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2018 - Michelle Davis VIDREF

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Hi, my name is Michelle. I'm a 5 Star Director with Tupperware. That's good. [coughs] Except for I have a frog in my throat.

[laughs] Yeah, well, just do another one. And this time, instead of leaning forward, can you sit back and up—there we go. Yeah, can you do that for us? Especially this first part before we start talking.

Last name? Just first name? - Up to you. - OK. Before you start, do you need to get a water, Michelle? - Yes, I put it somewhere. - Where is it? I laid it with my phone, I think right there. Oh, OK. Oh, I can hear you [inaudible]. Yeah, that would be helpful. Thank you. I thought, maybe she left it in wardrobe. I had two in there, actually.

Hey, Rob, you don't hear the volume up there, do you? No. It's a little tough for me because the air conditioner is radiating. - And I think I'm just hearing it with my ears and not here. - Oh, OK. - So I think we're all right. - What did you just say to say? Were you asking something? - Name and title. - That's it?

Can you ask them too, maybe if they have a lot of notes or whatever, if they can just hold that stuff till the end. OK, let you interview them. Yeah, let them write it down. OK, and just ask them. Can we hear you? Yeah, we can hear Michelle. So Michelle can say, now you can ask Angela questions. Oh. I can walk you out. Yeah, that's fine. I just don't want to be, like, interrupted. And they can write down their stuff. I was going to write it down with your—I've got to do this, so OK. [laughs] Again.

OK, so hi, I'm Michelle Davis, if you want to use your last name. And I'm a 5 Star Director with Tupperware. Hi, I'm Michelle Davis. I'm a 5 Star Director with Tupperware. That was nice. That's very genuine. Good job.

And then if you could do, to find out how to become a consultant, go to To find out how to become a consultant, go to OK. So now, forget the camera. [laughs] Just us...and lights. [laughs] And lights. This is so natural. I know. All right, very good.

OK, so we were talking earlier, and I know you said back in 2003, that your business at the time was number one in the nation. But when did you begin with Tupperware? I started 20 years ago in March. My boys were two and six. And I decided I wanted to give Tupperware a try and get out of corporate America.

That's great. So I'll mention one other thing to you that I forgot to mention. And that was perfect the way it is. We don't have to read it out. - But if you could repeat some of my question in your answer— - OK. because they're going to cut me out completely. Oh, got you. Oh, OK, OK.

OK, so 20 years ago—a long time, and you've had a lot of success. So what do you think has contributed to your success in Tupperware? Have been in 20 years, in the business. Absolutely love the products. I'm super passionate about the products, and the people, and helping others. And I think that's one of the biggest things that just keeps me alive, and going, and the drive for the business.

So tell me about life before your Tupperware business. Life before my Tupperware business was a little difficult. I was commuting into Charlotte an hour from a rural area, and commuting home an hour, and working 40 hours a week, being away from my kids that were small. And I was unable to see any of their firsts.

And so it was rough. I made $35,000 a year. And basically, that paid for day care, minus gas, and clothing, and all of that. So it was just—it's what people do. It's what you had to do to get by. And this was an option to not only replace my income, but to triple it the first year I did Tupperware.

Wow. So tell me details. How does that happen? [laughs] I was a little chicken in the beginning. So I did my full-time job while having two small children, and I did two Tupperware parties a week. And that's where it began. I love the products. I love the business. The first year was a little hard doing both jobs together.

But then when I became—I felt, I know I can do this, and I can do more with this, and literally the first year, hit— the top level at that time was our Diamond Level— and earned my first car with Tupperware, of 17 cars, I believe, I've now had, my first one within the first couple months I was in the business. And so I've not paid a car payment, no taxes, no tags, no title, no insurance for 20 years.

Wow, that's amazing. So what was your business like at first? Was it all—how did you transition, I guess, from it being personal sales to growing a team? In the beginning, it was more about personal sales for me, and I really wasn't into recruiting a whole lot. I wanted to learn that one facet of the business first and actually didn't even think I could bring people into the business. And so it was a little scary, to say the least.

But in the beginning, I was a high personal seller and still am to this day. But I literally did my two parties a week because I kept my weekends off for my family. And they were little, so that worked perfectly. And that's one thing I love about Tupperware is the schedule that you can keep around your family, which is awesome.

After the first year, I began to realize, you know, the way I'm going to be more successful at this is to get people— my hostesses, mostly— to join the team. But out and about, everywhere that I am, people that love Tupperware— we have just grown exponentially over the past 20 years, and this past year, just ridiculously.

I guess driving the Tupperware cars don't hurt, right? Driving the Tupperware cars are amazing. Actually, the logoed ones— back in the day, we did not have the logo cars. And I totally love that we are branded now, that they have the logo on the side. People literally walk up to my window. They knock on the window. Sometimes it scares me because I forget the logo is on my car.

But it's just awesome. It is a trophy on wheels. And truly, to say you haven't had to go look for a car, deal with a dealership, or do any of that for 20 years, it's just— people find that absolutely astounding. - Yeah, that is attractive. [laughs] - Yes, yes. - Women will do a lot to avoid the car lot, right? - Exactly, exactly.

Plus, they're under warranty, so there's no repairs. They cover the windshields, the tires. You just give it a bath and put gas in it. And so that's a huge selling factor for our company and our Tupperware business, I believe.

