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He's the one who bought the toilet paper rolls Oh! That's right! Where did they end up? I just sold them to some friends at the Mosque. Nothing big Oh, okay Eyyy! Eid mubarak! Eid mubarak! -Hi! -Hi! Welcome Thank you and I just wanted to say Eid Mubarak -Eid mubarak! -Eid mubarak Oh, how nice the two of you look! Thanks! I'm the one who chose the outfits for tonight I went to Grønland and did some shopping Hijab and everything? Hijab and everything I brought a gift for the hostess. It's two boreks that I put in a nice box That's very nice of you -You can put it on the table for the guests -Yes, thank you so much And I didn't find an Eid mubarak card, so I bought a Merry Christmas card, because it's the same Awww, thank you -And you look very nice -Thanks! -Much nicer than... Yeah -Thank you very much Very pretty. And you too, even though you haven't dressed up In your own way. You didn't go for an "original" outfit, but you look very nice I'm more cultural Or we're more cultured Aren't you going to say anything? It's a while since you had this for dinner? We ate this every day after school Why don't you try making this yourself? -There are so many spices and herbs and... -Expensive? No, it's not really expensive, it's just a totally different way of cooking Can't we just have an afternoon where you just make a lot of Moroccan food for me? That's a date -Date -And some delicious tea The potatoes are really good Yeah, it's good? -Let me have a taste -It's not like Norwegian potatoes Delicious! Potato salad? Is it regular meatballs? No It's in a pretty hot sauce -Hot sauce. Chili -Hot sauce, yeah Alright Are we going on vacation together? What kind of vacation? I wanna do stuff with you We're doing that anyway Yeah, but... It would be awesome to go abroad or something But I'm so impulsive--I can't plan that stuff I can plan. I can check out plane tickets to Morocco or something Seriously? Yeah. Wouldn't that be cozy? The two of us in Marrakesh? Yeah -Yeah? -I've always wanted to go -Then I'll check it out -You mean it? Dad sent me a lot of money for the summer, so... Chill! Plus all the tips I get at Kaffebrennieret Yeah, right? Where? Isn't your car...? The car? Yeah? Wow -It's not far... -We haven't done it yet in that car, have we? No Let's do it Hi! Hi! It's just that Linn wanted to say something I don't know what, but she really wanted to talk a bit We just wanted to say that we love you a lot and that if you want to move in with William, we support you Aww! Oh my God, you're so cute, but I haven't... It's so nice that you're supportive, but I'm not going to move Aren't you going to move in with William? No You're choosing us over William? I'm not choosing anyone over anyone I'm just... We're just not moving in together yet Yeah, but you're choosing us over William Oh my God, then we're... we're Kollektivet together! Yeah! Yeah! Kollektivet! Kollektivet! Jump and dance, and be happy Oh, I have an idea! William can move in with us and we'll be four! It'll be cheaper with toilet paper and dish soap and everything that's cheap and good Maybe if we make a PowerPoint presentation and sell it a bit better, you can decide later I can... If you agree, Linn? Do you agree? So, it'll be fucking good. It'll be a fashion kollektiv! We can have guests over and... Oh! You smell good! -Thanks. You too -Yeah. He does Thanks. New perfume Eskild? Hmm? -My man -Yeah. Your man But when we all move in together, we're going to share a lot of stuff... Him? No Yeah, him. Shampoo and William and dish soap And everything else, but... We can have Sunday board game night where we can play Ludo and stuff -Yeah, but the three of us can do that -Yeah, but then we'll be only three, not four It's so boring with only three -Yeah -You can have the blue chip, Linn can have the green one, and you can have the red one Because of the lipstick! Not because of something else! Good watermelon -Yeah, it's very juicy -Yeah... -That's not Moroccan... or it could be -Even fed me lots of delicious food a few moments ago Very, very good Yeah, I've had it before We have to celebrate! The both of us got 6's! -Yeah, I got a 6 at least -I got a 6, too -Why are you lying? -I did get a 6! You didn't get a 6! You didn't even know... I had to help you! Yeah, you helped me and then I got a 6 I didn't help you that well You. Wow! You tried to teach me a little, but not enough No, but I thought "Wow, he doesn't even know the basics" You can't have gotten more