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The World - Dubai

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In a city unlike any other city Where the remarkable Is becoming the new reality Comes a destination like nothing else Found no where else Introducing the most innovated Real state development on earth Introducing. . . “The World” A place beyond the imagination And an epic achievement The World is an island paradise Where unprecedented opportunity can be found There’s almost this rare Is the ambition required to envisioned Travel time is optimized By four major transportation hubs Strategically located through all the development These hubs are connected By a series of waterways or channels Forming an intricate network of access and traffic control Continents of islands are created to be flexible Investors can define their uses Sizes and configurations A collection of land parcels Are organized by density type From states to medium and high density uses The hubs and networks and marinas Are the logistic support for the water based development They accommodate large and small vessels And form the focal point For residents and visitors Accessing commercial and retail facilities An ideal mix of sand, sea and sky Several islands can be scoped To form state plots Each with private beaches and marinas The ultimate in exclusivity A collection of island can be mastered planned to form mid density or high density Multifamily residential developments This mixed uses communities Are completed with self content Commercial offerings To meet the need of residents Creating an idilic full time or vacation home All with abroad run away from Junara? The world innovate a new concept In get away destination Shaping islands in the sanctuaries Where hoteliers can create their own idea of perfection Residents and visitors will enjoy An exceptional array of retail venues Intimate boutiques, restaurants And casual sea side coffees The world deliveries an island paradise Of fresh water and cooling breezes With year around sunshine Discover a world to explore Relax or simply get away Thoroughly modern in design Timeless in appeal A destination that capture the imagination And doesn’t let go Like nothing else Found no where else The world Epic

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Posted by: danielurra on May 30, 2009

The island paradise

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