So we talked a little bit about the flexibility and working around your family's schedules. So what are some of the first, or some of the special, moments? - Sometimes I like to think of it as moments made possible by Tupperware. - Absolutely. - Those things that you would have missed had you been sitting at a desk. - Yes.

Some of the biggest things, or biggest accomplishments, I think, was earning the Pontiac G6 back in 2007 free and clear. So my car to keep. We are on pace for me to earn the Mustang in July. We've hit all of our levels. We've got two more months left to go. Or the cash, whichever I choose to take. So that's super exciting.

Also the trips that we're able to go on. It's just phenomenal. We just got back from Argentina, an amazing trip. We actually, just two days ago, came back from a seven day cruise with my upline, and then went to Cancun and Hawaii in November and December. So in the past six months, literally traveled so many places, just all expenses paid for by Tupperware, which is amazing.

Something just slipped my mind that I was going to say and then I went to something else. - That's OK. - OK, what was the question you asked again? We were talking about flexibility and how it works around your family's schedule. - Gotcha. - I'm just going to grab [inaudible]. OK. - Is it bad? Am I bad? - No, we talked about it.

That flexibility has allowed you to be more present for your own children. OK, and then what are we going to next? Give me some— Because then I'll want to say, like, so with new moms, why is this then a good idea for new moms? How does that fit "new mom" lifestyle? - Does it look like I'm slouching? - You don't see any of the tape, do you? - No, I don't see the tape. - Yeah, OK. Nobody sees that on camera? Like, by the— - Rob, do you see any tape? - I can't see anything. It's not. You can come over here and see. It's fine.

OK, I trust you. So Michelle, remember... [clucks] [sighs] But be natural. I'm already getting a leg cramp. OK. [laughter] - [laughs and sighs] Oh. - It sort of blows, like doing squats. I know.

OK, so about flexibility— So talk to me a little bit about flexibility and how the Tupperware opportunity really works for moms, dads, people with young kids. Absolutely. The flexibility that Tupperware offers is amazing. You're able to work it around other jobs. I recently recruited a nurse in Alabama. She had four jobs and was able to already, just last year, quit two of them. She's down to just her nursing job and her Tupperware business and is scaling toward the possibility of just Tupperware being number one.

But for those young moms that stay home— we have a lot of military wives that are home— their husbands are off, away, and they're there with two kids. We have another girl on our team that has Crohn's Disease and has three kids at home. So it enables them to be able to work from home or to leave their house just several times a week to go do parties, which they're not away from their family 40 hours a week. They're literally able to do this part-time and make a full-time income by either doing social media Facebook parties and/or in-home parties as well.

So you mentioned your kids and it's awesome to be away for just a few hours a week, instead of 40 hours a week, for sure. But do you think that your being away just even those few hours has fostered a better relationship, more bonding, between your kids and their dad? Yes, they were able to do a lot of things.

My kids were able to go on some of the trips with me, which was awesome. They were able to have me at home, and all the other school kids would be at my house around my pool, where my kids weren't somewhere else or coming in by themselves at home. I was always there and able to be there with them, as well as their dad. And so it was an amazing way for them to grow up and not to be apart from their family.

And how cool that they're watching, like, this female business owner, you know, the whole time. Yes. Do you think that's impacted their view of women at all? I do. Both of my boys are very proud of me and what I've done. And I did it, basically, to be home with them.

So this was an after story to basically just wanting to be home with them and to pay my bills, minus day care. But it enabled me to be debt-free at 39 years old, including mortgage. House is paid, started buying rental properties, paid for. And so bought a beach house— just things that you normally might not be able to do, or it may take you a lot more years to hit that.

This is a company that you can move up the ranks and you can make the money that you want to make. You don't have to wait for somebody to die or retire before you move on. And it's amazing—the ability to be able to work at your own pace and at your own level, and the hours that you choose to work.

And you get truly rewarded for those hours that you spend. And so spending those hours—yeah, feel free. I'm starting to get [smacks lips]. And so spending time and building your business, encouraging others to grow and take full advantage of the Tupperware opportunity— what is it like then to see some of your team members, you know, walk across the stage, have great success, achieve personal goals?

It has been absolutely amazing, and I would say this past year has been probably my proudest as a leader, just because we have seen nine directors develop from our team in the past year. Watching them—three of my girls got to go to Hawaii together. They all began their business later than last February. And this past April, they all went together on their trip. I've got two more that are planning to go together, one more that's going to Disney. So they're earning their cars.

And it's just phenomenal for them to see the successes and what that's doing with our team, is that others are seeing their successes, and then they're building and shooting for it, and saying, hey, if they can do this, I can do this too. And it's just an awesome job to be able to build that.

We have men and women on our team. So to have managers that are coming up that are male and female, and people just supporting one another in the way that we do, and training, and helping, and teaching, we just have the best company out there.

So I want to get you to talk a little bit more about that. So how do you get your— how do you build success? I mean, you had quick success, it sounds like, and then you sustained it. And you've gotten others on track, on the track to success, and you've gotten them where they want to be. What are the things you're doing, or your people doing, to help each other to build towards success?

