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Alpha-Stim AID Instructional Video

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Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation to treat Anxiety, Insomnia or Depression with Earclip Electrodes Clean skin of earlobes with mild soap and water or alcohol wipes and allow them to dry Plug dual connector end of earclip wires into jack Remove old Earclip Electrode Pads if present Attach 4 new Earclip Electrode Pads Saturate the Earclip Electrode Pads thoroughly with several drops of Alpha Conducting Solution while they’re on the Earclip Electrodes Press Power on set Timer 20 minutes is usually enough time if the current is set to at least 250 microamperes 40 minutes to an hour or more is recommended if the current is at or below 200 microamperes Squeeze Earclips open and apply one to each earlobe Increase the current slowly until a dizzy feeling is experienced like rocking on a boat then decrease it immediately untill the dizziness stops Also decrease it if the normal tapping sensation felt on the earlobes becomes uncomfortable For people who have a history of experiencing vertigo which means dizziness such as motion sickness treat at a current setting of 100 microamperes for 1 hour or more to prevent residual vertigo after treatment Relax Sit or lie down and let the Alpha-Stim relax you You may also read, work at a desk or watch television Do not attempt to drive or operate dangerous tools or machinery during treatment Always complete a Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation session When the time session ends if a heavy feeling is still experienced resume treatment until at least two minutes after the heaviness lifts and a light feeling develops Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation maybe used as often as necessary But most people, it is best to treat between once a day and twice a week Results usually improve and last longer with additional treatments

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Alpha-Stim AID Instructional Video

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