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C5L3: Pay Attention

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With our non linear tennis system here, I don't tell my students to "try" or "concentrate" or even "focus". I always tell them to pay attention. Because really thats what our system is all about not about moving quickly its not about willing the ball over or muscling the ball over. Its about playing the most effortless and highly efficient game you can play. So paying attention when you hit your groundies and your volleys and every shot is the most important thing you can do. Here we are talking about the line of the ball, you can really get a good view in this rally with Paul and I. See how that ball, looking through Paul's eyes here it actually moves very slowly, even when you are hitting a decent ball. It doesn't move that quickly through the court its a long distance between base line and base line, a few feet behind the base really. What you want to do really in this whole month, pay attention to the flight of the ball and pay attention to keeping your head forward. Right that first move is very slow, very very under reacted. Keep your hands in front of you and get out to the ball incrementally. Right using your hips and as you get out to the ball you want to get there right as the ball crosses your 45 degree angle. So pay attention to the flight of the ball. Not the ball its self but the actual path of the ball, the line of the ball and make sure as you line up your 45 degree angle. That you are moving slowly and incrementally with the ball. You've got the shot lined up and so now all you have to do is by judging this flight of the ball, this line of the ball, move your hips slowly in and out of the stroke. You judge the ball with your racket face, thats why you keep your racket head forward long as you can, because there you are still connected with the ball. Now its really an an internal move. That you are making with your hips, you are making this incremental move with the motion and path of the ball. As Paul see's it coming he lines up the shot, keeps his head on straight and looks forward. Then as it rises and falls, he rises with rises with his racket and falls and comes into the court. I can't stress this enough paying attention to this line of the ball. Thats really what separates the top competitive players from the others. They move slowly, incrementally, they keep their eyes forward. Watch here in slow motion. Look at Paul's head still forward, still forward now it makes that slight move maybe a half inch. He moves very slowly so he gets to the ball, gets to the 45 right as that ball crosses that 45 degree path there. Unless you are really watching this line of the ball this path of the ball you are not going to get out to the 45 at the same the ball is getting there. You can swing very slowly if all you're going to is the 45 and you are lined up from the beginning. Remember thats the first move is lining up slowly right at the 45 degree angle. Then every ball is very makeable. Nothing seems to hard or too fast. Now a great way to look at this is from above, we are going to get into this later in the year. This view point from above, this birds eye view is really really crucial to be able to see yourself from above and understand whats happening from this view point. Lets take a look here as we play the point. See that ball is arching towards him like we talk about here this month in one of your next lessons. Look how slowly they move, there is hardly any racket take back at all. See how he judges the ball, racket is still on the ball, his eyes are just on the 45. Now look at the line of the ball, watch how this player gets there, I think its its Troykey he gets there right in the nick of time. Perfect no body gets to the ball early and more. You want to be very efficient with your movements out on the court, so lets take a look at the line in this ball. There it is he changes direction. Troykey goings after, but look he gets there just in time. He gets to every ball just in time and thats the way they do it. They have this unconscientious knowing these pros. How to move effortlessly and how to economize their movements. So once you get the mechanics of your strokes down. The hip rotation, the coiling and un-coiling into the strokes. Then its all about how you read the ball and how you move to the ball. So you want to start seeing yourself from above. Tell your students on the next rally or the next lesson say look try to visualize yourself from above and what would it look like and how would it feel to play.

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"Focus, concentrate, try..." can all be replaced by just paying attention.

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