The key with building your team— and I think we have had a successful team for 20 years, and I'm very, very proud of that— mainly has been communication, recognition, and training. And I think those are three main things that we focus on very effectively, and just recently, within the past year, have opened up the opportunity to actually use social media, as well as the in-home party.

And so to use Facebook and to use those other things— I was definitely the old school party girl, and that's what we did was in-home parties. But now we are given the opportunity to go into other facets and to meet people we never would have met before. And so to me, that's very, very exciting.

We have met people, directors, in Alabama and Ohio. We have people in Alaska, and in New York, and in Florida. And so we're stationed in North and South Carolina. Literally, just meeting some of them at some of our Springfests has just been amazing. We do Zoom, we do Live, we do a lot of communication that way. And I think that's what makes us so bonded and so close together.

Our trainings are in place for them to be successful. Their new Consultant Orientation class is there. The Facebook training, how to do it effectively and proper, with dos and don'ts. So they have just really taken it, supported one another, and run with that.

So I'm going to circle back to your beginnings just for a moment. I want to ask how many—you've seen yourself change and grow, being an owner versus your job pre-Tupperware. How do you think this has grown you personally? I think the confidence that Tupperware has built in me has been amazing.

I was sharing with them at lunch that if you had told me I was going to do a party in front of people, I literally—my first party, I thought I was going to throw up. And I had promised my manager I would do this. I had gone to my first meeting and saw them giving out bonus checks of $3,000, the "big checks." And I was like, wow, I've got to try this, you know? So I literally almost didn't do my first party

And then I went and did it, and it was $525. I made over $100 in a couple of hours. And I was like, you know what? What can I do better? Where can I improve? You know, what do I want to change? And from there, I look back at training at Jubilee in front of 3,000 people that I never would have done— an all day training—and I was still nervous. But stepping out of my comfort zone and building that confidence in me has made me a completely different person than what I was 20 years ago.

Looking back, is there one moment that really grew you, where you had to say, like, OK, I've got to push through this here and really reach— was there a moment or two, maybe, that really contributed to your confidence, your growth and confidence? I would say building my confidence last year, if you would have ever told me a year ago that I would have held a Facebook party, I would have done anything on social media other than maybe have a team group page, I would have laughed because I just— totally out of my comfort zone, not techy, you know, barely learned to text, probably 10 years after everybody else.

And so for me, it's kind of funny now that I look at what we've accomplished. And we do—we focus on the in-home party, and we encourage them to have two Grand Openings, to have an in-home Grand Opening and to have a Facebook Grand Opening. And I feel like that's getting them started in so many different ways, reaching people that they wouldn't have reached before,

So my big comfort zone was going to be, probably, social media and then what it's done. And I say, you know, a lot of people were doing this before me, but some friends of mine, literally, we share in this business. And that's one of the things I love about this is that if we learn things, we share with others. It's not something that we keep to a secret. We're there to help each other and to support each other.

So knowing Stenova the way you do from years back, [laughs] I'm sure he probably has always talked about, you know, big— think big, big dreams, keeping you focused on these, like, big[ inaudible], as we say, you know? So what was one of those for you that you accomplished, and what was it like to just let the moment soak in and say, like, wow, I did it. I can't believe it.

Stenova has been a huge impact in my business, and he was my Regional Vice President years ago. And we were so happy to have him come back as President. And definitely hitting the level of 5 Star Director, we were on pace very soon for Executive Director, hopefully by the end of the year. And he asked us to set some big goals in January—or February, when he came to Summit.

And I wrote down, "Give us our car," and I wrote down five things of which, I believe, two I've already accomplished. So this year, so far, my goal was to hit $1.2 million, and we're on pace for $1.5 million. Maybe more, if we keep growing the way we are. And earning Hemingway, which I did. And of course, going to Argentina—I had just come back from that.

But just some things to put in front of me to keep those goals going and putting those in front of my girls and helping them. Because in this business, it's truly like Brownie Wise says, if you build the people, the people will build the business. And by helping them get what they want, in return, it will always benefit you as well in this business.

So what do you think one of your greatest successes in this business has been? [clucks] Gosh, have I named everything? I would say, I think one of the greatest— some of the greatest successes— I feel like now, with my bills being paid, my kids are grown—

I love to travel. And so any time Tupperware kicks a trip for me— to be able to go on a trip, all expenses paid— where they handle, literally, everything from start to finish— I mean, it's nothing like you would ever plan for yourself— that is probably—to earn these trips, and when they put those goals in front of me, I think I look at those— and people on Facebook, they see me traveling all the time. They're like, what are you doing?

And I'm like, I'm not paying for it, like, you know, Tupperware pays for these amazing trips. Between the cars and the trips right now, even if I didn't make a paycheck, that literally is absolutely phenomenal what they do for us.

So if someone were kind of on the fence, thinking, oh, maybe Tupperware, I'm not sure if I should try, what would you talk to them about why should they try Tupperware? If you think you—you know, you're on the fence, you don't really know— do I want to give this a shot? Do I not? I don't really know. My advice is to try it. If you don't like it in 60 days, you've got a kitchen full of Tupperware. But you never know until you try.

And I just think back, had I not tried that very first party that I did, the changes that it's made in my life, financially, emotionally, confidence. would be completely different, and I would still be in that same job, probably making a 4% increase every year, and my health insurance would be more than the 4% increase.

