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Gilbert-Int'l Zeitgeist Chapter Coordinator-call June 11, 2010

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There are a lot of people all over the world who are doing a lot to get these ideas out there I'll be doing some postings to introduce you to some of these people. This one is with Gilbert, who is the International Chapter Coordinator for Zeitgeist, from the Netherlands. Yes definitely, Hello everybody, my name is Gilbert, I apologise for perhaps sounding a little baked right now. It's 5am where I am right now, but Joel, as you all know, is helping Jacque and Roxanne, and we have different time zones, so we agreed to do the interview right now. I am the International Chapter Coordinator for the Zeitgeist Movement, Which means I am responsible for the performance of every international chapter and also I'm involved with a lot of the day-by-day organisation of the movement, meaning I mediate any conflicts, make sure that all the organisational processes are up to date, and continue to evolve. and cooperate with all the other branches within the movement to make sure that organisation gets more solid day-by day. That would be a general description of what I do, aside from answering hundreds of emails, if not daily. [OK, What kind of emails do you get?] [Tell us a little bit about how it is that you facilitate people, in coming into this direction.] Well the emails that I get vary quite a lot. I get emails that are from people that are interested in maybe participating in a chapter, possibly from a person that wants to start a chapter in either a country or in a part of a country, but also from somebody that's generally just looking for a place to get involved. They might not even be wanting to get involved in coordination, but they might not be aware of the fact that there is a chapter in their location and they're looking for it and they ask me for directions. Also I get emails from people that have good ideas on how to progress the movement, so I have to evaluate those and make sure that if they are viable at this point in time, that I forward them to the right people, as well as related emails to other parts of the organisation of the movement. It's not all chapter-related, I also get requests to

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