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How to Create Your Own Screensaver

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Hey everyone today I am going to show you how to make your own screensaver. So the first thing we're going to do is Google search WG Screensaver Creator Then click on the first link. Then push the download button. Now we're going to do a Google search for Format Factory. Then push the download link below the first suggestion. Then once again push download. Now that I am done showing you all of the programs, Install WG Screensaver Creator and Format Factory. Now we need a Video to use for the screensaver. You can always make a video an then put it on the computer. Then open up format factory. Format Factory will convert the video file to the necessary video file. After opening Format Factory, under the video tab, push all to swf. Then browse for the file you want to convert. After that push the start button and it will start converting to the output folder. Then open up WG Screensaver Creator, which has a shortcut to it on your desktop, then browse for the file in your output folder located in my documents, ffoutput, thats where your swf file is Make sure to click the button that says fit to screen, choose the background color, leave the transition intervals the same, then name your screensaver file. Then close the window after the screensaver has been created. Now we are approaching the tricky part to this. You have 2 options now. You can right click on your desktop and push properties. When it asks you where to save the screensaver just save it to your desktop. Once your desktop properties has shown up, click on the screensaver tab. Your screensaver will then not show up on the screensaver list. Your screensaver is not in the right location, so we are going to fix that. First locate your screensaver file, then go to my computer. Then go to your C Drive, than the WINDOWS folder. Then locate the system32 folder in your WINDOWS folder. make sure not to delete anything in this folder because you can mess up your computer. Then you can cut and paste your screensaver into your system32 folder once you have located it. I do not have time to show you exactly where the folder is so you have to find it. Then close that window, right click on your desktop, and push properties. Then you can push the Screensaver tab and choose the screensaver that you created. Thanks for watching my tutorial on how to make a screensaver.

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Posted by: lucaskaratekid on Mar 4, 2009

How to Create Your Own Screensaver

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