morning- and then I'm not stepping foot in this house again. You can stay one night, twelve months. You can renovate it, you can barbecue- whatever you want to do, I don't give a damn. I don't want you, and I don't want this house. I'm going back to the city in the morning, do you get it? Why do you want to go back to the city? Do you have somebody waiting for you in the city? What's that supposed to mean? What's that supposed to mean? [mimicking] Why don't you give me that phone? What for? Give it to me. -Give it to me. -Let go Bertan. I said give it to me! This kid is mine, do you understand? Give birth to my son, hand him over- Then you can fuck off and be with whoever you want. Until then you'll do as I say- Now lie down. I'm gonna go downstairs and I'm gonna lock the doors. And this's gonna stay with me. [♪ Music ♪] [Waves] Don't be scared- mommy's here. Bengi. Go back to bed. I'm coming. [Screaming and crying sounds] Bertan. Open the door! Open it, open it, open it! [Loud banging on the door] Open the door! Open the door! [Crying] [Phone vibrating] [Horse carriage approaching] Bengi, Bengi. Bengi. [crying] -Get me out of here. -What happened? Bengi what happened? Where is Bertan? Where is Bertan? [Screaming] [breathing heavily] [choking sounds] [Screaming] [Loud scream] I'm going to kill her. My, my son, my son, my son... [Talking in the distance] I'm going to kill her, I'm going to kill her. I beg you, don't hurt me. [Bells chiming in the distance] [screaming] [Bells chiming] [Breathing heavily] [Glass shattering] No! No! [Crying] [screaming loudly] Naciye! Naciye! Why? Why? Why? Why? [Window breaking] [Crying] [Shovel sounds] Don't be sad anymore, I'll take care of you. Gently... Gently... Okay. Leave it, leave it, leave it... Heat up some water. [Coughing] [Breathing heavily] Don't you worry. She couldn't even have opened the door yet. I'm going crazy, I'm going crazy... Don't be sad my darling- I'll take care of it. Don't you worry OK? Go! Quick, get your gun. Go. -Don't come closer. -OK, OK. OK, don't. Calm down. Don't come closer, or I'll cut this freak. Don't please... Calm down, calm down... Are you alright? I said don't come any closer. OK, OK. Please... Please, no. Calm down. Please don't hurt my son. No, don't. Stop, don't. [Loud gun bang] [Screaming] Help me. [Crying and screaming] My son. Why didn't you wake me up? Tidy up your side. Hello Ms. Naciye. Hello how do you do? -Thank you how do you do? -Very well, thank you. [♪ Music ♪]

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