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Michal With Music

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Hi everyone, I want to invite you to a very special seminar about healing Heal Your Soul that will take place in March In the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah it says that the remedy was created before the disease The Universe has already come with the solutions with the remedy In the natural state of our body is actually health, well being So why are there diseases? Where is it coming from? When we treat and remove the disease we have to go to the root And the reason, that Kabbalah explains to us, that the root, is in the level of the soul, the spirit We know that body and spirit are connected There are many events in our life, things are happening and those events bring with them reactions feelings, events like stress at work or breakup of a relationship, it can be many things Those feelings are going to the level of our soul which, at the end of the day goes out through the body as a disease In this very special seminar we are going to learn from ancient texts We are going to meditate, we are going to go through different workshops, tools to really identify the root according to our being to our Tikkun and when we locate it, the one thing that is amazing when we understand the root of everything, and remove it the body starts to go through a natural process of healing So join us, guys! We are going to have on March 10th in Lisbon and on March 12 in Porto I will be so happy to see each one of you and this seminar is open also to people who never studied Kabbalah so if you have friends, colleagues, people that you love that you think will be happy to hear about it, please invite them! I will be happy to see each one of you and really go through this process together All the best!

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Michal With Music

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