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EarthSafe Protexus Electrostatic Sprayer

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- Hi, I'm Chris Romagnolo, Vice President of EarthSafe Chemical Alternatives. This presentation will introduce you to the power of Protexus, a revolutionary technology that is changing the way most things around us are sanitized and disinfected. From gyms to hospital rooms, nursery homes to preschools, using our products will be quick and easy. It just takes a few simple steps to get started. And remember, our team will continue to offer superior support. So, let's begin with our electrostatic sprayer and how it works in 360. - The battery powered Protexus Electrostatic Sprayer and its custom design pump system atomizes the Purtabs disinfecting or sanitizing solution. The droplets pass an electrode inside the nozzle creating a magnetic charged spray that seeps out and wraps around all touch points and grounded room surfaces. - Disinfection and sanitizing procedures have not changed much in the past 30 years: buckets and rags, hand pumps, spray bottles, even bleach that were traditionally used in the seventies are still in use today. Our amazing cordless electrostatic spraying technology not only delivers superior results, but does so in an easy to train, easy to implement, and easy to maintain format. That's the key to moving the needle in delivering results that are going to be lasting and improved and dramatically change the way that the industry operates going forward. The problems in the industry go way beyond just equipment or chemicals. One of the biggest contributing factors to infections whether it's in a hospital, a daycare, or an office setting are incomplete or improper procedures for disinfecting and sanitizing. EarthSafe realized this and we developed a comprehensive solution for disinfecting and sanitizing called Evaclean. [Evaclean next generation infection control systems] - Evaclean utilizes the Protexus Electrostatic Sprayer combined with our Purtabs and Protexus disinfecting chemistry to deliver a complete solution enhanced, lasting results in an easy to implement, easy to train, and easy to maintain program that will revolutionize your infection prevention procedures. - The Electrostatic Sprayer is being used all across the country with amazing results. A cafeteria that had to do deep cleaning after several winter flu outbreaks never had to close once they initiated our protocol. We found the same positive results in a preschool and in other locations. Watch our Protexus Sprayer at work and hear what business owners, workers, and customers have to say at a gym, preschool, and assisted living facility. ♪ soft music playing ♪ [Earthsafe; chemical alternatives, gyms] - I had a horrifying experience at the gym. I was doing arm curls one day. Within a few hours, my arm is completely swelled up and it started to get worse. I went into the emergency room. Turns out it was MRSA. My feeling from being at the gym was that the machinery that I was using wasn't properly sanitized. - I hear from a lot of customers that they're concerned that the machines aren't being wiped down or that someone had a cold prior and they're nervous about getting germs. - I want to make sure I stay healthy. I go to the gym to be healthy, not to get sick. - You want the gym to look neat and clean and whatnot, but to actually disinfect and get rid of bacteria and viruses that in the past has been so cost prohibitive. As a gym owner, knowing that it's actually being cleaned, we can pretty much disinfect the whole entire gym within an hour, which is great. I'm not mechanically inclined by any means, but it's literally unlocking the trigger and spraying. This really wraps around the whole piece of equipment. So, it's amazing. Spin bikes, yoga mats, medicine balls, kettle bells, all the benches, the locker rooms and the sauna and the steam room. This will not only disinfect and inhibit the mold, but also inhibit the smell. [EarthSafe; chemical alternatives; pre-school] - We've got twins and when we drop them off at school, one of my worries when I go to work is are they gonna come home sick. We get flus all the time and viruses in the winter. Once one gets sick, they pass it around. It becomes like a germ factory. [Who is at risk? Our children's desks were found to have 400x more bacteria than a toilet seat.] - Cleanliness is number one priority in our school. Parents depend on us to keep this space clean and sanitizing ultimately leads to children not being sick. The only thing we did was bring bleach and water, soap and water and continuously washing the place over and over again. Bleach has a strong smell, so if I went around, um, spraying bleach when the kids are around, number one, it's not that safe for the kids. And the room smells of bleach. I started using the Protexus Sprayer. I walk around and I spray the entire building with the sprayer. I basically target all the toys, the cots, the cubbies, light switches, door knobs, computers, telephones once a day, and that's good enough. I can go in and reach everywhere our little children can get their hands on. This product is so easy to use. It's portable. There's no wires. It's just the sprayer in my hand. [EarthSafe; chemical alternatives; senior living] - Here at The Gables, we are independent as well as assisted living. Our population is very large. There's a lot of activity. The residents love to be out and about. We just spray away. We're not having to touch all the surfaces by hand. So, instead of having to actually use a rag and a cleaner, whereas using the sprayer takes a lot less