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Ma Anand Sheela - Interesante Entrevista

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...a commodity I mean, let's be intelligent and logical about it One of your former Rajneeshees in Sidney... alleges that prostitution was one of the ways that your group raised money. That former Rajneeshee's profession happened to be prostitution and was raising money for himself as a prostitute or herself as a prostitute it's his profession or her profession, I have nothing to interfere with it. That's their personal business So your god-like figure is quite happy to... a pimp. And I don't... I beg your pardon. I said your god-like figure is happy to be a pimp Who ever you happen to be? Well, is he a pimp or is he not? You know, you are worthless man You must know pimps, because you must be going to prostitute yourself and must be in touch with pimps You just said that (if people were working as prostitutes...) I simply said, if somebody wants to do business and that business happens to be a prostitution I'm not going to say that that business is good or bad If somebody makes his or her money that way and the Bhagwan gets it That is their business... ...and Bhagwan does not get a penny of anybody's money That's not what you said. Yes, that's exactly what I said. No, you're running for cover because I've called your god-like figure a pimp. No, I'm not running for cover mister. I don't run for cover. And person like you make me run for cover? Ach! That's a joke. Well I guess we could do with a bit of levity in this interview Is your religion... any more than a money-making exercise? Our religion... probably the only religion... ...which has synthesized... ...capitalism and religion together. A very good marketing exercise, isn't it?, for those people who've fallen for it. It's wonderful, it works. I know, I've seen the money it's generated. By the way, if you happen to be a christian and if you are a christian, you are to look at the Vatican, and it's business too. They're very lousy business people too, by the way. By your standards, probably lousy lovers, too Absolutely, they only know missionary position! (chuckles) well... ...good luck to anyone else who wants to join your Rajneeshees and pay money to the Bhagwan. And… ...also good luck to Pemberton. Thanks for talking with us. Good luck to you and your pimps. That's the very religious Ma Anand Sheela in Perth, who's just discovered about Pemberton. More in one minute.

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Posted by: gustavolaime on Jun 16, 2012

Ma Anand Sheela.

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