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Rumi Nagashima - Tokyo, Japan - Japanese (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~16:48:37 - 17:08:37

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Oh no, everybody left. Excuse me, Captain Yokoi. We are not going to take scouts to the emergency drill, are we? We aren't going to take them, right? —Did anybody say we have to take them with us? Even senior members are going to join... —No, I don't think anybody said that. But the thing is... —Only board members. Oh really? —Yes, only board members are going. —Then it won't be necessary... to have a meeting on that day? —Yeah. After that, we will... —That's right. I don't think it will make a difference. Scouts... You know... It would be better... If they can go. ー So what should I do? I don't think we will need many people. We need to find some time to do stuff like that, you know. Then, can we meet up any day except that day? Rie? —What time is it open until? —I don't know. Rie? —Probably until about 10PM? —Rie? Maybe, maybe. But I think it will be empty if you go there at 9pm. Um... Do you have any plans on 5th? We will go camping on the 5th. How about the 25th? —The 25th? Yeah. Can't I open this? —You can't open it because it's plastic. What should we do? You can't come out on weekdays, right? I heard you are going to the high-level high school. —No, it's not high-level at all. Did you take an entrance exam? Was it difficult? The 25th. August 25th. I can't cancel the freshman match. Don't you have any others days we might be able to meet up? During "Bon" holiday or... How about the 13th? Or maybe the 14th? Or the 15th? ー No, I'm not available on the 15th either. How about in August, like the 7th? —The 7th? Is it before camping? then I'm not available. I will have so many plans to prepare around that time because they are coming to our school. So, are you saying you can't come? You won't be available until the very last day of the month, right? Until like the 31st? Come on, everybody... I want to sit down. —Go ahead. Isn't it your chair? —Yes, take it if you want. Thank you. What is this? What? Maybe it's from tatami floor. I'm okay. —Doesn't it feel good? Does it? I can't tell. So, what should we do? —I am absolutely unavailable until the 31st. No? —I am unavailable on Sept 1st, too, but I'll be able to be there by 9:30PM. Where is Chisa? Did Chisa go home? I really can't do much during the summer vacation if I have to work at my part-time job. Why do you say stuff like that? Why can't we? Yes, it's a study tour. And school club activity. The person from our course will come to our school, so I can't take a day off. You won't be available on the 18th and 19th? ー No. What should we do? Does that mean you won't be able to come to ECOFEST, too? —Maybe, no. Hmm... what can we do? Rumi, should we collect this paper from everybody? —Yes. What should we do? So, what are we going to do when we meet up? —What do you mean "What are we going to do?", the meeting? Meeting. —Yeah. Your leader has so many available days. —That goes only for you. What? How about dinner only? I think it sounds good, just for a dinner. I guess I can do that if I try. I will be available on the 25th if we are just going to have a dinner. Are you sure? —Yes. —How about the 23rd? 26th? —26th will be ok. Are you available on 26th? —Yes. —Are you sure? Yes, I am sure. The individual match is scheduled all day on the 26th. Oh ok. Even if I hurry home and back, it would be around 8PM. I can meet up around 8PM. How about on the 18th, at night? —It's the training camp day. So, you are unavailable on the 19th, too? —Training camp is until the 21st. I won't be available until the 22nd. Hmm... OK... ー Even later in the month, you won't be able to, right? We don't have any days to meet up even at night, do we? Why don't we go out for a dinner with everyone on the 25th? Wait, on what day did you say? —The 25th. About ECOFESTA... —Is the night of the 25th, OK? The 25th? —After ECOFESTA? The individual match is... at night. —At night? So, is the 25th okay for everybody? —I think so. —On the night of the 25th? —Yes. ECOFESTA is going to be until 8PM... At night? —From 4PM to 8PM? —Grandpa and grandma... —Is ECOFESTA on the 25th? —Yes. Like Ex-Prime Minister Abe... Ex-Prime Minister Koizumi... What do you mean by Ex-Prime Minister Abe. I think I will be able to see you at 8pm. Can you leave at around 7:30pm? If you decide what time we will meet, it'd be easier for me to decide whether I can go or not. Maybe you can come to ECOFESTA for a little bit. Grandpa and grandma... they won't be able to...? —It's the individual match, so... —I see. —If you decide what time we will meet... —What time should we meet up? Maybe... Let's say the individual match won't be done until 6pm. I wonder where it will be, the individual match. It depends on where it will be. It may take 2 hours to go home and come back. What if I am there at 8pm... um... Should I go to Jonathan's at around 6:30pm? Then I can... from anybody who arrives first. OK then, we will see you at 6:30pm. And please let me