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Priority Registration Dates

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Hey UESP students. It's me, Kerry Kincanon, Head Advisor for the University Exploratory Studies Program Hard to believe we're already past the midway point for this term. Hope you've had a good one thus far. We just want to say thanks to all the UESP students who have already schedule or had their advising appointment for this term If you haven't done so yet, please make sure you give us a call or stop by 102 Waldo Hall and we'll get you on the schedule for your appointment Remember that advising in UESP is mandatory every term We need to check in with you on your major decision-making process See how your classes are going for this term talk about classes for next term and also make sure that you have the registration pin number that you're going to need to use to register for classes for next term. Priority registration is just around the corner, coming up here in a few weeks and our appointments are filling very fast so please, please, please make sure you make that appointment as soon as you can. I wanted to talk to you today a little bit about that priority registration schedule and to let you know that you can look up your registration date using student online services I'm going to put up a few screen shots here to walk you through this process so the first thing we need to do is we need to get to the online services registration page You can actually do this a number of different ways One way is through Blackboard If you go to Blackboard and look to the left hand side of the Blackboard home page, you'll see a box that says hot links, and in that box there's an "InfOSU" link If you click that, it's going to take you to the online services login (Look for the "Hot Links" box at the bottom left) One you get there, go ahead and put in your ONID username and password. This gets you into the main menu for online services When you're in the main menu, I want you to click on registration This will get you to the Registration Menu Once you're in there, I want you click on "Check Your Registration Status" You'll be asked to enter the term. Make sure that you don't enter this term you'll want to enter next term (it will prompt you to select a term after you click on "Check Your Registration Status") This will take you to the "Check Your Registration Status" page. where you're going to see your Phase 1 and Phase 2 registration dates and times On your Phase 1 date and time, you'll be able to sign up for up to 16 credits. If you want to go above that, you need to wait until your Phase 2 date and time Also, if you want to waitlist anything. that comes on your Phase 2 date and time One more thing about this page If you have any holds on your account that are going to prevent you from registering they're going to show up on this page You're actually going to see a little yield sign that will say you have holds If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you can click a link to look at those holds and see what they are and hopefully get them resolved before your registration date. (The "View Holds" link is not visible on this screen shot). Hope this help you get some clarity on when it is you're going to be signing up for classes Again, if we have seen you already, we're going to see you really soon for advising Enjoy the rest of your term!

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Posted by: kincanok on Oct 31, 2010

In this video, Kerry Kincanon, Head Advisor for the University Exploratory Studies Program, discusses how Oregon State students can find their priority registration date using student online services.

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