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Digital Reputation Series - Episode 1- The Google Referral

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Hi I'm Lindsay Listanski, the Social Media Manager for Coldwell Banker Real Estate. Today we're kicking off our newest video series about the coolest, hippest, easiest, cheapest new way to secure and close leads. I bet now I got your attention. It's called the Google Referral. Never heard of it? Well, I've officially coined the phrase, but in reality you know exactly what it is. Has a friend told you about a restaurant? You googled it. New salon in town? You googled it. The list goes on and on. It's no secret the number one source of business for realtors is referrals from past clients. Word of mouth will forever remain an effective tool for real estate agents to generate business, but it's time to think bigger, to think the way your referees are thinking. Today they take that verbal referral and immediately search for you online. How do you look on this Google Referral? Let me walk you through a real life scenario happening each and every day. You help a couple buy a home. They loved you. You are now part of their lives, the perfect client. Now the magic begins. They refer you to someone you've never met before. Now up until the last couple years, that verbal referral was all you needed. It was a golden ticket. But today that six letter word—Google—is playing just as big a role. The referee will validate what they have been told about you by looking you up on Google. Yes. Google has become the ultimate validator. And it's not as hard as you might think to feed the Google machine the information it needs to showcase you best. Over the next few weeks, I'll help you understand and maximize your presence on what we call the big six— your Coldwell Banker profile page, social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and finally Yelp. These are the platforms that allow you to show who you are both personally and professionally. This is the way our modern society is connecting. It's the Google Referral, and I look forward to helping you maximize your online presence. Thanks for watching, and see you next time.

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Posted by: coldwell on Sep 21, 2016

Digital Reputation Series - Episode 1- The Google Referral

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