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Safety for the Solo Traveler

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[Samantha Brown] Hi. I'm Samantha Brown [Solo Travel and Safety] [whooshing sound] And did you know the number one concern of a solo traveler is safety? [whooshing sound] ♪ music ♪ [popping sound] [horn sound] [AARP Travel Ambassador Samantha Brown] Traveling solo can be a bit daunting, but knowing how to prepare for your trip and armed with a few trips on how to blend in— you'll wonder why you didn't try a solo trip sooner. [springing sound] First consider travel insurance. Now this should be something you think of whether you're traveling solo or not. Private companies, AARP, and even your credit card may offer coverage. So check around before you sign up. [whooshing sound] [springing sound] Next you'll want to make sure your family and friends know where you're going. They're concerned about you—yes they are. So, you know, just give them a copy of your itinerary— and take advantage of internet cafes to stay in touch. They'll appreciate it. Try not to stick out in a crowd. Graphic tees, baseball caps. You know they might not be the norm where you're headed. Be sensitive to the cultural norms. For women especially, this might mean bringing a scarf to cover up your bare arms and not wearing revealing clothing. [popping sound] Guide books and online resources such as can help you pick a safe neighborhood to stay in. If you're traveling internationally, listen up. This is a great tip. [springing sound] Sign up for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program with the Department of State. They'll send you travel updates about your destination. And hey—they can help you out if you run into trouble. Try not to get in trouble. [popping sound] Your concierge can become your best friend when you're traveling solo. Not only do they know about where to eat— but also safe areas to walk in—especially at night. Listen—they are full of knowledge. [popping sound] And one more tip. [It is OK!] It is ok to wear a white lie—[whistling sound] a wedding band —or tell one. Allow me to demonstrate. Uh, so uh, are you here alone? [laughing] No—my husband's a champion bodybuilder and he's competing in an event. [BBOA Championships] I'm kidding—but really there's no need to let folks know you're traveling all by yourself. But most importantly, I just want you to enjoy the fact that when you travel solo, you get to do whatever it is you want to do. So relax and have fun. [popping sound] For more of my travel tips, visit Travel.AARP. org. ♪ music ♪ [springing sound] [AARP Travel Ambassador Samantha Brown] [horn sound]

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Be a traveler, not a target. Check out Samantha Brown's pro tips on safety for the solo traveler and learn how to blend in with the crowd, pick a safe place to stay, protect your stuff, and relax have fun on your next trip.

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