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Don Tolman - part2

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So interesting. But what if the truth is in the 21st century that all authority is absolutely false, all of it. What if the only real authority that has ever existed is - the truth. What if nobody has to tell you something is true What if they had something actually, automatically, know within every fiber of human being. We feel the truth. The hard part for some of this is when we hear it true or truth it's hard to let it go and take the blinders of... Lot of it is like that like "I didn't see that". That would mean not have to change. I can't go there, I'm going to hang on to the truth I have. The hardest part is, when you embrace true or truth and then all of a sudden you come accross what everyone of our ancestors in their own vernacular, their tongue spoke in the ancient world as 24 karat gold nuggets of truest truth. Truest.... truth. That doesn't change. It's solid. It's foundational, you can stand on it. You can trust it. Is not going to change. And if ever come accross truest truth, so many people because of the way we have been academicly indoctornated in our little factory schools where we chant-learn preselected answers to stick in blanks on exams put in the place by multinational corporations within that educational facility. We are such good little chant-learners. We momorize the answers to put in blanks. We get a grade. And after eight years of ----- we think we are somebody. The word education means - a deepening of insight. Look it up in pre-1940s dictionary before the book-burnings took place in every modern country in the world during WW2 for a very specific agenda and reason. It's published in the library of congress in the US and the most of the collections is national. Things went on in order, I believe, to get the support and the control of the masses. And so we are trained in certain things and because it comes from authority we think we know what they're doing. So whenever I speak like John's Hopkins or Cardinal Medical or UCAL port or out there in at the university of --------- in the oncological studies. Whenever I'm in front of a medical symposium and it used to be I would never been invited. I was the enemy in the camp. They all know I hate their guts. I make no bones about it. We are doing more harm then good. And I'm not saying there aren't sincere, practitionares of the pharmaceutical medical industry. The problem is, you can be sincirely wrong and not know it. You can be doing more harm then good, because all of the published studies even with their own community, shows, people did not die of cancer, they died of treatments of cancer. I've never met any human in my life that died of cancer but I've met thousands that have died of treatment. I also know thousands that laid down that path and took it different route and they are still alive to this day. Because they embraced principles of selfcare. Here's what happened. Before you were born, your mommy and daddy got together for bit of fun. Next thing what was going on, and nobody could see it.. You and the identity of a sub-sub-sub particle as they refer to it in the 600s BC Democrates and others when they were theorizing about atoms thay took the word from the Egyptian culture - the enthiora demetor. The indetity of you. The particle that is the smallest and not dividible. That's what individual means - not dividable. Today's physicist are still looking for - is there a particle, that you can not divide? They have it figured out long time ago guys. The identity of you took materials from your mom and your dad and organized through the intelligence that it brought into this cave of creation and wonder today called the womb and developed a cell within about 7 days. The next 7 days went into mythosis split into two cells. Next 7 days doubled into 4. Then to 6...I mean to 8. Then it goes to 16, then it goes to 32, then it goes to 64, 128...just keeps going... After 47 day doublings which is 9 months, 40 weeks, the house is ready to come forward into life. And to take an inspiration of spirit which is the latin for air. So you come out of being a water breather into a spirit or air breather and your house at that point in fourty doublings is made up of 10 thousand trillion cells. Each cell is intelligent. Each cell has a function and a purpose to perform and that's all they'll ever do. In spite that you blocking them, attacking them, shutting them down through your own ignorance or lack of willpower or belief in authority that wants you treat you to harm. Your body will never turn on you, it will never stead against you - that is a medical lie. Wheter it's a con-cell or rod-cell of the eyes, wheter it's a skin-cell or bone-cell or heart-cell or blood-cell. No matter what it is, it has one purpose, one to keep you functioning and in a state of well being from your first breath to your last. And you know how long you suppose to live according to your ancestors? Who actually used to live that long in communities that were long lived and disease free? They took a look at every insect and animal and they measure the time of full completion and construction of their bodies. However long that took you could 5 to 7 times that and know, the general lifespan of that thing. You've heard about cat-years and dog-years That's all based in relationship to human-years based on how long it takes a cat's body or dog's body to reach full construction. A human body takes 22 years. That's why ---- leader number 22 is the year of mastery. It's completed. You five times that that's a 110. Seven times it that's 154. Oh, but those in authority, at the pharmaceutical medical industry is convinced to everybody that because of them, we're living longer. Get in and look at the cultures, look at the studies - you're living longer than what? How many here, had grand parents or great grand parents that lived longer than their own parents? Is the truth. Is not going out there, it's coming down here. More and more. It's an interesting little process we have. To keep people in ignorance and make trillions of their bodies convincing them that we are trying to help them. And again, some sincerely are. But I make two statements everytime I speak at the medical community and everytime I make these two statements is either one, two or three people get up out of the auditorium storm up the (thing?), give me little bit of sign language they start throwing out (expled?) it and they storm out up and slam the door. And the rest of the auditorium is so cool, they typically give me an applause. So I'm going to make the two statements so usually don't do it in public but here they are. Some of you have heard me say this, I usually don't throw it in but I'm going to say For some reason I'm compel. Number 1: Nine out of ten doctors office calls are made by people who do not have an organic disease. They have a simple functional disorder brought upon themselves through their own indiscretions or lack of willpower. These simple functional disorders will go away on their own within 3 to 7 days. 99% at the time. But you think you're broken. You've been taught You need to run to the authority and be fixed. So you run to the doctor, 9 out of 10 do not have an organic disease, they have a simple functional disorder - you run to the doctor. The one out of ten who actually has an organic disease has that disease condition because of the toxic damaging effects of prescription drugs they were put on when they went to the doctor in the first place for the simple functional disorder. Yeah, let's give that one applause, right there. I hope you followed what I said

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Year: 2009
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Posted by: ewing on Jun 5, 2010

Don Tolman telling his story and sharing his thoughts about modern medicine and importance of few simple & free everyday things. Visit for more information. by Global1

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