than a 5, max -I got a 6! -You can tell me -Nei -Tell me you got a 5. It's okay I'm just getting shy because you're so pretty today! Awww! Thanks! -Like seriously, you're very pretty -Thanks But uhm... No... I got a 5 -You got a 5? -Yeah, but I don't dare tell anyone -You got a 5? -Yeah Yeah, but it's okay. I got a 6! Hey, girl! Heeey! -Good food -Very good! I think I'm on plate number four or something Okay, I have to say something What? I just wanted to say that if... If you need someone to talk to, I'm here Okay? We can talk about difficult stuff Do you know why you're my best friend of all? It's because... No matter how bad of a day I'm having, you always find a way to make me laugh It's not like you always have to talk Sometimes it just helps to pretend that you're fine But it's important that you have someone to talk to, right? I do -We talked about this before -Biking? No, about going to Morocco. Should we bring the boys? -Of course, it's a boy's trip -Yeah -Boys' trip to Morocco. It can go very wrong. It's worth a shot -["Everything alright?"] Hi. Are you okay? -Yes -Yeah? Yeah, good. I was just wondering about who's going to give Sana's speech Wow. Ingrid, do you want to try? The closest thing I've tried is one of those juice cleanses, and it didn't work very well Yeah, but that's just drinking juice. They can't drink -You can't even drink? -No -Not even water? -No -Then this has to be fantastic. A celebration with lots of food and... -Yeah, right -I just had some salad before. With tomatoes and... -Tomatoes? Ew. I don't like them Why not? Because they're so slimy and gross It's not. You eat ketchup all the time. That's tomatoes No, it's not! It's the stuff inside the tomato that's gross Yeah, but like -The mushy stuff... -Just don't eat that part, then Eat the part around it? Yeah, that's good You don't have a lot of delicious stuff on your plate, either. What's that purple stuff? That's... Yeah I think it's... You think it's better than tomatoes? I haven't tried it yet -It was okay -It seemed very delicious There's a lot of good food here! Have you tried these? No They're so good--you have to try them -I didn't even know they had that here -They're like meatballs... Like the best I've ever had Yeah, right? Where? I found them at the other end of the table. In a big pot Hey Who are you? Chris Your new boyfriend Hi, my new boyfriend What's even happening right now? I think we got ditched You have a little You have something there Huh? No, the other cheek -Where? Here? Take it off -Yeah Eva, do you wanna hold the speech for Sana? [Yousef: Hey girl, is the party any good?] [Sana: Really fucking good] [Yousef: WOW <3] [Yousef: I've been here today] [Yousef: One day, I'm bringing you there] It's time for a speech Speech! Speech! Speech! Speech! Speech! I didn't write it. It was Noora And William! And Isak helped a little, too! Dear Sana This speech is for you And you're getting it because what you're inviting us to today, overthrows American presidents tomorrow We live in a chaotic world where it's difficult to understand the rules Because why are some people poor and other people rich? Why do some people have to be refugees, while others are safe? Why are some people spit on in the street? And why is it that sometimes, even when you try to do something good, it's still met with hate? It's not weird that some people give up That they stop believing in the good But thank you so much for not giving up, Sana Because even though it sometimes feels like it, No one is ever alone Each and every one of us is a part of this big chaos And what you do today, has an effect tomorrow [EVA: We should ask someone for advice...] It can be hard to say, exactly what kind of effect And you usually can't see how everything fits together [EVA: We have to take care of each other] But the effects of your actions are always there, somewhere in the chaos In a hundred years, we may have machines that can predict the effect of every action But, until then, we can trust this: Fear spreads But... [I'd never want to be without this] [Sana needed this so much! And I did too!] [This group has become a big, nice, alternative family] [... just thanks! <3] [Everything is just love.] [Yes, I'm gay. And Evak opened...] -[I'm sailing with you around the world, FogE!] -[I'm with you in every parallel universe, for eternity <3] [I'm almost crying, but I'm so fucking happy too] [I'm crying, because I'm Vilde] But, fortunately, love does too

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