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Timely and effective feedback

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Hello everyone! This week as we are discussing feedback, timely feedback which is important, we also want to think about what our meaningful and effective feedback is to students and how they perceive it. So if we just give them perhaps a 50 out of 100 on an assignment and say you need to go back and study the module sometimes that can come across as really harsh, even rude. And when that happens the students really stop learning. So you want to think about how you can give feeback in this online environment that will help them realize that they do need to improve, they need to review, but is there anything else we can praise them about. I like to get my body language out to them with my voice, with my smiley icons, with a video clip saying nice job, here’s what you all need to work on, but this other part was really good. Seems like the class is getting it. So think about how you are going to do that one. In my face-to-face classes when I return a test or composition I pass them out individually. I will give them a look in the eye and say good job, or see my comments on page three, we want to work on that one. Then I go over with the whole class what was good about the assessment, where the weak parts were, and I want to know if they have any questions. So they don’t get that in online classes unless we really try hard to make it happen with the ideas you are seeing in the module this week. So think about that as you’re working with your own students, you want them to feel positive, be aware of where the weakness are, but you don’t want to really put them down and stop the learning. Okay, thanks. Bye bye.

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Providing effective feedback in an online environment

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