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Legal Skills Client Interview Video

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Eh Hilmi ! Hey Zarif ! Where were you from ? From the Law Library This raya , you're going back to your hometown ? Yeah, I guess I am Where is your hometown ? It's in Pahang O Pahang . Whose side ? On my father's side . As always Your dad ? Isn't your dad DEAD ? Yes . My father is dead. Okay . What's with it ? No. What I meant was , if your father is dead, why are you still going there ? Cause you're father is not even there . I know, but why do you have to say that ? Is it wrong what I said ? What's your problem ? Why are you like this huh ? Oh My God , Hilmi ! Are you alright ? Hilmi ??? I already died la weh ... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Hi Sir. My name is Gan Choon Tat. I am a junior lawyer. Hi Sir. I am Siah Yu Xuan. A senior lawyer. Um sir, may I confirm with your details ? Is your name , Mr Zarif bin Abu Bakar ? I don't care. I just want to get out from here. Please I'm innocent, right ? Sir, we will prove that as soon as possible Sir, please do cooperate with us. We want to help you We will try our best to help you Sir, please do cooperate with us I need to confirm with your details first , sir Yes.. Is your name Mr.Zarif bin Abu Bakar ? Yes , I am Is your address 123, Jalan ABC 1 , Pinang Sebatang , 43050 , Melaka ? Yes .. And your only family contact would be your mom, is that right ? My mum ? Is she okay ??? Yes , she is okay She is okay. Yes ... She is my only contact. Alright . Okay . Thank you sir. Okay sir . I need to tell you that our purpose here today is to defend your case Okay .. So please try your best to cooperate with us . First, I have to remind you that we will be taking notes on whatever you said We will try to keep this interview open and frank so tell us whatever you know You have the opportunity to ask whatever question you want and try to answer our question too . Thank you sir Sir, are you aware that you have murdered your friend ? I don't know . The moment I realized that, I already killed him. Rest I don't remember. You don't remember... Okay . Alright. Sir, do you understand that while you are not in control you have murdered your friend ? Hilmi ? Yes sir. I'm not sure how this happened but, I think I did kill my friend . Okay , Sir . Based on your medical report you are having high blood pressure. Do you think this is the reason why you hit your friend ? I don't really remember I just want to say some greetings to him But first, if I tell you this, would you keep my secret safe ? Yes ,sir. This is confidential sir We just need to take note of everything you said So that we could evaluate your case, better Thank you. Okay , sir. What caused you to be so angry ? He mentioned about my father. Which is the thing that I don't like. Cause I love my father so much Maybe that's the reason why I killed him But I just don't remember I'm innocent, right ? We will evaluate your case . Um sir, do you have anything else to ask us ? Is there any possibility that I can be released right now ? Sir, we need to evaluate your case first And then, upon going to the court We will try to prove you're innocent So that you may be released as soon as possible Please ... Do so ... I want to see my mum ... Sir, can you hold on for a while ? We need to evaluate your case.. K .. *krik krik krik* Sir, we are now here to clarify your case again with you Umm , refer to your medical report it seems like you don't understand that The nature of the act of yours , is that right ? It seems so .. because I dont realise what I am doing that time Okay . Thank you . Could you clarify once again what made you angry He mentioned about my dead father He mentioned something , which is I don't like He sounds like he don't like my father And , he doesn't want me to be with him Okay , thank you sir Um , may I know after you hit your friend, did you call the ambulance ? Obviously la ! Of course ! He's my friend . Okay , sir . Now we have to tell you that This is a strong case likely to be able to be a defense for you We will uhh .. apply section 84 and the Sinnasamy case to defend your case Is it similar with my case ? Ya , it's about insane automatism and the unsoundness of mind and unintentionally of yours , okay ? Sir, now I will tell you about the procedure when you are in the court Firstly, you must be properly attired and when you enter the court you have to greet the judge Could you tell me mum to bring my proper shirt because I don't have any shirt at all Yes sir, we have your mom's contact And we will do that Okay , thank you . Wonderful . Furthermore, you should tell the jury trial the truth and make it clear Of course Okay You also should answer the questions from the public prosecutor , honestly . I will answer as best as I can . To prove that I am innocent. Okay, that's all . Sir , if you have any further inquiries you may refer to us again We will try our best to clarify your doubts and help you defend your case , okay sir ? Okay , sure . I will contact you guys again if I have anything to ask Thank you very much . Thank you . Hope we will win the case Yes sir . Good luck to you as well Thank you .

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