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GFP Barcelona IUCN WCC

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We work in partnership to implement the concept: “think global, act local” Cleary if we’re going to make a difference in the world is through partnership It’s actually working at all levels, for a common aim We need partnership, because on top you can’t do it all by yourself, and on the bottom you cannot do it all by yourself. You need a coalition among all segments. Getting communities to participate is not just to sit them down one afternoon and talk to them about your topic. It’s about making the local population responsible in the management of natural resources. We have seen development programs at a global level, and they come impose them on communities. They will do what you want them to do. But when you are gone, they will go back to what they were doing before. But if you have an initiative with them, they own it, it’s more likely to be sustainable. It’s hard to conserve or sustainably manage forests and resources if populations are still in poverty I know that what works with our organization is the domestication of fruit trees. Populations at the base adopt these types of programs easily. As long as we consider ourselves like the one who gives and that in all regards has rights over the other, then the scheme is distorted. It’s not about big organizations that pass by and make a lot of noise Non, it’s about actions of proximity. It’s the mechanism that’s worked best for us We have done something to do with income generation activities at the local level. You can plant bamboo around your home. It will grow between five or ten years, you will have bamboo And trees, if you use good trees, you can still have firewood within the ten years. That’s exactly what we have done. And we have reduced illegal access illegal entry into the forest from about 70% to about 5%. It’s not a matter of I am international, you are local, I am bigger, you are smaller,I have more resources, you have less, Pressure, pressure, pressure, it delivers. But after, you have to leave a real time, time for discussion. Help governments to do things well, but challenge them when they are doing them badly. We have to have a relation, a dialogue,not a parallel conversation that exists at this moment We are part of the solutions to the climate changes that are happening now. The process we have learned the most from is when we’ve engaged those individuals that are most difficult to reach, and perhaps were least comfortable with. But they are the ones that add the greatest value to our work. If it’s worked for us it’s because the population understood that doing conservation and valorization, brings benefits, especially socio-economic ones. When there is success, we share it. When there is failure, we share it. I just know that partnerships take a lot of time and it’s just like a relationship, it takes time to cultivate it, get to know your partner, and I can’t see any formula for getting that done.

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Posted by: gfpcanopy on Sep 17, 2009

GFP Barcelona IUCN WCC

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