know if you will be late. —Where are we going to meet? —At Jonathan's. Is there any other day you want to meet up? You need to tell me when you are available. What day is it today? Today? It's July 22nd. In July... I am available until 1pm on... 31st. Maybe 1pm. I can be there until around 11am. You mean until noon on the 31st? In July? —Can you? —Yeah. —Oh really? —You said in July? What day of July is it? —On the 31st. —Will you be available? —Yeah. —Are you sure? Does it have to be only during the morning? Did you say you will be available until about 11am in the morning? Yeah, but not after 1pm. Umm... it seems like it will be only in the morning. Only in the morning. OK then, I will let you know if I can reserve a room here. I guess I will see my friend around 12:30pm then. —I want to leave before... —OK. Everybody is busy, huh. I want to wish everybody the best of luck. —And also. —Yeah? —I am available only in the morning on the 1st. —August 1st? You are available in the morning on August 1st? Yes. —How about the 2nd? —I am available in the morning on the 2nd, too. —Also on the 3rd? —I am available in the afternoon of the 3rd. —OK. —Oh no! I am sorry I made a mistake. —What? —Sorry, sorry. The 1st is a Wednesday, right? —Yeah. I am available in the morning on the 1st and I am available in the afternoon on the 2nd and 3rd. Yeah. Nevermind. I will let you guys know if I can reserve a room. On the days you told me. —OK then, I will call you. —Thank you. No, it's not. To reserve a room... Oh really? I don't think you will need to do that if you do it here today. OK, it will be on one of days you guys told me. I will contact you, soon. —You are not planning anything in September yet, right? —No, not yet. —But on Saturday... —Do you prefer to come out on Sunday? —Are you talking about the planning committee? —The planning committee will be in September. On the 1st... And on the 22nd, 29th and the 30th. Oh, OK. It seems she has a lot planned with the planning committee. —It was supposed to be on 15th... —Yeah? You are working hard. I hope you will enjoy it. There's no midterm tests in Sept and Oct because I am a 2nd year student. We will have so many tests during Dec and also in March. —But if you don't have many tests... —Wait, Nagi. How about next week? From the 28th to 29th, overnight. Um... hold on. —The 28th? —And the 29th. I am guessing people from Suginami Ward will visit us for a day to play a match with us. —On the 28th? —Yeah. So, I think I can't go home until around 7pm. I will have to take a shower and have dinner, then... —I can't be there until around 8:30pm. —Why can't you eat dinner here? ... and I don't have any plans on the 29th, but if I loose the tennis match, I may have to practice on that day. You can't decide it yet then? —I think I can come out at night. —You can? Gotcha. Wait. —Did you say you can come or not? —I will be late on the 28th. The 28th... Oh, you were saying you can come out at night, right? Just forget about it. It's OK. Nevermind. —Do you have an eraser, Rumi? —What? No, I don't. —OK, I will let you know later. —OK. —I am gonna go home after erasing this. —Good work today. So, are we going to wear this uniform —Can we wear our uniform? —Really? Is the next time gonna be an overnight? Yeah, I think we can wear it. On the 1st day or 2nd day? —You can wear it on both days. —OK then, I think I will wear my school uniform on the 1st day. OK. Understood. Please go home carefully. —Are we going to wear my school uniform next week? —No, look, this is purple. The uniform we made today? Maybe I can come to the meeting with the uniform on, maybe not. Can't we call it "purple" instead of "uniform"? —It's easier for me to know which uniforms we are talking about. —"Purple-Polo"? Are we done now? Your legs are gonna collapse, they are heavy. I have too much stuff. I wonder if I'll be OK? There is an iron in her, too. I just tied this up so my stuff won't fall out because I can't carry this. Should we go downstairs to check now...? I am going downstairs. —Bye bye, Hana. See you later. —Bye bye. Good bye. —Please take care of yourself. —Have a nice day. —Let's see them off outside. —Yes. —Have a nice day. —Please go home carefully. Bye bye. Bye bye. —Good bye. —Good bye. Thank you. I would like to check any vacancy in August. —Do you have a vacancy in August? —Yes —I'd like to reserve a room. —Would you like to stay overnight? —No, not overnight. —July 31st... —Or August 1st and 2nd. —July 31st. —August 1st, 2nd and the 3rd. And August 1st, 2nd and the 3rd. —Any day is fine? —Yeah. —How many? —Let me think... about 5, 6 people. 6 or 7 people. How do you say "September" in English? September. Any day is fine for us, right? Any day is fine for us. In the morning of the 31st. —From what time? —Um... It will be in the morning, so until noon. It takes time doing it on PC, doesn't it? Yeah, it does. We have all vacancies around that time, so it is gonna be fine. OK, we'll take that then. Are we coming here again to paperwork on Monday? I think I have it now. Oh ok. This one?

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