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Philippines pt 4 - 48-58 - for Kim

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Here we are at the infirmary ward at Malabon. This is basically their OPD (Out Patient Department) for pregnant women Here are my fellow pregnant women. They are also here to get a check up. Let's wait for them to call my name There are a few people waiting Nurse: This is our nurse at the OPD and here are the patients who will get a check up at the Out Patient Department Actually after this point, they will go there where they will get a check up by Doctor Margues so they will get a check up See they each have brought their own laboratory reports and records They will take down my history, BP, weight....He is the nurse here before the doctor calls me Notes: Nurse is taking down patient info, name, age, reason for visit, etc Notes: Interviewer is asking about the clinic and he replies that on average there are about 30 patients per day, open from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Nurse: 130 over 70, that's normal 55.5 kg before it was 42 kg then I will take my record and wait in line...I will wait again for them to call me This is where I receive medical services which are sponsored by the government, here at the District Health Office of Malabon Here I paid for a family card, that family card cost 20 Pesos It's like your membership here, every time you come for a check up, you will have to show it then if you lose it, it will cost you 50 pesos to replace Note: The interviewer clarifies with her if the card acts as a pass where can come here and avail of the free services such as check up Here we are at the examination room and we will take... This is madam Nora, she is the nurse who does the check up for pregnant women. She will be the one to look at me today, my baby, the size of my belly, and the heartbeat Nurse: Our routing for a check up is first to take the fetal heart beat Note: This is the standard routing check up for mothers so you will know how big your baby is Nurse: How many months are you? Seven months. Your baby is small. 27, that's still OK and within the range

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Country: Philippines
Language: Tagalog
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Posted by: cinnamonk on Jun 6, 2010

part 4

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