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Power of hebrew letters - class 5 - TLE75-Personal-Struggle (1)

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I am just making this point here that we never forget that when we find ourselves in a difficult situation, then we can forget, but look, I am struggling and I am trying to push back, and so the Light is not becoming revealed. He is trying to tell you that remember always that this struggle is that dense aspect, that the struggle was never meant to be a struggle to begin with. It is our demand for the removal of bread of shame, of free will that brought the concept into existence. Therefore it is called 'Av', because after awhile you live by the principle of restriction, and then thing do not go as smooth as you would in every step of the way. And what is human nature? You forget yesterday, right? And today it is only bad. But yesterday and last year, and the last ten years have been good, we tend to forget that. Where is the revelation today, right now? God, what are you doing for me now? Now I am in a precarious position. God, now things are bad. God, now my life is in danger. God, now everything... Now? Where are you now? And therefore he wants to teach us that the same instrument, the same struggle that has always been providing, and maybe is the only instrument that is providing revelation, is called Av and it has nothing to do with God. In fact it is the opposite. The curtain, the struggle is the opposite of the intention of Or Yashar. It is the opposite. So that thought should make you sit back and say: "Wait a second. Things are real bad, but the Light is here. Now where can I find it?" If you only began to do that, treat the fact that where your position is at that moment, which is so dismal, dark, precarious, with all the other words that spell doom, move back for a second and say: "What is going on over here?" It is so black, it is all this, it is all that. Do not ask where God is, think for a moment: "But the Light is here, now how do I get it moving again? What is gone wrong? I mean, why isn't it all going well? Where is God? Blaming someone else, I do not mean only God. You know, this was my friend, and this was his, and he is at fault. We always find someone to blame for what is going wrong. And the answer is sit back for a minute and say: "Wait a second. Nothing went wrong". But it is dark right now. But nothing went wrong, because the Light is there. Now just be positive and think how do I get some restriction moving? Since I remember that this is the principle. Because the Satan is the one who wants to make you forget about the paradox. Struggle. I am struggling. God, can't you help me out a little? I am struggling! The minute you say: "God' can't you help me out a little?" You are going against the internal nature of the Universe, and saying: "Forget about bread of shame". Isn't that really what you say, when you come to God and pray now: "Get me out of this mess!" Right? "Get me out of this mess, God!" That is right. That is why he is trying to tell you: "Get me out of this mess!" What mess? What do you mean what mess? That is right. The only one who can get you out of the mess is you. Because the mess on the 99% reality level does not even exist. Look how life becomes a little easier too. And let us say we have become mad, and suddenly we wish to treat our problems and disasters as maybe not even existing. So they will say we went berserk, mad, maybe lock us up. Because we are not getting upset, we are not becoming depressed, we are not becoming overwhelmed with all of the problems that we have. This is not normal. He wants you to know that the problem does not originate anywhere except you initiated the idea of free will and you said: "Av". You do not want nothing to happen until you restrict.

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TLE75-Personal-Struggle (1)

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