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Over Her Dead Body (2008)

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[doorbell chimes] Hi! How can I help you? I don't know if you can. Henri's fiance passed away about a year ago - on their wedding day. Stop your truck! Stop! She was crushed by an angel. Huh? And sad as I am, I do appreciate the irony. I am getting something. It's a man - he's in a blue suit. My father wore blue suits. Are you trying to contact him? He's still alive. [she says oh]. At least I think he's still alive. I haven't spoken with him since last night. Maybe someting happened this morning. You didn't try. I totally tried. I chanted, played with an eagle feather, listened to some Tori Amos... This is Kate's diary. You could go to him and say that she wants him to move on. I can't do that. You could fake it to salvage someone's life. Ashley, right? oh! It was raining when you met her, the woman you are trying to contact? Yeah. (narrator) What started as a little white lie... Why are you doing all this? I'm helping someone. Is he cute? (narrator) becoming a real life romance. [mustard bottle squirt ] ha. Oh my god! [he laughs] You know, I'm getting the feeling like she wants you to be happy again. I'm getting that feeling too. You are sooo dead. What? I didn't say anything. (narrator)...until she dropped in. Oh my god. Are you really like a... Ghost? That's awesome! Here. Catch. [vase shattering] Run away! [scream] This is what happens when you lie about talking to a man's dead fiancee. I've seen it a thousand times. (narrator)...Now, the battle is on. You're dead. I still don't want you to see him. There's not a whole hell of a lot you can do about it. Really? [coughing] I don't need sleep. I can hound you every second of every day. [emergency horn] [loudspeaker] This is an emergency. You're never going to know if what you hear is real. [loudspeaker] Just go! Just stay cool guys! [black man's voice] Stairmaster's open. You know, for your [slap slap]. [♪ ..a happy day, settle down to get together baby ...] Oh my god! Don't do it! Oh, I'm doin' it. Wow, this is going to be awkward. Oh my god! You ok? Yea, it's just, oh my god! (narrator) Eva Longoria Parker I'm right here. (narrator) Paul Rodd What does she want to tell me? (narrator) Lake Bell I had to show a room full of guys my naked breasts because of you. That's a nice gesture, but not necessary dear. (narrator) Lindsay Sloane and Jason Biggs Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! (narrator) Over Her Dead Body. [Captions by]

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