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Mascara is the one product that can make the biggest difference to your eyes. I've just got a few top tips. Every time you open and close it you let oxygen into the product. The oxygen dries it out. So the biggest tell-tale sign is when your mascara starts to crumble and it starts to fall onto your cheeks throughout the day. Girls often say, "Oh, I didn't know that I had lashes there" or "I didn't know I had under-eye lashes". A great way to have detail in your makeup is just to get a really high magnifying mirror. All those little details are what make a big difference when you apply your makeup. A lot of women stop putting mascara on their lower lashes because they find that it imprints on their lower lash line and it ends up looking a bit smudgy. There are two things to avoid this from happening. Just apply a little bit of translucent powder underneath your lower lashes. That absorbs the natural oils and will prevent that smudging. And secondly, be mindful how close you're using your eye cream and moisturizer to your lower lashes. So I'm using a wire eyelash comb here and it's something that I use in my job all the time just to make sure the lashes are sitting right because the lashes grow in different ways. I don't want to remove any of the mascara, I just want to make it really polished. So one little tip that I use at work on my clients. Possibly post-lunch, everything starts to wilt a little bit. I do a little bit of a lash pinch. So you can take your ring finger and just really lift your lashes. Next step, take your lash with your thumb, bend the lashes back really slightly as if you're curling them. Not really hard, not to snap them in half but just a gentle curl and you can see the effect. If you've got a great lash tip, please post it below. Check out our other tutorials and make glamour happen for you.

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Posted by: howdini on Nov 28, 2017

Mascara is the one thing that makes the biggest difference to your face, and Max Factor UK’s make-up artist, Caroline Barnes is here with expert tricks on how to create your dream False Lash Effect. From prepping the lashes and wiggling the wand, to the mid-day lash pick-up – these are the lash tutorials you don’t want to miss.

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