And so when you look back and over a 20-year venue with this company, there's just no comparison. I would never work for anyone but myself and for this company. So talk to me a little bit about the Confident Start Program and/or the Business Kit. Let's talk about some of the items there, items that you can add to the kit through the Confident Start Program.

The Confident Start Program has really enabled us to grow. We do a very good job in our team of recognition, and we promote it each time they hit a level. And the levels are amazing. I mean, these ladies and gentlemen are adding $1,300, up to $2,000 to their kit, absolutely free, over their first 13 week process.

Basically, it boils down to one $500 party a week, which is very doable. That's very part time. That's two little small social media parties. That's one in-home medium-sized average party. They're going to earn all seven levels of their Confident Start Program. And so to get these ladies and gentlemen engaged quickly, to get them in, to get them activated fast, to get their Grand Opening set, has been just amazing for them

And then when they start seeing that recognition and earning those products to add to their kit, literally with that $39 down investment, it's just incredible. Like, why would you not try it? Why would you not give it a try? And, you know, over the course of the many interviews that I've done with Tupperware consultants, it's interesting how many mention the recognition being a huge attraction to the business. I mean, of course there's the stuff to get started. But it probably, I would imagine, feels really good. And I'm sure you hear more of it than even I do, coming from, you know, bosses that maybe don't care, don't listen to them, working these long hours, and then to come to such a loving environment.

Absolutely. The recognition that we get in this business is by far anything you're going to experience in any other company. For showing up to work, you're not going to be able to earn a flat screen TV, or work a little harder this month, and you're going to take home an amazing prize, or a product, for free. They're always giving us things.

But in addition to that, that recognition, that feeling that they appreciate what you do, just because you showed up to work today, is incredible. And one of my personal goals has been the Connie Award, which is a $4,500 in personal sales started four years ago. And I have earned it every year. And it's just a personal goal that I set for myself to sell at least that amount each month.

And we get recognized on stage, we get gala dinners, we dress up. It's a lot of fun for, you know—just to have that extra recognition is amazing. I'm looking forward to seeing you back on the red carpet with that Connie Award. I am hoping to make it this year. A few more months, I've got to get home this month to get it going.

So just one more thing about the career and the opportunity, then we'll move on to a couple of other items. Tell me why you love what you do. There are so many reasons that I love what I do. And I think they've changed over the years. In the beginning, it was to be home with my boys and to spend that extra time with them. Of course, the money is always important. And that helps with any family's needs.

My other goal was to be debt-free and to pay my bills off, to pay my house off, which we accomplished. And so it's just step by step. It seems like there are so many things that I can't almost pinpoint back to one spot of what's been the best of the best, because there are so many great things that they have offered us.

- I lied. I've got one more question. - OK. [laughs] How do you think your husband has seen you change as a business owner? When you guys met, did he— Well, OK, cut, cut. -That's OK. - Oh, sorry. No, and I should have told you this. We did divorce, like, nine years ago, so things have changed. But it's still—I didn't know if you were going with that.

Actually, Jeff, who I've been with for 10 years, he has been very, very supportive of my business. And he, literally, when I come home from my parties, he will say, how much did you sell? Are you going to get your Connie this month?

So he helps me with my team meetings. We have a huge team meeting . We drive to Charlotte once a month, and we do recognition, and training, and support. And we come home, we do it at Myrtle Beach again four hours later the next day. Give away tons of prizes. And so he's always there, rodeo packing my car, being my zoom helper. And so he's been very, very supportive in this business. And in turn, I take him on wonderful trips.

That's awesome. That's like quite a thing to bond over— running a business, changing lives. I mean, that's huge. - Yes, it is. - That's awesome.

So let's talk a little bit about holiday. We;re here in a holiday setting, of course. [laughs] Yes. So I know that you, with Modular Mates, and thinking about sets and gift sets, can you talk to some of the advantages of selling in sets? As far as set selling goes, my very, very first Jubilee that I came to— I've been to every one of them since I started, so this will be my 20th Jubilee— I sat in my seat, and I saw the top sellers go across the stage.

And the Number One in personal sales, I literally had to go up to her and say, what are you doing? What do you do to sell that much in product? And I had only been in the business about four months. And she totally was, like, set selling— selling in sets at your parties.

And when you think about it, a customer doesn't just need one piece of Vent 'N Serve. They need not only one set, most of the time two or three sets. And with the Modular Mates, which I trained on for 18 years at my parties, they need not just one piece, they need the entire set times three to do their pantry. And so the set selling is very beneficial to the customer because if they get one Freezer Mate, or they get one Modular Mate, and they stick it in the middle of their big mess, that's not going to help them that much.

However, when they buy the set of products, it's a totally different— they can see the before one shelf, and then the next shelf, and the next shelf— it's just amazing how that can benefit the consultant's business, as well as benefit the customer also.

You mentioned that you've been to every—I'm going to get back to it now— [sniffs] Go ahead. Nose is sniffling. You mentioned that you've been to every Jubilee for 20 years. Why? What does that do for you and your business?

