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Karen's Aquarius

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Welcome to the month of Aquarius. This is a fun month. After all the heaviness of Capricorn this is gonna be fun. What is fun about Aquarius? When you see the girl walking across the street in the orange dress with the poker dots. That's Aquarians! They are offbeat people. They're people that think out of the box, dress out of the box. And in this particular month we┬┤re going to be afforded the experience of living like in the seventies. We're gonna a feel that happiness and understanding kind of personality. We're going to be lighter, we're going to be more in tune with the things that are around us. We're really in a time of new ideas, new abilities, finding new friends. Thinking like the Aquarians, out of the box having things happen to us that are motivating in the same way. And it sort of happens that when you make a woe in the middle you start causing an impact in to the cosmic that is really not to be there and so if one goes into that place, into heavy cosmic energy of fighting, of anger it can become very difficult. Then we can loose some of those very wonderful friends that that we have acquired over this time so be very very careful how we interact There are some wonderful things that are going to happen but also be very, very careful that we make love, not war. Cause war can be very, very difficult right now. It can impact us in a way that even in the heavier months of time we would've argued with a loved one or whatever we'd pass it over. Because of the harmony that can exist when we interrupt that, the negativity that it'll cause will be greater for us in this time. In the middle of the month we find another interesting planet in our month, in our cosmic energy. It's called Pluto Which is a very difficult month but, it gives birth to new ideas, it gives birth to our ability to expand more of our conciousness it gives birth to people coming into our lives that may interest us in a new bussines in a new way of thinking. So the thing that find about Aquarius in general and this particular month is most Aquarians are really brilliant people. They're the guy standing in the street corners standing with the flags fighting for the cause. They're the ones that are chained to the fence. You know they would roar off for something they believe in, down to the end. The problem is that they rebel in causes, and out go, out doing things. They're the servants of the universe. The problem with the Aquarian is they love love. They just don't like individuals. And so they're butterflies, most of them. Aquarians generally marry latter in life. Are not really good family people. They prefer spending an evening with friends and intellectualizing and learning. Their minds are brilliant and sharp. Therefore, how do we translate that for those of us that are not Aquarians? What is going to happen to me this month? Well, I've said that we'll have a lot of new ideas The ideal for us, basically, is to try to think out of the box To try to think like the Aquarian mind. To: Ok, this is what I usually do. How can I do the same thing, perhaps in a different way? What about my job, what about my life, what about my aspirations and goals that I can change at this time. New ideas, maybe new spiritual calling Also, another thing that's interesting that according to the Hebrew calendar the month of the Aquarius is governed by the planet Saturn Whereas we know that in normal astrology is Uranus is the one that governs Aquarius. An Uranus is this expansion and it is this out of the box thinking, this hugeness in the heart and mind. But Saturn, we know, is a planet of come, let me see. Bottom line, show me the money. That's Saturn. Saturn needs to, everything you do has to have a cause and effect and an end. The reason that Saturn is the controlling influence over the month of Aquarius is that the Aquarian mind needs to have sort of a boundary. Thought needs to have boundary if not... they are the servants of the universe and they can travel their entire life without finding their sole purpose in life. Saturn hopefully grounds them into say: of all this wonderful and natural trades that you do have it makes them bind, it makes them work towards them, it makes them pressured to become who they can be. Whereas Uranus is the one that moves them forward, gives them the expansion, gives them the thought process. What do we want form this month? We want to expand our thought process, to become more in tune with the spiritual teachings that guide us But most importantly, we want to find that place inside that says I'm gonna use all the tools that I have I'm gonna take all that ability that is mine and I'm gonna try to put it into a vessel, into a container and so with it to the heights that I can reach. That is the process and that is the reason that it's so important that we love that which is around us, at this time especially. Because if we don't, whatever the framework is we put into this month That's what we'll take out of it. If we're going to be self indulgent, if we're going to be upset, and sad, that's what we will receive. And it's a pity, because it's out there for us. The cosmos is waiting to give us the positivity that is there. So let's hope that together, we form this union bring it into our vessel and apply it for our own good, for our families good and certainly for the world around us. We surely need it!

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Karen Berg talking about the Aquarius sign

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