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Ki Tisa Clip 4 Beshalach 1987

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And in Parashat Yitro, at the time of the Golden Calf, the Zohar, and the other commentators, say that who were the people instrumental in bringing, in Parashat Ki Titza, who were the people that brought about the story of the golden calf? that was the 'Erev Rav'. these were the people that would have return back to Egypt. In other words, not everybody, but the mixed multitude. They were the ones who would have returned. Who are this 'erev rav'? And how do we explain the the way the 'passuk', that they would have returned, and they to lead them towards the 'Kriyat Yam Suf'? There's a very strange, Ari, that explains what the 'Erev Rav' is. So the Ari says: the 'Erev Rav'? Who were they? They were not, with the highest intensity of 'ratzon lecabel' , desire to receive. And that, the 'Erev Rav', represent those people wherever you will find the 'sinat chinam', we will find hatred for absolutely no reason, know that that person is from the 'Erev Rav'. This is the lowest degree, when I say the lowest degree, it is, of course, at the same time the highest degree, because the highest potential, whatever is extremely bad, has the potential of a greater conversion. The dialogue between Moshe and HaShem was what? HaShem knew these people, They were the 'sinat chinam' kind of people that we encounter everyday. Hatred for absolutely no reason! This was the 'Erev Rav'. But Moshe on the other hand said, I wanna speed up the thing a little. I know that this people ultimately can make their tikkun. But what did HaShem say? Look, don't rush it. "Lot, lots. Slowly, slowly". These were the people that were referred to as 'Ha'am', that nation. This was the people that when it says that HaShem thought 'v'shavum Mitzraima', they were gonna return. Why would they be returning? Because these were the epitome of desire to receive for one self alone. That the minute it got a little hot, they would abandon everything. They were purely and totally into one aspect, the comfortability. What was best! When they saw Egypt sink, the best thing it would be was what? Go with the winner. That's all that was! Go with the winner! There was no other reason, and that's why they are called 'Erev Rav' ! That's why they're are called the 'Erev Rav'.

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Ki Tisa Clip 4 Beshalach 1987

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