Oh, Jubilee is absolutely amazing. It's out of this world. And you just—you just— the experience of going—I tell my consultants, you just have to do this. You can't miss it. And I was told by my first manager, I said no, I can't go to Jubilee. She's like, why? I said, because I've got two weeks vacation time. It's not happening. And she goes, you've got to go. She called me every day. She called me every day.

Called me every day. I'm like, I'm not going, I'm going to take my vacation. She goes, it's just three days. Just go for three days. And I literally went, and it changed my whole thought process on Tupperware and what it had to offer me.

And that's really what encouraged me to quit my full-time job and to do Tupperware as a full-time job. But Jubilee is fun. You get no sleep. It's exciting. It's recognition. The training is incredible. It will grow your business by leaps and bounds, just by experiencing it, sitting in the audience, and listening and learning, and just having a good time.

So listening to you talk, you're a great story teller, and I [inaudible], I'm like, ooh, what was that one? The moment when you decided—or maybe moments leading up to— but when you decided to make this your full-time focus, what was that— what—I guess, I mean, you just described, you know, kind of, the moment when you were thinking like, oh, I can do this. But what happened then when you went back home and you said, OK, I've got to put this thought into action?

The decisions that you make at Jubilee are am I going to take what I learned, and go home and do something with it, and make big things happen? Or am I going to listen to it, and go in one ear and out the other? And I think that's their choice, that's their decision. Some people do Tupperware very socially, and that's fine. That's amazing.

Some people need Tupperware to pay their bills. And so whatever it is you need to take away from that— with me, it was I wanted it to be my full-time income, and I wanted it to pay my bills, and I wanted to be out of debt. And so when you leave with that, you know, how do I do it? They tell you, here's how you do it.

Here's the plan. You follow these simple steps. You hold parties, you find people to add to your team. Those simple steps are basically what's going to grow your business and what's going to take you to the next level.

- So going back to set selling. - Set selling! So one of the gift sets that we're offering in the Fall Holiday Catalog is—right now, we're calling it the Starter Set. But it does have a piece of Modular Mates in there. Did you go over this earlier? I saw that one. Yeah, so we'll show it— Yeah, I had a few ideas on that one. Yeah. What's it called?

- Smart Set. - Can we talk about the price point? - Do we know the price point? - No. OK, he told me he thought he knew what it was, but I didn't know if—OK. I didn't know how you were positioning this to consumers. Yeah, this will be to consumers. Because how I would position that would be to tell them they're going to save money by buying it as a set. But some of the pieces work together.

That's what I was saying, how to— if this was going to customer, is this going to consultant— like, who are we— Yeah, this will be customer. focusing to our customer. Yeah, and unfortunately, I don't—I mean, pricing is usually right up until the end. Right, right, right. It's always—it's always less.

Yeah, so maybe just vaguely about, you know, it's always less to buy it in sets, or something like that. And then if you can elaborate on how, maybe, they work together, that would be— - Show me the picture again. - Oh, sure. It's the Breakfast Maker, the Chop 'N Prep, because that's what I was looking at. Oh yeah, it's a great Breakfast Set. Oh, I can't say that, can I?

A whole bottle of wine fits in that water bottle. - Yeah. [laughs] - Can I say that? We say that at our parties. And it's a huge selling point. You're going to knock that out of there, aren't you? OK. Girls' night out. [laughs] - They're saying not to say that. - They're saying not to— Did I just get shut down? OK, not going to say it. - It's not social. [laughs] - OK.

[laughs] Yes, the sets that Tupperware puts together are incredible. They're usually marked down, so you're saving some money. But they usually group them together with the products that are going to work effectively together, the one we have with the Breakfast Maker, along with the pull cord Chop 'N Prep, the Fridge Smart— great to make your omelettes. It's got the microwave cereal bowls. Makes me think of breakfast and lunch, because we've got microwavable products for your microwave, we have your water bottle you can take to lunch with you.

Fridge Smart's going to keep your fruits and veggies fresh two to three times longer. And using those in your omelettes is, you know, a more healthy way to eat. And a faster way—they can eat in just a few minutes, have their kids' breakfasts ready to rock and roll, and their lunches as well. No wine in the water bottle. Boo! [laughter]

We can't take it out, y'all. I've seen the photos online. Um-hmm. You don't know how many water bottles we sell because of that. [laughter] Just sayin'. Might you sit up just a little? You're just leaning foward. Am I leaning? Oh, OK. Am I better? I keep feeling like I keep coming down further. - You look like you were, like, leaning really, really forward. - OK, he told me.

As I just glanced, I'm seeing you a little bit in the shot, Angela. - Right now? - Yeah, you're just [inaudible]. I think your shadow or something? On my right hand side. I just feel like I'm sitting up so stinking straight this way. Am I OK? - Yeah. - Yeah, it looks right on camera. - I know it feels weird. - Yeah, it feels really funky. - Yeah. - OK. You're looking at me.That's what I said, we need a mirror. - I know, right? - What's up with you? They need to put mirrors out here. We'd be done just like that. [snaps fingers]

[laughing] Did you get a chance to look over the Baking Set with the silicone forms and the— Uh, yes. Do you want me to bring this over to you? Yeah, we just were looking at it at lunch. I couldn't get the pictures on my email. Yeah, no, no. What are they calling it? Probably the Baking Set. Probably the Baking Set. OK. All right, so tell me about this Baking Set. It is Holiday Season.

