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151210_V App EXO mission performance_DO

0 (0 Likes / 0 Dislikes) need two phones. What a shame. -Is this on? -It's running now -I'll inspect the security bars -Yes -Hold your handles -To be honest, I didn't know this was the penalty but for D.O. who's real busy, for D.O., busy and tired from acting I think this is good. You're thankful, right? Hey, look here. Is it running? Read the comments. -It'll start -It's moving Last time I rode Vikings was in, like, elementary school It's been that long since you came to the amusement park? Yeah I haven't rode it in a long time Wait. Maybe it was a mistake to ride at the edge. Ooooh wait Yeah, when I was in elementary school, Vikings...this... what is that... gravity suddenly disappears... Pretending not to be terrified at all ...but I'm so terrified Wait Pretending not to be terrified But man this is terrifying Whoa where are we going up till? Phone! Be careful Hold on! Wait I feel like he's giving a harder one It was all acting. But I may be tearing up. I think he's going easy on us because I screamed so much It was really fun No, I'm not cold "What was up..." This is too fast They're asking what was up with my face What can I do with my face? I can't look handsome on a ride. -Good job -It was fun It was fun to ride it after so long Everyone's mission completed? Mission complete for everyone We all have to finish the mission Hold on I want to hear "Are you that terrified?" Not really, actually. Before wrapping up, I'm preparing 'Ekjelwoot' (the funniest in EXO) -So look forward to that -Yes, health is the most important so please take care of yourselves and listen to "Sing for You" Please send us love by listening to "Sing for You" As well as "Unfair" Now, we'll say goodbye here Bye~ -Showcase mission accomplished! -Sleep well~ Or penalty accomplished

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Posted by: willowz on Dec 11, 2015

151210_V App EXO mission performance_DO

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