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Classic Chevrolet - Vehicle Walkaround - June 2018

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Hey, everybody, this is Rich Pintrick, Classic Chevrolet, starting to do a walk around on our 2018 Equinox. The Equinox is available in a couple of trim levels and LS and LT, and a Premier. Today we're going to do a walk around on our LT, which is our most popular model. This 2018 Equinox is equipment to 1.5 liter turbo motor, which is the most common again. Also, available in a 2 liter turbo as well as in 1.6 liter diesel motor. The 1.5 turbo is going to pull out on a 170 horsepower power as you're going to get you up to 30 miles per gallons. And I will drive you, equip the vehicle on the highway. The Equinox also has the high intensity beams, the LED running lights as well as the fog lamps. It's equipped with 17 inch with aluminum alloy wheels. It also has side lights on alert, keyless entry. And if you come to the back, you get a half side rear view, cross traffic alert and rear park assist. As well as in the LT models with the convenience package, you're going to have a rear vision camera and a power lifting. If you look in the rear cargo area, you're going to see that you have full down seats on both sides, to give you additional cargo capacity. Let's shut this lift gate with the bottom there and go take the look on the inside. On the inside of the Equinox, you'll see that you have the power lacks, dual power mirrors that are operated with the keypad. We've got power windows with an express down option for the driver window. We also have a button to control the power lift gate from the inside. You can set it to full open, as well as three quarters if you're parking inside a garage with the lower ceiling. The driver's seat is an 8-way power adjustable driver's seat, as well as with the 2-way power lumbar. On the inside to the left of the steering wheel, you have your cruise control options. You also have your steering wheel controls for your Bluetooth and your driver's information center. Operate it by putting your foot on the brake and hitting the push button, remote start. You'll see that the Equinox also has dual climate control zones. And this one is equipped with heated seats. If we look at the radio system, it has the MyLink touch screen radio, with the protection mode. Connected by OnsStars high-speed 4G connection. Press the blue OnStar button for more. It also has going to be equipped with the 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot. It has Apple CarPlay and Android AutoPlay. If you watch the screen now, we'll connect an Apple iPhone to it and show you how that function and works. So once you are connected, you will see, we'll go back to the home screen here, a little right there Apple CarPlay icon will come up on the radio by pressing the Apple CarPlay icon. It will then give you access to some apps from your phone. Your phone, your music, maps, messages, as well as streaming audio, such as, Pandora. If you can get your maps spot in, you can use your Google Maps from your Apple iPhone or your Android phone. This is beginning to replace navigation in vehicles as a feature. In addition to that, you've got your homelink system, which you can put in with your garage door openers to set that for up to three garage doors. You've got your OnStar as well as your emergency services. Up here, you also have sunglass storage. That's a brief overview of the Chevrolet Equinox. If you have any questions, feel free to call us or message us at Classic Chevrolet. Thank you.

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Classic Chevrolet

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