So the Baking Set is going to be amazing for the holiday cooking that we're going to be doing, with the huge Thatsa Bowl. We've got the spatula. We have the new silicone molds that are amazing. They go from freezer, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, oven. So they go everywhere you need them to go. They're absolutely phenomenal, so that set's going to be a really huge seller here in the Holiday Season.

- Sounds very good. - We're talking about Sandwich Keeper. Oh, yeah. You said Sandwich Keeper and what else? Well, do you want me to share with what I shared in there? With the Sandwich Keeper and the Silicone Mold? Yeah, I think that's more—it's sales force facing, but that's fine. OK, go put it on there.

Do we have a Sandwich Keeper we can do that and show them? I can bring you one. Yeah, bring me a Silicone Mold and a Sandwich Keeper. This is old school, but yeah, it's fun. They all went, that's so cool! at lunch. What am I bringing now? - One of the silicone baking forms and a Sandwich Keeper. - OK. - Got it? We got it. - OK, got it. That's what they're asking for. - OK. - They're really, like, distorted. Ask them if there's anything else they want.

- OK. - Oh, they're telling you what they want because they're hearing me. I got you. I hear you. Because I'm like, you weren't at lunch with me, how do you know that? [laughing] Do you want these, Ultra Pro?

Yeah, some. Honestly, in my new place that I moved into— I used to use it a lot, a lot. I would do tandem cooking in it. But now it's so hot in Myrtle Beach, I literally use my microwave. So I use the Pressure Cooker, and the Smart Steamer, 4-in-1 Multi-Cooker, the Grill— that's what I cook in, just not to heat up my house.

I mean, not because I don't love the Ultra Pro. It's absolutely insane. But yes, I can talk about it if you need me to. Homemade lasagna and spinach lasagna, it's amazing. - Oh, yeah. - You can tandem cook it in the microwave for 25 minutes, and then you can finish it off in the oven for 15. So you're not using all the extra electricity, time, and energy. And then you're able to make it nice and crispy on top in your oven at the end.

This set will be like a Stacking Set, the Tupperware pieces at the top. Oh, right, right. But actually, I mean, the tandem cooking— Being able to use the base of the Ultra Pro, you can actually put your silicone pieces on that to put it into the oven. Because they do encourage you to put it on a tray before you position it in the oven. And so that's a really great piece to use along with the silicone pieces.

Yeah, we were doing all this at lunch. [laughter] Y'all just bring back old products that we've had. Like, it was Ultra 21, you know, and then it's— So— Yeah, I work in the Communications Department, so whenever the— pretty much the first thing I do anytime something is new, - I go to the archives and look it up. - And look. There you go! Find the vintage stuff, right? Find the vintage.

So we've got like a Holiday Dinner Set, with the peeler, the masher, the serving spoon— - did you see this? - Yeah, they were showing it to me at lunchtime. - Oh, OK. - OK, so for prepping it's the mash? OK. Yeah, just hold it up for me. That would be good. What's in that one? OK, so they had a comment when we talk about this that when you talk about the— don't talk about them being reduced, but they're a great value. Great value. That's a good word choice. Great value.

I'm pretty sure we used the Sandwich Keeper. Oh, cool. It's like the little snake in the—well, for carrying in your kit too—how cool is that? - How cool is that? - OK, so now this little Sandwich Keeper, we have inside of it one of our silicone forms, and what's so amazing about these is they can just fit down, they can mold down, they can store very smally—smally? They can store very effectively in, like, your Sandwich Keepers, your smaller containers, your Modular Mates. And you can keep them down below your oven.

But just a great way for the consultants to travel with them and to take to their parties and/or for the customers to be able to store them effectively and save space. - That's a great point. - That was bad—smally. Umm. - That's OK. - Umm. Where did that word come from? I'm pretty bad when it come—like plural, I'm like on my English grammar—like, oh, gosh, don't say that. Sometimes words are just not flowing out properly like they should, you know? Don't worry, that's the beauty of editing. Um-hmm, I love Patrick. [laughter] - All right. - You done with that? Yes, I'm done. - I don't want you to have it there hanging out with you. - I know, I know. Sorry.

So let's go back and talk about the value of the Dinner Set. It's got the [inaudible] shape. Wait, wait, wait. OK, mashed potatoes, gravy, [inaudible], peeling. OK. What's it going to be called? - I think it's the Prep Set. - Prep Set. It could be a Prep Set, even if we call it the wrong name, it's OK. It's a little more about Thanksgiving/Christmas dinners and preparing.

We have an amazing set coming out that's like a Holiday Prep Set, a great value, and it's going to be for doing your mashed potatoes. It's going to have your peeler, and your potato masher, and your huge Fix N Mix bowl to make your potatoes, potato salad. Wonderful set for the holidays, getting ready, make your gravy and mashed potatoes and all of that.

- Fix N Mix is popular, right? - Oh, yeah. - I know, like, starting, even— - 26 cup capacity. - Yeah, people love that. - Isn't that insane? - Um-hmm. - It's awesome. And I'm glad you said potato salad because every time I see this, that's what I think of. Yeah, you make potatoes, potato salad, and the spoon. That just hit me, because they were saying mashed potatoes and gravy, I was like, hmm. - But all of the above, potato salad. - Yeah.