time. So, we're able to spray all the areas, go into the rooms as well as the common areas. They pick it up, they go, they spray. ♪ soft music playing ♪ - While our Protexus Sprayer is an amazing delivery system, our Purtabs are multi-purpose, EPA registered sanitizing and disinfecting tablets. From an NSF D-2 food contact surface sanitizer, to killing MRSA, Norovirus, C Dif spores, and much more. Three individual sizes allow for drop and go convenience. They dissolve easily and pack a powerful punch. In a moment, I will walk you through every step of using the Purtabs with the Electrostatic Sprayer. But first, we put our product to the test. Matched up against a trigger sprayer, here are the results. To cover a 450 square foot office space across all surfaces, the job took about two and a half minutes versus more than twelve minutes. The numbers speak for themselves. Almost a 70% savings in product and about 80% time savings. We have introduced you to a revolutionary new sprayer and powerful disinfecting and sanitizing tablets. Infectious diseases are serious business and we want to help you minimize your risks. We have a solution that is quick, safe, and effective. Now, before we go, let's review how to get started from A to Z. - I wanted to be the first to congratulate you on the purchase of your brand new Protexus PX200 Electrostatic Sprayer. This is how it was delivered to you and I'm gonna open it up with you right now and show you what's inside. [1. Getting Started Checklist] - So, just a nice little flip of the latch and here it is. You're gonna have your charger, four and a half hour run time lithium ion battery, the tool for the nozzle, charging cord, and your sprayer and lid for your tank. Now what I want to do is show you how to remove the tank. [2. Removing the Tank] - The first step is to rotate the dial of the tank lock to the 'unlock' position. Grasp the tank with one hand. Pull the tank release ring with one finger, and the tank comes right out. Set it down, and now we'll fill it up. I'm just gonna use this beaker here. Fill it up 32 ounces. [3. Filling the Tank] - Put your cap on it so it doesn't spill. Now your tank is filled. You're gonna grab your Purtab right here. This is our 3.3 gram tablet. I'm gonna drop this in here like this. [4. Adding PURTAB Disinfectant] - Seal it back up, and you just want to allow anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes to have that tab dissolve properly. So, now we have our tank and our Purtab is dissolved and now we're gonna insert this back into the sprayer. [5. Replacing the Tank] - Take the lid off. We're gonna put the tube in the top of the tank. Line up the sprayer with the grooves of the tank. Make sure the lock is in the 'unlock' position. Click it on there. Turn the wheel, lock it, and you're good to go. - Our Purtabs disinfecting and sanitizing tablets are the ideal, portable solution for use with the Protexus Electrostatic Spraying systems. Purtabs can be used as a replacement for bleach in any disinfecting and sanitizing program. Simply select from one of three available tablet sizes. Refer to the dilution chart to find the proper concentration. And mix with normal tap water to produce solutions with up to ten different uses. From killing C.Dif in healthcare facilities to preventing contamination in food processing facilities as an NSF registered food contact surface safe sanitizer. Purtabs are an effective and economical solution for all your hard surface disinfecting and sanitizing needs. - So, now our sprayer is ready to use. We want to make sure the electrostatic is turned to the 'on' position. [6. Using the Sprayer] - And we are good to go. Let's talk about optimal distance and optimal electrostatic performance. You want to make sure your hand is firmly wrapped around the handle here. The ground strap, that's going to allow for the maximum wrap around effect. And you want to stand back around two to three feet as the distance where you're going to achieve the most effective wrap around. And then pull the trigger and spray. [Litmus Test; Bottle Sprayer vs. Protexus Sprayer] [Protexus PX200ES/PURTABS (100PPM); Combined PH and Wrap-Litmus Paper Test] ♪ soft music playing ♪ - Now I want to talk about changing our nozzles. Your sprayer comes with a tri-nozzle system- [7. Changing the Nozzle] for whether sanitizing, disinfecting, or sanitizing carpets. Insert your nozzle wrench. Turn it clockwise, you'll hear it click. Click. And click for each nozzle. Let's talk about care and instructions right now. Something that's very important to me. [8. Maintaining the Sprayer] - Never store your sprayer with water in it. You want to make sure if there's any solution left in it you can take the tank out. Remove the tank, take your tank cap, and set that aside. And what you want to make sure is you evacuate the sprayer to where everything comes up the tube and it goes out the system. All the fluid on the inside until the nozzles spray air. What also is very important is to regularly flush the system so it's not going to be stored with water. Your brand new Protexus PX200 electrosprayer is ready to use. Pull the trigger and spray. - From all of us at EarthSafe, thank you so much for watching this presentation. [EarthSafe; chemical alternatives]

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Protexus sprayer are superior to any other sprayer, mister or fogger. The cutting-edge system combines electrostatic delivery with advanced battery technology that empowers your staff to effectively disinfect more thoroughly and with less training than ever before.
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