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47. California Beach Devils, Fractality, and The Muses of The One Eyed God.

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There were enormous synchronicities that came out in the beach-rock scene in the sixties. Curiously, many of the rock stars legends of that era, the leaders of the so-called, anti-war hippie movement, had family members who were high rank in military offices. Jim Morrison for instance, the self-proclaimed lizard king, was found dead at age 27, which is representative of the infamous return of Saturn in one's astrological life. putting him in the 27 club alongside Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Kurt Cobain, all of whom had a healthy appetite for all things occult and more specifically the works of Aleister Crowley. Things get even more perplexing however when we learn that Morrison’s father, Admiral George-Stephen Morrison, gave a keynote speech concerning the gulf of Tonkin incident which he had a vital role in orchestrating, exactly seven years after the event and the very same day Jim was found dead to alleged heart-failure. And so it is that even while the father is actively conspiring to fabricate an incident that would be used to massively accelerate an illegal war in Viet Nam; the son was positioning himself to become an icon of the hippie anti-war crowd nothing unusual about that I suppose, it is, you know, a small world, and all that, and it is not as if Morrison’s story is in anyway unique. Many songwriters and composers who were active in Hollywood during the nineteen sixties express a sense of disgust towards Charles Manson. Van Dike Parks the co-creator of legendary Beach Boys album “Smiley Smile” described Manson as the: “proverbial snake in the garden, a crazed misguided drug driven satanist whose irrationality touched the very thing which sustained flower power”. The Manson family is an important artifact and reference point for those of us who seek to survive during the coming socio-economic crisis. Far from being a reclusive and unknown cult hidden in the desert, this song-writing collective was in fact actively involved in the Los Angeles music scene. On September the 11th, 1968, the Beach Boys recorded one of Charles Manson’s songs “Cease to Exist” under the revised song title “Never learn not to love”, the song title and date of this recording carry an interesting freemasonic resonance, with the World Trade Center attacks occurring 33 years later in 2001. Music seems to help the pain Seems to cultivate the brain. Doctor kindly tell your wife that I'm alive - flowers thrive - realize - realize. Realize. The Enochian sixties set the stage so that we all could surf the apocalypse, psychedelics, MK Ultra and taxing luciferian rituals over the master tapes of albums being produced by The Beatles, Rolling Stones and others in the invocations chambers of the illuminati run record companies. It was a way, they thought, to put a hex in every household, to affect the consciousness field with anti-fractality thus diminishing our energetic bodies. Music, or sound, is the binding ingredient needed in order to merge spirituality and science; is the common constructive denominator in unified field theory, fractality and the consciousness grid. The core of how music affects consciousness lies in the construct of fractality, Winter stresses: “The word “relativity” is obsolete to describe the relationship of mass to energy, because that relationship (which allows charges to compress and thus become MASS) is more precisely FRACTAL. Thus geometric self-similarity perfected (or a Golden Ratio) allows charge (energy) compress (non-destructively) and thus become MASS. Fractality (of charge) creates MASS, life force, and self-organization (because that is what permits implosion). That Fractal path permitting non-destructive charge compression simultaneously produces charge ACCELERATION, which is the only source of the phenomenon called GRAVITY. The rotation of energy which stores the inertia called mass, -which is also our only definition for time- is always only held in place by the centripedal charge force (Gravity) caused by fractal self-similarity, being the only way any wave system (time and space) emerges from chaos." “The unutterable depth of all music by which it floats through our consciousness as the vision of a paradise firmly believed in yet ever distant from us, and by which also it is so fully understood and yet is so inexpressible, rests on the fact that it restores to us all the emotions of our inmost nature, but entirely without reality and far removed from their pain. So also the seriousness which is essential to it, which excludes the absurd from its direct and peculiar province, is to be explained by the fact that its object is not the Idea, with reference to which alone deception and absurdity are possible; but its object is directly the will, and this is essentially the most serious of all things, for it is that on which all depends.” Schopenhauer. If our perception of time is an illusion generated when the first detention is placed upon a series of events, which only appear to have happened in worlds governed by gravity and matter, then no idea which takes form in the present day could ever really deserve the title of new or progressive, as all that has ever been is all that will ever be. Truth must be fully accessible to every conscious being despite the circumstantial obstacles that appear to stand in their way. If power, glory, victory, harmony, severity, mercy, understanding, wisdom and will are fully accessible to every human being right now, then by what means do we tune into these emanations? Well, as Steve kingly pointed out, music may be one of the key ingredients binding spiritual and material realms to one another, as a reflection of Marko Rodin’s Model called “the Binary Triplet”. The caduceus, or double helix coil, appears to feature a spinal column around which binary DNA strings spiral out into a direction simultaneously. However, a binary system couldn’t exist without an empty space by which to distinguish the separate coils, hence there are not two, but three coils in the design of the double helix, one of which is empty space. Similarly, music is both spiritual and material phenomenon, it occurs as a pulsating waveform though the medium we call “air”, and it also resides in the imaginable realm of the unconscious mind or the second detention. Somehow, spiritual truths that elude the rational mind are conveyed though the material wave form that scientists call “sound”, and this is what we call “music”. Music is composed of neither matter nor spirit, though it certainly can be found dwelling in both of these realms, rather music is at home in the empty space between, where no identifiable or unidentifiable thing resides. So, here we are nearly fifty years later, and the illuminated torch has been passed on to a new generation of entertainers who almost ----- throughout Masonic hand signals such as Jay Z, Dr. Dre, Beyoncé Knowles, Madonna and Em-in-em. Their rapid rise to fame seems to defy luck, and also it seems to contradict their apparent level of knowledge concerning the upper echelons of the world’s ruling elite. Peculiar deaths that hint at ritual have also occurred, such as in the case of Hip Hop artist “Aaliyah” whose logo was a truncated pyramid or all Seeing Eye, who also played a vampiric goddess in the film “Queen of the Damned”. Another example is Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes of TLC, -the single eye, being another homage to the horned god-, was killed in a car accident in Honduras, which resonates, or mirrors, the death of Princess Diana, or the death of Isis as Rik Clay pointed out in his Red Ice interview two days before he allegedly committed suicide. There is no denying that there are shades who are very ancient in darkness hiding in plain sight, tempting the flesh and slowly digging a tunnel though the collective consciousness using an aural assault dressed in sheep’s clothing, and sometimes not even hiding their face, like a wraith vampiricly feeding on human cattle. I can read your mind I can read your mind I can read your mind I am the eye in the sky Looking at you I can read your mind I am the maker of rules Dealing with fools I can cheat you blind And I don’t need to see any more to know that I can read your mind, I can read your mind, I can read your mind, I can read your mind, In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king.

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El video 47. de la serie sincromistica, y el quinto de sincromusicología.

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