Did you get a chance to look over the Mickey Set? Yeah, they showed us the— The cannisters are— I have actually collected every canister since I started in Tupperware. So each seasonal, we have an exclusive canister that comes out with each catalog. And I have collected them.This is actually going to be an exclusive item that is Mickey's 90th year. And so it's going to be a collector's item. You definitely want to put that in your kitchens this Fall.

- Angela. - I think, is this— - Yeah, I think— - Can't say? - That's not a can— - So this is the canister print. Oh, they're going to do a canister, a cup? That's right. He said a Sandwich Keeper, cup, and a canister. - It should be a Sandwich Keeper— - Just a Snack Cup. - Snack cup. - Umm. And is it 90th year? Because I was pulling from lunch. Lunch memory, sorry. OK, that was total lunch memory. - It was a good lunch memory. - [laughs]

So we have the Exclusive Mickey collectibles that will be in the new catalog. Definitely want to get those. It is Mickey's 90th year, so this is an awesome set. It's Mickey's 90th year, so you definitely want to add that to your collection. Good. See, you're such a pro. You always go back and repeat them. - Yeah, I need to. - You don't need me here. [laughs] Yes, I do.

OK, talk to me again about the canister and just leave out Mickey's name. Did you see this, though? It is so cute. Like the little woodland creature. Yes, yes. And they're going to be gold on top, he said. So our Fall canisters for our catalog are amazing. I have collected them since day one, 20 years of each catalog. The new ones that come out, I get every canister. They are in boxes. Love them.

They have the One Touch top for storage. And the new woodland creatures are just precious. And the accents are going to be sparkly. So you just have to have them. Talk to me about the One Touch. What is that? Why is that convenient for people?

The One Touch is amazing because it's like the old school Servalier bowls that we had. But you can literally push in the center, or if you have arthritis, or have issues, you can use your elbow and push right in the center of the seal. And it does seal it. You can't walk it around the edges, you have to push right in the center. But they're so easy to use for cookies, and for snacks, and all that holiday gift giving.

So buy a set for you, and buy a set for a friend. And you give the biggest one to the person you like the most and the littlest one to— OK, just saying. [laughter] We say that. Cut that part. This is your postman, and this is Grandma. There's two different gift giving levels, right? - Of course. - Exactly.

Were you able to see the new colors for the Takers? Yes, what's you called it— - It looks burgundy, but it's called— - Vineyard? - Vineyard. - Yeah. So can you speak maybe about just the— again, like keeping with the holiday theme— the holiday products that we've got out, from the Baking Forms to the Takers and their new colors, and even— if you can fit it in and it feels good for you—

- Can I say the Cake Taker? - Yes, ma'am. Can I say it's not been in the catalog for four years? - Yeah. - Because this is big. I just heard this at lunch. I had no idea. OK, so you want to no-no me on things I shouldn't say. - No, if it's a point of excitement— - OK, it is exciting. - And it's Vineyard? - Yes, Vineyard.

So the new Vineyard Collection is absolutely exciting. I cannot believe it. I love the color. The Cold Cut Keeper, the Round— they're all going to be in this amazing new color. And we have the Cake Taker back. It has not been in our catalog for about four years, and we get a request, at least three, at every party. So it's going to be an amazing new color. It's wonderful. And I know the sales force is just going to be excited, as well as every customer that we have out there. - Sounds like it. - Yes.

And did you get to check out the Host Gift Special? No. - Yes, some of it. - Isn't it gold on the inside? I like the Tumblers, the stemless goblets. Those are my favorite. - Well, they're going to be in it. - Yes, they are. I only saw the bowls, so I don't know what all goes with it. - So I think it's the— - It's a bowl. I'll get the components. I'm not sure.

I think they're in the process of reconfiguring it, but it's going to be like a serving story, like a serving— Yeah, it was the old Radiance Collection. I have one with Brooke Shields signed the inside of it. - Oh, cool! - Back in the Jubilee, it was a challenge for doing breakfast with her. - That's awesome. - They were orange, so this is what—yeah. - Yeah. - Yeah, and you got to earn them in red. - Yes, yes we have. - This one is in gold.

So it's going to be probably that whole set, the small, medium, and large? I'm not sure if it's going to be the whole set, but just pieces of it. So maybe we can just take it in the direction of how the pieces look elegant in this gold serving, and how, obviously, during the holidays you need your serving pieces. And however you can Michelle Davis that. [laughs] Tupperware makes your table look elegant. You need to sit up again, though.

Oh, sit up again. Oh, and I feel like I did. I just pull something? It's under my ass. OK, here we go. Did I pull it? Am I good? - Yeah, you're fine. - You hit it? Can you hear me? - Yeah. - [whispers] I just said ass. Across there, didn't they hear me? [laughter] Alrighty then. So I'm going to be banned.

All right. So the new Host Gift Special in our catalog for the Fall is absolutely elegant. It's beautiful for serving. You'll be able to use it all throughout the year. The bowls are a gold sparkly tint to them. Absolutely love them. The stemless goblets are a must-have for every person. They're wonderful for your entertaining seasons and things like that.

