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Huyền Lê - My Khanh, Vietnam (Global Lives Project, 2013) ~06:30:00 - 06:59:59

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That man... What? It's 7:10? That small wooden boat just left? - It went to the back. - He took all the tree boats in the morning. Both boats. Have their turn now. Ask him to take ours. Let's go ask. - He might help us! - Tell him we’ve been waiting since the morning and we haven’t had our turn. Still not our boat's turn. Still waiting. Uncle, after this one, can you take our boat? What? After this one, can you take my boat? Is the driver here yet? I'll wait at this grey boat. How many boats do I have to wait for? [Inaudible - Loud engine sound] Four more. After 47 leaves. After 47 leaves, then come up. [Inaudible - Background noise] After 47, then whose turn? After 47's turn, it's your turn. I’ve been waiting since the morning - This is not fair. It could be the afternoon, and still not our turn.. How many boats are left? What? There are four more of Soc Trang's big boats. Fuck it. They came after us. How ridiculous is this?! They came a long time after us. They’ve been all the way over there. God, that's funny. If we took 628 at night, we'd be done by now. I told you so, but you didn’t listen to me! Mud came up. Mud. Who knows. Take what?! For sure money is important. Almost got it. Ok. Get it this morning. I’m not sure we can get it tomorrow. - 4 boats left from now to this afternoon. - Ok. Let's see. Wait for 4 boats, then take it. Follow the water to get in there. That was really good yesterday. - What's good? - It's that time. Until tomorrow, sweetie. So we're right after boat 69? - Which one's 69? - The bald-headed man’s boat. - After boat 418, too. After all of them. - It's not 418. Ask him how many left. He said there were 10 left. Patching a boat like that, I’m guessing he has a lot of experience. I don’t even want to eat. Oh, where's the ferry? Did it dock? Is it that boat, Huyền? - Which boat? - The boat that sells... Scratch tickets, this and that, things. Normally, there are many boats. Today, I don’t even see one. Yeah yeah. If the sand’s good, we can carry about 50 units. If it’s good. - If it’s dirty sand, it depends how dirty it is. - Yeah, yeah. Ok, bye. Did they ask about the boat? Nhiễu, measure the rice. How do you rinse rice with this water? Is the piece of alum over there? - Oh, what? - A piece of alum. - What? - Is the piece of alum there? - A box of matches? - Alum. - Yes, I got it. And peel pineapples. Check if it got rotten. What about the core? Leave the smell on the boat, or what? If you peel like that, then what's left? Peeling it too little makes it sour. Yes, father. Let me call him. His boat's length is about... 1 meter longer than mine, but its width is over 5 meters.. About 5 meter 3, 5 meter 4. Yes, yes. [Inaudible- Loud engine sound] - Why’d you cook so little rice? - Who knows. Not enough to eat. Cook more, or what? Let me borrow your phone to call sister Bích. The number’s busy. There's no more ice. -There are a lot of produce boats now. -Where, where? -Down there. - Look, look, the produce boat is there. - Call the produce boat, not the ice. - What? - Call the produce boat. - But the ice - we're buying vegetables from the produce boat. - If we order the produce boat, we'll also get ice. - I don't know. - Ordering ice... Sometimes, produce boats run of out ice. Ok, so take 3 or 4 thousand dongs more. Get it? Ice, sometimes the produce boat runs out of ice. Bring the cooler outside. Leave it here or inside? If you leave it inside, it will be wet. Do you know why? It’s hot inside, so it melts fast. Put... - There's no place for this. - Put it here. - Then how can I sit? - Where do I sit? - To sit and wash.. - Wash dishes then bring them up. What? Let's order ice. [Inaudible - Background noise] It's not washed. Leave it on top, because... It's so dirty. I plan to exchange the other boat. Exchange... Hey, fetch water to rinse ... Cleave it or not? I can cleave it for you. - Cleave it, brother. - Chop it. Chop it. Where's the container? Give me the container. Here's money, brother. Wash the cooler too. [Inaudible - Background noise] What’s that? [Inaudible - Background noise] [Inaudible - Background noise] [Inaudible - Background noise] Hey, buy tuna, put it in a pot to poach it, it’s very aromatic and delicious. [Inaudible - Loud engine noise] [Inaudible - Loud engine noise] I followed you, but couldn’t catch you until now. Oh, all the way up there. Drive far up there to buy it. Oh, I met you back there. - How much is a kilo of tuna? - Tuna is 55 thousand. Hey, eat poached tuna, ok. - A half of tuna. - Can you sell me a half a tuna? - Buy a whole tuna; I’m afraid no one else will buy the other half. - A whole tuna? We can't finish a whole tuna. - Then eat something else. - Not yet, not yet, not yet, sister. - Or buy saltwater fish, fried saltwater fish over there. - Only 1.2 kg. That’s too much. Just take that one. Hey, that’s too much. Only 1.2 kg. A little more than 1.2kg. Eat that or eat pork ribs? This is ok.

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They continue to wait in line at the sand dredging machine. Huyền begins preparations for lunch. The Mekong River itself is a floating marketplace. An ice boat pulls up to deliver ice, and then a produce boat.

Lê Huyền is a young woman who lives and works on her family's sand barge on the Mekong River Delta near Mỹ Khánh village,Vietnam. This film is part of the Global Lives Project, documenting 24-hours in the lives of people around the world.

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