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Jamila Jad - Beirut, Lebanon - Arabic (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~13:27:50 - 13:43:50

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So what did they do to him? They guessed that he was trying to fool them, right? And what did they say? "Fire! Light up this fire for me!" And they gathered igniters from everywhere. You're filming the whole class? Ibrahim! They then dug a hole. Yes, ma'am! Yes, ma'am! They dug a hole and? They saw the windows being shut up and realized that Abraham was able to make their dreams come true and thought... That's it! Why are you all behaving like this today? I'm going to get the headmistress now! He's sweating a lot at his head...a lot! They gathered the fire...But it's the Almighty God...The prophet. But the Almighty God didn't want to harm the prophet. What did the Almighty do? What did he say to the fire? Who created fire? Who made it? The devil! No! The devil made fire or is in the fire? God! That's it! God! And because He made it, he ordered it... He ordered it: fire be cold and at peace! Do you all know why He said cold and at peace? Why did the Almighty say cold and at peace and not only cold? Why did our Lord say that? Fire is hot... "Cold" or " cold and at peace"? Cold and at peace! No! Not this way. I don't understand anything anymore...Yes! Cold and cold...Things would have frozen. Instead He said, "be cold and at peace over Abraham!" It's break time. Now we will all leave the classroom in an orderly and behaved manner! Understood? Or you will be sent upstairs to the TV room if you misbehave. Right away? Yes! Right away. Come on now! The girls here and the boys there. Ok. We will continue next week. Who's screaming? Let me through, Remi! Let me stand here! Behind me! Oh! Why behind you? Why are they filming you the most? I'll tell you later. But where am I going to stand now? Come on, Jamila! Come on! Come on...Come on! Ok...Stop now! Goodbye! Jamila, with the girls! Oh forgot! Hi there! Why are they filming you the most? Why then? I'll tell you why. Should I walk in front or behind you? You told father? No, no, no! Oh you're filming? You alone? So you and I are going alone? I should walk? Jamila, Jamila, Jamila! Jamila, they're filming you? They're filming your every step! For them, I'm like... Because I play a music instrument... They're watching you? Must they follow you all the time? Yes! Everyday? I mean no! They're going to bunk over by us, you understand? And because I play music and participate in the "dabké"... They will visit with us for a while and set a camera at home... And film how we live. We get to appear on TV. So you'll also be on TV and everyone will appear! On TV? Yep! Oh no! I swear! You'll appear on TV! You're filming me? Huh? Who's this? That's my friend! If this were to be my friend... I would have killed her! Why would you do that? The way she looks. They've put a microphone under my school uniform. A very small one! I swear to you! They've put a microphone under your uniform? Under the uniform! No! Because I'm a member of the music group and the "dabké"... There it is! I'll show you a thread! Jamila! They're filming you! What? Do you think I'm stupid? Hello! My name is Mohammad Alqadi! He's got ten kids... Brother! Hey! Get away... Get away! Shame! Leave that! The TV... Shame on you! Get away there! Move away! Push off! Please go ahead! Welcome in Lebanon! You're filming? He's shameless! Mama! Adla! Shut your mouth, ok? No placards...please! Now if he comes, you say "how are you?".

Video Details

Duration: 14 minutes
Country: Lebanon
Language: Arabic
Producer: GL Lebanon
Director: Irene Herrera/Ron Carr
Views: 149
Posted by: glplebanon on Jun 16, 2009

Jamila in school.

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