You're going to love that Host Gift Special. - Yeah, those tumblers are amazing. - They are. They had them in the green tops. And they did green, and it was like, you know— - Yes. - The white ones are really— - Yeah. - They're going to go.

It's much more convenient to have those out with guests, rather than glass, right? Absolutely. Yeah, when you're entertaining with little children and you have glass out— let's not do that. [laughter] Little children and glass do not mix.

Did they show you the Lunch Bag and the Insulated Flask? - Yes. - Yeah, I love that print, right? Yeah. What's in the Lunch Bag? - Oh, gosh. - And is there a color for the Flask? What is it called? Is it black? - It's Cosmos. - Cosmos. Metallic Cosmos. And the print on the bag, do we know what it's called? - We do not. - It's a plaid print. It's purple.

But it was expandable. That's the word I'm looking for. - Yeah. - So the new Lunch Bag in our Fall Holiday Catalog is insane. It is expandable and gets about this big in size. Love it. You can use the Cosmos Metallic Flask along with it for the season of the year where you're drinking a lot of hot drinks, and coffees, and hot chocolates, and things like that. - And hot—hmm? - Oh, I'm sorry. No, I was going to say something funny after I stopped because I can't do it with the—so you can cut me. Just kidding. Hot toddies and—yeah. [laughs]

You do not understand what people buy Tupperware for. I'm quite sure that you don't even want to know some of it. [humming] I was at this meeting once at Jubilee, and someone said, oh, I live quite close to the university - and I sell a lot of Modular Mates. - Yeah. And I was like, really? Why is that?

They put their pot in them. - Yep. - They do. Not kidding. - Air tight, liquid tight. - Oh! Amazing! [laughs] They actually ask for it, yes. The dogs can't sniff it. [sighs] Oh, Lord. So last little bit, and then I will let you go now. She says like, she's done. She's cut off.

So you know we've got different categories in the catalog. And so if you could talk a bit about the cooking, or the prep baking, or any of the—this time around, we're going to have a giftable section— any of those that you could speak to, maybe that, you know, throughout the Prep Section, lots of things to bake with, to use to make holiday dinner, or whatever.

[groans] So I'm going to need the catalog, but I don't have it. So you're talking about, like, the sets, or like the—just— Yeah, maybe if you could speak about either, like, holiday prepping, or you could speak about the Giftable section of the catalog. It's the idea more. Idea more—Modular Mates, Set N Serve, Fridge Smart— It's going to be, like, a leftover— Yeah, yeah. Go with Vent N Serve, and it's in the Cooking section. OK, we can do that.

The Vent N Serve is absolutely one of my all-time favorites, use it every single day, have several sets of it. Freezer, refrigerator—[grunts] The Vent N Serve is absolutely one of my most favorite products out there. I've been selling it since day one. It literally came out the year I was in Tupperware as a Rock N Serve version. But I love it.

Freezer, refrigerator, dishwasher, and microwavable. You just pop the little rocker on top, microwave it. It has Stay-Cool Handles. Little feet on the bottom allow the microwaves to cook it more evenly. And if it ever cracks or breaks, we're going to give you a new piece. It's so amazing for your leftovers after the holidays, for freezing, for refrigerating. I even bring home any leftovers from outside and put them in those immediately, and then I have them ready to reheat for lunches the next day.

I want to sneak one in a song here. But I'm putting together some clips about holiday cooking with a microwave. Do you use your microwave to help you with holiday dinners at all? I use my microwave to cook every dinner. Well, tell me, like, what tips do you have for, like, cooking—I don't know— hams, turkeys, stuffing.

The Pressure Cooker is unbelievable for any soups, stew, your pork loin, your tenderloin, your roast beef, chicken. Hawaiian chicken sliders, you can literally do with four chicken breasts, jar of barbecue sauce, and your crushed pineapple. 22, 25 minutes later, it's done. You didn't heat up your whole house.

We cook with that all the time, living where we do. It's 110 degrees outside, we don't want to turn our oven on a lot of the times in the summer. And so it's wonderful to be able to use the Pressure Cooker. The Grill, the MicroPro Grill, is fantastic. In just eight minutes, you've got chicken and vegetables, you know.

The Smart Steamer, which is now the 4-in-1 Multi-Cooker, does even more. I literally take it on vacation with me when I go. If I have a microwave in my hotel room, it goes with me for reheating, resteaming, for even cooking some meals there, as well. Love all the microwave products that we have. - Well, I especially thank you for that tip. - You're very welcome.

We take Wonder Bubbles everywhere, but we never thought about taking— We take Vent N Serve too. We'll literally take utensils, and then we take, like, a Soup Mug, a Vent N Serve Soup Mug, three or four of the Vent N Serve containers. And then we just, like—if we're in a, you know— we travel back and forth to Charlotte a lot. And so anything that we've got left over that we had at the restaurant, we just bring it home, put it in the little refrigerator, pull it out at night for a late-night snack.

Anywhere we go to a hotel, we take those with us. I think that's awesome. It's saving, because you've got your leftovers. You either throw them away, or you put them in Tupperware and you eat them that night. Because you're going to get hungry. You had dinner, and you're sleeping overnight. So you go down, get a snack, or you use your Vent N Serve.

You're a smart lady. I learned a lot from you today. - Thank you. - Thank you. Thank you.

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